Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1506 - Battling Celestial Venerable

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and couldn't help taking a few more glances at the woman in the Dao Fruit. The woman was also looking at him and revealed a look of astonishment and nervousness.

"He doesn't look bad."

Qin Mu exclaimed to himself and shifted his gaze from the woman's chest to Heavenly Lady Qiang. He smiled. "Goddess…"

"Call me Your Majesty," Heavenly Lady Qiang said unhappily.

Qin Mu laughed loudly and said, "Your Majesty just called yourself my palace, so why are you calling me Your Majesty now?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang snorted and looked at the sword at his waist. "Where did you get this sword from? Your magic power isn't at the level of a Celestial Venerable. It should be this sword that injured me just now, right? This sword is the weapon of a Dao cultivator?"

"That's right!"

Qin Mu pulled out the Calamity Sword and was in high spirits. He beamed with delight as he said, "After I entered the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court, I found this Dao Sword from a shrine. After giving it a try, its power was boundless."

Heavenly Lady Qiang let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Cultivating by pretending to be a foreign object, Celestial Venerable Mu, your path is wrong. Leave this sword to me… Leave it to me!"

Two murderous blood knives suddenly flew out from the long river of chaos and slashed towards Qin Mu!

The power of these two God Execution Mysterious Knives was peerless, and even Heaven Duke's corporeal body couldn't withstand them. They had merely slashed past Qin Mu's head and injured him. Heavenly Lady Qiang had purposely hidden them in the long river of chaos to ambush him, hoping to kill him in one blow!

She also knew that Qin Mu was slippery, and if he escaped, she probably wouldn't be able to keep him, so she used sneak attacks.

However, she didn't know that her two divine knives couldn't hide from Qin Mu's eyes.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn't have been able to see through the long river of chaos, and she might have succeeded. The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows could even see through the long river of chaos and see the past universe.

The two God Execution Mysterious Knives that she had laid in ambush had long been seen clearly by Qin Mu. Even the movement of the knives couldn't escape his eyes.

Qin Mu pulled out his sword, and the sword light flashed, transforming into a void form of a supreme taiji. His sword light clashed with the two God Execution Mysterious Knives, and in an instant, the two divine knives were like blood-colored dragons that were connected under his sword skill like a dragon-shaped taiji diagram!

One dragon was Yin, and the other was Yang. Yin and Yang intertwined, forming a whole.

Heavenly Lady Qiang was caught off guard and wanted to retract her divine knives. However, Qin Mu stepped through the dragon-shaped taiji diagram and pointed his sword at the heart of her brows!

Xu Xingbin's taiji was the ninth heaven of Qin Mu's Dao Realm. However, he had achieved great success in his Sword Dao. After fusing with the divine arts and Dao Realm, there were three more heavens of the Calamity Sword, and this move became the twelfth heaven of his Sword Dao.

This move changed the form of God Execution Mysterious Knife, turning its body into the form of yin and yang, causing Heavenly Lady Qiang to lose control of the two divine knives, giving herself a chance.

This was both a sword path and a divine art. It was perfect in his hands. Even Heavenly Lady Qiang had never seen such a mysterious ultimate art.

Qin Mu's sword came at an extremely fast speed, and the small boat transformed from the cane was much faster than the Dao Tree. In addition, the ultimate art of the sword path that Qin Mu had used was the primordial form of Wen Qingming, which was proficient in speed!

Just as Heavenly Lady Qiang tried to recall the two divine knives, Qin Mu's sword light appeared in front of her!

The sword light tapped Green Destiny, and it grew larger in front of Heavenly Lady Qiang, as if it was going to swallow her!

It was different from Founding Emperor's Sword Dao. Founding Emperor's Sword Dao used the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens as its foundation. A heavy sword had a layer of the heavens, and what it described was his ideal ambition. Every heavy sword path was grand and majestic, and it used the sword path to transform into layers of heavens.

When his Sword Dao appeared, thirty-five heavens appeared. There were thirty-five different worlds with their own Dao runes.

On the other hand, Qin Mu's sword path was born from his own divine arts and path realm. His divine arts and path realm didn't just talk about ideological aspirations, but about his comprehension and feelings during the comprehension process.

Founding Emperor's sword path was brilliant and imposing, but it had traces to follow. On the other hand, Qin Mu's divine art was nimble and unpredictable.

Heavenly Lady Qiang didn't dodge Qin Mu's sword. With a roar, a God Execution Stage suddenly appeared under her feet. The blood light on the God Execution Stage shone brightly, suppressing the Yin and Yang transformations of the two divine knives!

Two divine knives came from behind and attacked Qin Mu.

Her decision was also ruthless. She didn't avoid Qin Mu's sword moves and just executed her two divine knives to kill him!

If Qin Mu didn't dodge, both of them would be hit!

She relied on the vastness of her consciousness. Even if her corporeal body was damaged, as long as her consciousness was still there, she could visualize her corporeal body!

Even though Qin Mu was proficient in the path of creation, the two divine knives were formed from the baleful qi of the most evil in the world. They devoured cultivation and qi and blood. As long as Qin Mu was struck by the two divine knives, his qi and blood would be instantly absorbed by them, turning him into a dried corpse that was sliced into three pieces!

