Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1515 - Primordial Vital Qi

In the third river of chaos, Qin Mu felt his World Tree growing again. This World Tree was strange because it could absorb the primordial qi from the calamity to strengthen itself.

Even if he hadn't entered the realm of Jade Capital, Qin Mu could still feel his magic power growing. Even though it wasn't fast, the improvement in his cultivation was real. This was very strange.

'Is Jade Capital Realm a necessary realm?'

He fell into deep thought.

After his cultivation had reached Nine Hells Stage, if he continued forward, he would have to step into the Jade Capital Realm. Only after stepping into the Jade Capital Realm could he cultivate to the Numinous Sky Realm and Emperor's Throne Realm, entering the celestial heavens Realm.

Different from the traditional cultivation system of celestial palaces, his realm had three more Heaven Gates of the Four Heavenly Gates Realm, as well as the Celestial River Realm and Nine Hells Stage Realm.

Based on the traditional cultivation system of the celestial palaces, he was now roughly equivalent to the Numinous Sky Realm and Emperor's Throne Realm.

However, because he didn't want to cultivate to the Jade Capital Realm, it was extremely difficult for Qin Mu to continue raising his cultivation. Now, because of the World Tree, his cultivation continued to rise, which meant that there might be other realms apart from the Jade Capital Realm, Numinous Sky Realm, and Emperor's Throne Realm.

"Could it be because of the Five Ancient Great Dao Realms?"

He focused his mind to discover the reason why his cultivation had increased. 'If I can establish the five great realms because of this, it might be a deed of boundless merit!'

His consciousness followed the World Tree to investigate where the increase in magic power came from.

As for the five Ancient Great Daos, even though he wanted to treat them as a realm, the five Ancient Great Daos he had cultivated all along were merely comprehending the five Great Daos from comprehension. He comprehended the marvel within and comprehended divine arts.

Just comprehending divine arts and comprehending the Great Dao couldn't be called a realm. It could only be considered a cultivation method.

If one wanted to become a realm, they had to be like the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and celestial palace, opening them up as a path of cultivation.

This required a standard!

In the first year of the Dragon Han Era, the seven Celestial Venerables who opened up the Seven Realms of the Divine Treasure had all established the standard of each realm, which was why they were called Celestial Venerables. Celestial Venerable Yu established the standard of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, Celestial Venerable Hao established the standard of the Five Elements Divine Treasure, and so on and so forth.

The various realms of the celestial palace were also the criteria for establishing each realm, which was why it was convenient to pass them down.

Qin Mu had opened up five major mines in his divine treasures in hopes of achieving this step.

"The World Tree absorbed the Chaos Qi in the Chaotic River. It was indeed converted from the five major mines!"

Qin Mu observed in detail and saw the World Tree swallowing the primordial qi. It first flowed through the Chaotic Mine that represented the Dao of Taiyi and transformed into a marvelous vital qi, primordial qi.

Following that, the primordial qi flowed into the Grand Primordium Mine from the chaos mine and transformed into the Grand Primordium state from the state of chaos to the state of primordial qi.

It flowed through the Tai Shi mine and transformed from the state of the absolute beginning into the state of the Tai Shi, turning into the Tai Shi vital qi.

The egg of Tai Shi took the chance to gain many benefits. Qin Mu felt that Tai Shi was much stronger than before.

The Tai Shi vital qi passed through the Tai Shi mine and flowed through the Tai Su mine, turning into Tai Su vital qi. After that, it flowed into the Tai Chi mine and turned into Tai Chi vital qi.

Qin Mu focused on observing and suddenly remembered something. He took out the two Dry Kun Miro Palace's master's Dao markings that Wei Suifeng had given him. They were imprinted by Deaf's Dry Kun Mirror.

On the way to Jade Capital City, Qin Mu had comprehended it in detail, but he didn't gain much.

Now that he was analyzing the five great realms, he suddenly felt that the five peculiar vital qi were somewhat similar to the peculiar vital qi contained in the Dao markings on the two mirrors.

He carefully compared it to the Dao markings of the master of Miro Palace. The principles contained in the Dao markings were simply too profound. However, with the primordial qi of the Five Greats as reference, Qin Mu gradually comprehended some principles.

He tried to use his vital qi to condense the lowest level of the Great Dao runes, but he couldn't succeed.

"The vital qi contained in this kind of Dao pattern is like primordial qi…"

Qin Mu was stunned. Grandmist vital qi corresponded to the Taiyi Mine!

Miluo Palace's master's vital qi was primordial qi, which meant that he could be Tai Yi, the Tai Yi of the first universe era!

"My thoughts are running wild again."

He couldn't help but shake his head. Grandmist vital qi was also a form of vital qi which corresponded to the Taiyi mine. However, most people could also cultivate it, so it might not have much to do with Taiyi.

'If the Five Ancient Great Daos can enter the realm, then this kind of cultivation method is the cultivation method of five kinds of vital qi forms!'

He did as he thought and immediately tried to transform his vital qi into taiji vital qi.

"Five Ancient Great Daos is the five kinds of vital qi realm. Since Jade Capital Realm isn't that safe, I shall transform my vital qi into the vital qi of taiji and then transform it into the vital qi of taiji. I shall advance step by step and finally transform into primordial qi! If I can cultivate these five realms, it should be incomparably easy to achieve the path!"

