Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1516- Shameless

On the fourth river of chaos, Heavenly Lady Qiang was so tired that she couldn't breathe. She lay on the small boat and didn't resist the strangeness of the river of chaos. She seemed resigned to her fate.

Qin Mu pulled out his Calamity Sword and swung it. After a moment, a skeleton in the river was minced by him.

The journey was peaceful, and nothing strange happened again.

Heavenly Lady Qiang sat up and stared at him. Suddenly, she laughed out of anger. "You clearly have a way to suppress the strangeness in the river, so why do you want me to attack and exhaust my magic power?"

Qin Mu was still comprehending the path of taiji and cultivating the vital qi of taiji. He raised his head to take a glance at her and said seriously, "When I leave the ship, you will contribute and make a fair trade. Besides, I'm doing this for your own good. The strange thing in the river is a Dao practitioner of the prehistoric universe. Fighting with them is a blessing that's hard for us to find. If a Dao practitioner feeds you moves, where will you find such a good opportunity? Grand Emperor, you no longer have the heart of a strong practitioner."

Heavenly Lady Qiang couldn't out-talk him. The strange thing about the river was that it was impossible to transcend. They had been stuck in the Great Calamity of Destruction and wanted to drag them down.

If he could fight with these people who had achieved the Dao, it would indeed be a rare opportunity. However, this kind of opportunity would put his life at risk!

In addition, these people who had achieved the Dao couldn't be killed no matter what. At most, they would be beaten back into the great calamity of destruction.

She wasn't like Qin Mu who was proficient in Broken Calamity Sword and could even break the other party's Dao bones, threatening their foundation. Facing such dangers time again, she would fail miserably sooner or later.

After another month, the small boat finally passed through the long river of chaos. Qin Mu's World Tree absorbed another portion of the primordial qi from the long river and stopped absorbing it.

Qin Mu felt that after experiencing this long river, his cultivation had improved again, and he thought to himself, 'If I pass through the long river of chaos, why would the World Tree grow? Could it be that the World Tree uses destruction as nutrients to absorb the energy of destruction to grow?'

He was even more curious. If he passed through the sixteen long rivers of chaos, how much would his cultivation rise?

Could he catch up to a Celestial Venerable?

"Maybe not."

He thought about it carefully. The ten Celestial Venerables had already started to cultivate the Hall of Treasures and used it to deepen their cultivation and consolidate the Celestial Heavens Realm. Their improvement was also very fast.

He should only be able to keep up with them and not fall too far behind.

'However, if I enter the calamity personally, the World Tree will definitely be able to absorb more nutrients, right?'

An incomparably bold idea suddenly appeared in his heart, so bold that even he was slightly fearful. 'If I can pass through the sixteen long rivers and not walk on the surface of the river, will my World Tree grow into a huge tree? How far will my cultivation rise?'

Even though he had this thought, he didn't dare to carry it out.

He didn't have the ability to enter the long river of chaos and the great calamity of destruction. His corporeal body, primordial spirit, and Great Dao couldn't last long.

On the fifth river of chaos, Heavenly Lady Qiang looked at Qin Mu silently. After a long time, she suddenly asked, "Celestial Venerable Mu, why haven't you aged?"

Qin Mu was stunned and woke up from his comprehension. He asked in astonishment, "Why is Heavenly Consort asking this question?"

"Why haven't you aged?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang stared at him and said with a hoarse voice, "I've been observing you these days. My body has already entered its middle age, but you still look the same as before you crossed the river. Your appearance hasn't changed at all. I can't avoid aging, so why can you maintain your youth?"

Qin Mu's heart jumped. He looked at Heavenly Lady Qiang and realized that she was indeed aging!

It had been half a year since they crossed the river. Heavenly Lady Qiang's appearance was no longer as beautiful as before. Her youth had passed, and her corporeal body had entered a middle-aged state!

Qin Mu stood up and looked at the chaotic qi behind the ship. Over there, Celestial Venerable Hao, God Emperor Lang Xuan, Ancestral God King, and the other Celestial Venerables were all aging!

After crossing five long rivers of chaos, their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits were also aging continuously!

Previously, the corporeal body functions and primordial spirit states of these Celestial Venerables had been maintained at their peak state. Now, their corporeal body functions and primordial spirit states had already reached old age!

This was the effect of the great calamity of destruction.

This Jade Capital City itself stood tall above the sixteen cycles of the universe, filled with the aftermath of the destruction of the past sixteen universes. Upon entering the city, one would realize that their endless lifespans had come to an end.

However, Celestial Venerables were powerful, so they didn't seem to age much in a year or two. However, when they came to the river, their aging speed increased drastically!

"I can even feel that the Great Dao refined in my body is also aging."

Heavenly Lady Qiang continued to stare at him. In the halo behind her head, celestial palaces appeared and connected to form the celestial heavens. "Look at my celestial palaces and celestial heavens. What do you see?"

Qin Mu looked at the back of her head and saw that the celestial heavens of the celestial palaces were originally sacred and extraordinary. They were filled with divine light and solemn dignity. However, the divine light that shrouded the celestial heavens had dimmed, and the Dao voice had become hoarse!

Not only that, the buildings in these celestial palaces were covered in rust, dust, and the Jade Pool was murky. The heavenly gate seemed to have experienced the vicissitudes of time brought by the passing of an era, and some of the palaces had even become dilapidated!

"This is the consequence of your Great Dao aging. However, you didn't."

