Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1529 - The Four Young Masters Of The Miro Palace

Qin Mu's heart jumped. The music of the Four Young Masters of Miluo Palace!

The World Crossing Golden Ship rushed into the fog. The chaos fog couldn't determine its location, but it wasn't a problem for him. He only needed to check the chaos river below and the destruction of the tenth universe to find the opposite shore.

The World Crossing Golden Ship sped forward, and Qin Mu pressed down on the hilt of his sword, his gaze flickering.

The fog in front suddenly dispersed, and a Dao Tree appeared in front of him. There were a few Dao fruits hanging on the tree, and Qin Mu counted them. There were seven Dao fruits.

Under the Dao Tree, the four young masters of Miro Palace who were dressed in the emperor's attire were still sitting there. One of them was holding the zither score while the other was trying to play the zither. However, they couldn't play the tune on the zither score.

The World Crossing Golden Ship seemed to have sunk into a heavy mud as its speed became slower. When it came to the side of the Dao Tree, the ship could no longer move forward.

Qin Mu laid on the side of the ship and stabilized his right leg. However, he crossed his left leg with his right leg and shook his leg leisurely.

The fourth young master put down the zither score and frowned. He tried to adjust the strings of the zither before playing the zither again. However, the sound of the zither was even more off tune than before, making it hard to hear.

"I'm afraid I can't play this melody. I've tried many methods, but I still can't play it."

The fourth young master sighed and continued to play the zither. "Young Master Mu, have you met the master of Miluo Palace? Is he alright?"

"Very good."

Qin Mu smiled. "I chatted with him for a while and borrowed a ship from him before rushing back."

Fourth young master nodded his head and adjusted the strings of the zither. "I could be considered a person who had followed him for quite some time. It was also thanks to me that Jade Capital City could be refined. At that time, I was impressed by his foresight and insight, and I wholeheartedly wanted to assist him in building a god city that could protect all living things. He always had a kind of compassion for the world and people, and he always encouraged me. When the god city was completely built, he suddenly lost his courage."

He raised his head and his gaze landed on Qin Mu who was on the ship. "When we reached the calamity of the sixteenth universe, he got tired. He told us that his ideals might never succeed. He didn't try to bring us into the seventeenth universe, but let us return to our own universes. He also returned to the original universe."

Fourth Young Master chuckled and said, "He's the leader, so I naturally listen to him. That's why I'm back here. However, I'm not willing to accept this."

He looked at the zither score, and a gentle look appeared in his eyes. He said softly, "This zither score was left behind by my beloved wife. In this world, the only one who can play the tune on the zither score is her. Back then, when our universe was destroyed, I didn't have the ability to save her. I watched as she died in the great calamity of destruction. Everything turned to ashes and nothing was left behind. The only thing I could save was this score. After I returned here, the calamity of destruction couldn't hurt me at all, but I still couldn't save her."

Qin Mu listened quietly.

"I lived in the long river of chaos and tried to save her, but I failed again. I tried to play her tune, but I failed again."

He shook his head. "You have never heard such a beautiful tune before. If you have, you will never be able to forget it. Maybe in every universe, she is the only one who can play this tune. I came here just to listen to her play another tune, but even this meager wish cannot be obtained. So…"

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and asked, "So?"

The four young masters of Miluo Palace smiled. "That's why I'm going to the future. In the future, I will become even stronger until I surpass the apocalypse and the master of Miluo Palace. Then, I can return here and save my wife."

His gaze was filled with gentleness. "I don't have any ambition. I've lived for seven universe years and stood at the peak of the power of seven universes. I've tasted all the power in the world, and I've tasted all the worship in the world. I only have one goal, and that is to return here and listen to her continue to play a tune for me. This tune will never be forgotten after tasting it."

His gaze landed on Qin Mu again, and he said indifferently, "In order to achieve my goal, I need to enter Universe 17. I need to be unscrupulous. I will kill whoever stops me. Young Master Mu, do you understand?"

Qin Mu nodded his head gently and said, "I understand."

The four young masters of Miluo Palace smiled. "The master of Miluo Palace is dead, right?"

Qin Mu was astonished and puzzled. "Why does Fourth Young Master say that? He's fine, but his will is slightly depressed. You can go there and see him yourself. Why did you curse him to death?"

The four young masters of Miluo Palace kept staring at his face, as if they wanted to see if he was lying.

Qin Mu didn't seem to be faking it.

After a long time, the fourth young master of Miro Palace said with a smile, "I was worrying too much. I was worried that with his sentimental and saintly nature, he would lose all motivation and die. I'm relieved to hear that he's still safe and sound."

Qin Mu asked, "In that case, have you seen Tai Yi before?"

The four young masters of Miluo Palace raised their eyebrows.

Qin Mu said, "I've been searching for his whereabouts. If fourth young master sees him, why don't you give him some pointers?"

The fourth young master lowered his eyes and looked at the zither score, adjusting the zither notes.