He was full of excitement and used his vital qi to feed the taiji mine, trying to add the taiji mine to the vital qi circulation system of his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

Heavenly Lady Qiang stood at the stern of the small boat and looked nervously at the Ninth Celestial Venerable, who was chasing after them. Compared to Qin Mu, she was much busier. Other than guarding against the attacks of the Ninth Celestial Venerable, she also had to deal with the peculiarities in the river.

Luckily, God Execution Mysterious Knife's power was extraordinary, and she could block all the strange things in the river.

However, her cultivation was also extremely exhausted. If this continued, she might not be able to reach the opposite shore of the Chaotic River.

'Celestial Venerable Mu took away my God Execution Stage. Without it, the power of the God Execution Mysterious Knife can't be unleashed to its maximum.'

Heavenly Lady Qiang's gaze flickered as she glanced at Qin Mu, who was sitting at the bow of the ship with his eyes closed. She didn't know if he was cultivating or doing something, but she saw him holding two mirrors. One was placed on his left cheek and the other on his right.

"This fellow didn't become a woman, but he's much more shameless than me."

Heavenly Lady Qiang thought to herself, 'I still need him to activate Tai Yi's crutch to cross the river. I can't kill him. I have to feign civility with him first and let him carry me across the river. When we reach Miluo Palace, I'll see him dismember his body, snatch his crutch, and take back God Execution Stage!'

Just as she thought until here, she suddenly heard a loud rumble. Qin Mu exploded in front of her, and his entire body was blown into a terrifying energy current that expanded in all directions!

Heavenly Lady Qiang was caught off guard, and her face was covered in blood from the explosion. She was stunned for a moment before she remembered and hurriedly wiped the blood off her face.

At that moment, time seemed to flow backward. The surging and expanding energy contracted rapidly and gathered at the bow of the boat. Even the blood that had collapsed started to flow back. Qin Mu sat there perfectly fine, as if the terrifying explosion was just Heavenly Lady Qiang's illusion.

The two mirrors were still hanging on both sides of his face, and Qin Mu was also there with his eyes closed.

Heavenly Lady Qiang shook her head and was about to speak when Qin Mu's corporeal body at the bow of the ship suddenly distorted. Under her gaze, heads grew out of Qin Mu's neck and soon turned into a huge monster with heads. They expanded and exploded, dying an unnatural death!

Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes widened when she saw the unchanging divine art activate again, and Qin Mu returned to how he was before.


Qin Mu transformed into a flesh-shaped taiji diagram, and the yin and yang qi swirled around him, pulverizing his corporeal body.


Qin Mu transformed into an awe-inspiring dragon and coiled at the bow of the boat, brandishing his claws at Heavenly Lady Qiang.


He became a stone mountain that stood there.

Heavenly Lady Qiang composed herself and decided not to look at him, allowing him to change as he pleased.

After a month, Heavenly Lady Qiang finally heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the opposite shore. During this period, Qin Mu had died countless times. In the past few days, he was no longer dead, and his body had stabilized. Heavenly Lady Qiang was still not used to it.

"That should be the place where the master of Miluo Palace lives, right?" Heavenly Lady Qiang gasped and asked softly.

"The master of Miluo Palace controls the opposite shore of the sixteenth chaos river, not here."

The woman in the Dao Fruit said, "Grand Emperor, if you want to see him, you still need to cross thirteen more rivers."

Heavenly Lady Qiang was disappointed. She didn't have much magic power left, so she had to rest and recover some strength. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to cross the next river of chaos!

However, the nine Celestial Venerables were following behind them steadily. She had no time to stop and recover her cultivation and strength.

'Celestial Venerable Mu, this brat, has always been working without putting in any effort. He sits at the bow of the ship every day, playing tricks to court death!'

Heavenly Lady Qiang was furious and thought to herself, 'If he doesn't do anything, I'll use my consciousness to give birth to him and transform back into a man!'

Suddenly, she felt an unusual change in Qin Mu's body and couldn't help being stunned.

This kind of transformation was very marvelous and peculiar. When she looked at Qin Mu, she felt that he was as vast as the starry sky. In Qin Mu's body, it was as if yin and yang had evolved into ten thousand Dao, giving birth to all living things.

This kind of change seemed to be a fundamental change. She sensed that the source of the change should be Qin Mu's vital qi!

"What is this brat up to again?" Heavenly Lady Qiang was puzzled.

Different vital qi had different attributes in the severance of divine arts practitioners. This was determined by the spirit body. Different spirit bodies had different vital qi attributes.

Even after cultivating to the god realm and trying to cultivate other paths, skills, and divine arts, the vital qi that was dominant was still the same as the attributes of the spirit body.

Now, Heavenly Lady Qiang felt that Qin Mu seemed to have changed the attributes of his spirit body, becoming another spirit body that she had never seen before.

'This aura seems to be the spirit body of Taiji… Could this brat be the illegitimate son of two ancient gods of Taiji?'

Heavenly Lady Qiang blinked and thought to herself, 'But they were just born, right? And they are siblings…'

Qin Mu opened his eyes and let out a shaky breath. He was very happy in his heart. After more than a month, he had finally figured out the borders of the fifth tier!

He had figured out the method to transform his vital qi into the vital qi of Taiji!

'No matter if I cultivate the Jade Capital Realm or not, I won't be weaker than anyone. I might even be stronger than them!'

At this moment, his gaze landed on Celestial Venerable Xiao, and his aura instantly decreased. "Hmm, I still can't compare to an existence like Celestial Venerable Xiao…"

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