Heavenly Lady Qiang stared into Qin Mu's eyes and said, "I can feel my muscles, blood, bones, skin, hair, and even vital qi in my corporeal body aging at all times! I can feel the realm in my body slowly disintegrating. I can hear the sound of the Dao chains breaking apart and the minute ripples when the Dao runes are disintegrating. I can even feel my Great Dao runes disintegrating, and my consciousness is collapsing! However, you don't! You're still young and haven't changed! Why?"

Qin Mu touched his face and said resentfully, "It's probably because I took good care of myself…"


Heavenly Lady Qiang flew into a rage and executed God Execution Mysterious Knife. Two blood-colored dragons circled around Qin Mu, ready to slash down at any moment!

"Bullshit! Celestial Venerable Mu, you must have some treasure that can help you avoid the invasion of the apocalypse!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang was filled with murderous intent as she said maliciously, "Even my God Execution Mysterious Knife is starting to weaken in these long rivers. I don't believe you can block this invasion with your cultivation! Hand over your treasure!"

Qin Mu slowly pulled out his sword and said indifferently, "Grand Emperor, you aren't a woman, so why do you care so much about your appearance? It's my ability to avoid death, but you can't. You are useless."

Heavenly Lady Qiang sneered. "Celestial Venerable Mu, don't think I don't know what you're planning! You keep your youth, but I'm starting to age. Your cultivation will surpass mine sooner or later! At that time, you'll lay your hands on me!"

Qin Mu sneered and said, "Don't think too highly of yourself! You and I are on the same boat, aren't you waiting for my lifespan to be depleted and grow old? My cultivation is inferior to yours, so you thought I would grow old faster than you! Now that you see that I haven't aged, you have the intention to kill!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang took a step forward, and her two God Execution Mysterious Knives danced in the air. She stirred the chaos aura in the surroundings and coldly said, "Take out the treasure you used to avoid the apocalypse and let me retain my youth like you. I won't make things difficult for you. Let's continue to work together. Otherwise, this small boat will be your burial ground!"

"I can't take it out."

Qin Mu laughed loudly and tightened his grip on the Calamity Sword. "Grand Emperor, you are worried that you are old and not my match, right?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang couldn't take it anymore and attacked!

Far away, on a Dao Tree, Celestial Venerable Hao and the rest followed the small boat at a leisurely pace. Celestial Venerable Hao had already become a middle-aged man with a long beard. He stroked his beard and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu and the Grand Emperor's small boat really flipped over just like that."

Celestial Venerable Huo's voice was deep, and he was clearly much older. However, he was wearing a mask, so he couldn't tell how old he was. He said, "Brother Hao's discerning eyes are unparalleled, and you know that the friendship of these scoundrels won't last long."

Ancestral God King's gaze flickered, and he said, "This is our chance."

On the other side, Celestial Venerable Xiao and the rest were watching the battle between Qin Mu and Heavenly Lady Qiang on the small boat.

Beside him, Heavenly Lady Yan had also aged. Shi Qiluo and God Emperor Lang Xuan were also middle-aged. Like Heavenly Lady Qiang, they could feel the corrosion of time.

"Why hasn't Celestial Venerable Mu aged?" Celestial Venerable Xiao's gaze was strange.

The two ancient gods of Taiji had also aged a little, and they frowned. This kind of aging couldn't be stopped by any creation technique. This kind of aging was the aging of the Great Dao, and even ancient gods like them couldn't avoid it!

On the small boat, Qin Mu and Heavenly Lady Qiang faced each other on a narrow path. Both of them used their killer moves!

Qin Mu immediately used the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm and stabbed out his thirtieth heaven of the Sword Dao, Calamity Sword!

At the same time, Heavenly Lady Qiang charged into his realm, and the two knives transformed into two furious dragons that swept through everything!

The two of them were so close to each other that they both got hit at the instant they collided!

Qin Mu's body was struck by God Execution Mysterious Knife, and his qi and blood poured into the knife frantically!

Qin Mu stabbed the heart of Heavenly Lady Qiang's brows, and the sword light destroyed all her Great Dao!

Suddenly, their gazes met, and they stopped. Qin Mu sheathed his sword, and Heavenly Lady Qiang sheathed her knife. They both took a step back.

"Why is it like this?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang sighed. "Little brother, we are brothers of different fathers and mothers. Why are we in this situation?"

Qin Mu's eyes turned red, and he choked back his tears. "Big brother is right, little brother was too reckless. Did little brother hurt big brother just now?"

"It's fine, it's fine. It's all thanks to Little Brother for withdrawing your sword in time."

Heavenly Lady Qiang wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said earnestly, "Brothers fighting in wars, father and son fighting in wars. We are brothers with different fathers and mothers, yet we are fighting against each other in front of outsiders. Won't we be laughed at? It's all your fault. I apologize."

"Little brother is wrong!" Qin Mu wiped his tears.

Heavenly Lady Qiang sighed and said, "We can't let outsiders laugh at us. Little Brother, calm down. Let's all calm down."

Qin Mu acknowledged and both of them sat down. One of them sat at the bow of the ship while the other sat at the stern.

The corners of Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes twitched. 'This ship is too small, I can't use it…'

"The boat is too small."

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes also twitched. 'When I get rid of her, she will also get rid of me at the same time. Looks like I still have to wait for her to grow older. Furthermore, my cultivation is becoming stronger while she is becoming weaker. My chances are also increasing.'

Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes sparkled as she recalled Qin Mu's previous attack. 'He must have relied on the tree in his realm to avoid the disaster, right? Since he knows the reason, I should find an opportunity to get rid of him and retrieve that tree!'

"These two people are truly shameless."

On the Dao Tree, Celestial Venerable Hao said to the four Celestial Venerables, "The reason why Celestial Venerable Mu isn't old is because of that strange tree in his realm. What do you think?"

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