Qin Mu asked again, and the fourth young master didn't even raise his head. "He has a grudge with me, and you keep asking me. Are you trying to provoke me into seeking death?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "You are indeed an existence that has been an emperor before. You are temperamental. You were talking nicely just now, but now you are suddenly angry and want to kill someone."

Fourth Young Master said indifferently, "How could I not know that you used him to anger me and cut off my Dao heart? However, how much do you know about Tai Yi?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned.

"What's his name? What kind of Great Dao does he cultivate? How many Dao fruits does he have on the Dao Tree? How many lifetimes has he lived? What has he done in the past? Is what he did back then good or evil? Do you know?"

Fourth young master's zither notes became hoarse, and he said faintly, "You know nothing. Young Master Mu, you can leave now."

Qin Mu was silent. After what he said, he suddenly realized that he knew nothing about Tai Yi.

The World Crossing Golden Ship sailed forward, and Qin Mu turned back to look at the emperor playing the zither under the tree. He shouted, "You may support Celestial Venerable Hao, but he is destined to be defeated by me! You can support me, I have a brighter future than him!"

Fourth Young Master plucked the strings of the zither, and the World Crossing Golden Ship trembled violently. "Young Master Mu, Celestial Venerable Hao can help me reach the shore and come to the future world, but you only know how to mix the water. Go, on account of the master of Miluo Palace, I won't make things difficult for you this time."

Qin Mu steadied himself and said with a smile, "As a young master of Miluo Palace, I look forward to competing with you in the future! Fighting with Celestial Venerable Hao can be considered our first fight in the future, right?"

"You are still not qualified." The voice of the fourth young master rang out, and layers of primal chaos fog covered him, vanishing from Qin Mu's gaze.

Qin Mu gave a gentle laugh, and the World Crossing Golden Ship came to a stop. It came to the shore.

In the long river of chaos, the fourth young master of Miro Palace played the zither. The tune was difficult to complete.

He sighed and sank into the great calamity of destruction. No matter how intense the great calamity was, it couldn't hurt him at all.

He stood in the wave and looked down gently. There was a woman there, his wife.

"I will return to this moment and save you from death," he whispered.

That woman turned into ashes in the great calamity of destruction and vanished without a trace.

"No one can stop me!"

He closed his eyes and didn't look at that scene. "No one can!"

The World Crossing Gold Ship continued to move forward and sailed past the long rivers of chaos. Qin Mu saw the master of Miluo Palace building a new Jade Capital City with numerous Dao successors several times. The Jade Capital City gradually grew in size and fought against the great calamity of destruction, becoming more stable.

Observing Jade Capital City of different eras also gave him a lot of comprehension.

After an unknown period of time, he finally came to the first long river of chaos. He began to search carefully, trying to find Tai Yi's whereabouts.

This was the sixteenth universe. In front of the World Tree, numerous Dao successors and strong practitioners of the sixteenth universe rushed towards the World Tree. However, they saw the apparition of a giant that was too easy to cut down the World Tree, preventing them from sneaking in.

There were also many people who had achieved the Dao struggling in the calamity. They tried to reach Jade Capital City, but they couldn't reach the shore.

Qin Mu searched in detail, and he was even more careful than when he first came here. Suddenly, his heart stirred slightly, and his gaze landed on the roots of the World Tree.

Until now, he hadn't been able to see who had laid down the ancestral court's blood sacrifice. Logically speaking, that person should have laid down the blood sacrifice the moment the sixteenth universe was destroyed. However, he couldn't see who had done it from the long river of chaos.

"Miluo Palace should have been split into a few factions by now. Some advocated to use the Jade Capital City to enter the next universe, while others tried to sneak into the next universe through the World Tree. Other than that, there should be chaotic spaces. However, why can't we find chaotic spaces?"

He searched again, but he couldn't find anything in the long river of chaos. He didn't see who had laid down the blood sacrifice, nor did he find the chaotic space, nor did he find any traces of Tai Yi.

"Could someone have deceived all of this?"

He was astonished. What kind of person had such great magic power that could blind everything when the universe was destroyed?

Was it the master of Miluo Palace, Tai Yi, or the young master of Miluo Palace?

Suddenly, Qin Mu retracted his gaze. He felt someone walking over from the river.

On the long river of chaos, primordial qi filled the air. Two ancient gods of taiji rode on the Dao Tree to cross the river and sailed over from the depths of the long river.

They didn't see the golden ship, nor did they see Qin Mu on it. They just sailed past it.

There was also a huge cocoon on the Dao Tree, and there seemed to be a creature squirming inside.

"Celestial Empress fusing with Mistress Yuanmu is more complicated than we imagined."

The two ancient gods were worried, and the female ancient god said, "After fusing, will the one that comes out be Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu? What if it's Mistress Yuanmu? At that time, she would have already achieved the path, so wouldn't she be attacking us?"

"We just need to comprehend our fusion path from their fusion path. As for who came out, we don't need to care."

The male ancient god on the Dao Tree consoled, "No matter if it's Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu who survives, she needs to be grateful to us. Without our interference, how could they have achieved the Dao?"

Qin Mu mobilized the golden ship and quietly followed.

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