Without cultivation and without any qi and blood, even if Qin Mu's divine arts reached the heavens, he couldn't recover!

Her two divine knives cut down the Dao Tree and the Dao Fruit, making them indestructible. As long as Qin Mu dared to fight, she would definitely be willing to accompany him!

On the heart of her brows, the Green Destiny transformed from the sword light surged. Before it could even touch her skin, it caused a qualitative change to appear on her forehead. The skin, bones, flesh, and blood on her forehead all started to transform into energy form!

Qin Mu's sword consciousness reached the heart of her brows, and the brilliant sword light had already begun to stab into the celestial heavens. It was about to pass through the Southern Heavenly Gate and sweep through the celestial heavens!

The corners of Heavenly Lady Qiang's eyes twitched. The power of Qin Mu's sword had surpassed her expectations and imagination. She had mistakenly thought that it was Founding Emperor Qin Ye, but from the looks of it, even though Qin Mu's cultivation was inferior to Founding Emperor Qin Ye's, his attainments in the sword path were superior!

At this moment, Qin Mu suddenly pulled back his sword. The tip of the sword trembled and split into two, one on the left and the other on the head of the God Execution Mysterious Knife.

His sword skill was exquisite and was praised by Founding Emperor as the number one sword skill in a million years. These two swords were just right, severing the power of the two divine knives.

Heavenly Lady Qiang smiled. The moment Qin Mu retracted his sword and stabbed the two divine knives, the two divine knives became incomparably soft. They coiled around the body of the Calamity Sword and swept towards Qin Mu's hand!

Qin Mu cried out in astonishment and hurriedly threw Calamity Sword along with the two divine knives. The small boat under his feet rushed in diagonally to avoid the two divine knives!

"Celestial Venerable Mu, thank you for coming all the way here to deliver the treasure!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang chuckled and waved her hand. Two divine knives flew over with Calamity Sword, and the hilts landed in her hands.

On the Dao Tree under her feet, the expression of the beautiful woman in the tattered Dao Fruit suddenly changed. She immediately saw the clues and shouted, "Ju Yushi, there's a trap! That's not the Dao sword of the one who has achieved the Dao, but his own treasure!"

Just as Heavenly Lady Qiang placed her hand on the sword hilt, she saw Qin Mu rushing forward with his back facing her. His hands were behind his back, and he wasn't as pathetic as she had imagined. Instead, he looked calm and composed.

Heavenly Lady Qiang's heart jumped, and she hurriedly let go. She executed her divine knives to break the Calamity Sword, but at that moment, Qin Mu clasped his hands behind his back, one above and one below. Both of his hands were clutching sword techniques!

His hands moved slightly behind his back, and the sword techniques changed at a speed that couldn't be seen with the naked eye!

When Heavenly Lady Qiang let go of the sword hilt, the Calamity Sword escaped from the entanglement of her two divine knives. The sword seemed to enter a formless state as it passed through the two divine knives. There was no body, only light.


The sword light swirled and circled around a sword flower. Just as she let go of her palm, her five fingers jumped down from her palm and danced in the air like a living spirit.

At that instant, Heavenly Lady Qiang had a strange expression. When her five fingers were sliced off by the sword light, her five fingers gained life. Flesh and blood squirmed, and bones grew. They became five small Qin Mus that bowed towards her!

The hilt of that Calamity Sword hung upside down as if it was held in the hands of five small Qin Mus. They cupped their hands and pushed forward!

One Primordial Qi Dao Travelling Together!

Heavenly Lady Qiang's chest exploded, and the inverted divine sword pierced through her chest. It flew out from her back, and wherever it passed, her body would turn into primordial qi, piercing through her body!

Heavenly Lady Qiang gave a shout, and layers of celestial palaces appeared behind her. Her cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, and she stretched out her hand to grab the two divine knives. With a swing of her dragon tail, she shattered the dainty Qin Mu formed by the five fingers!

The two divine knives had great power, but they were incomparably soft as they slashed at the divine sword behind them!

At the same time, Qin Mu, who was on the small boat, still had his back facing her. The small boat was still flying forward, but the hand seals on his back were moving faster, making it hard to see clearly!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Calamity Sword flew up and down under his control, and all kinds of sword moves changed continuously. In a formless state, it avoided the attacks of the two divine knives over again!

The divine sword wasn't aimed at Heavenly Lady Qiang, but at the Dao Tree under her feet. The sword light flew between the withered branches and severed them!

Heavenly Lady Qiang was anxious, and cold sweat broke out on her forehead. She flew up from God Execution Stage and controlled her divine knife to chase after the Calamity Sword. The sword had no qualms, but she had to avoid breaking the branches.

That was because the power of these two God Execution Mysterious Knives was too strong. As long as they touched the branches, the Dao Tree wouldn't be able to block the two knives.

Suddenly, the Calamity Sword circled around the tree, and the Dao Tree collapsed. Heavenly Lady Qiang was furious and fell.

The sword light suddenly stabbed the God Execution Stage that was falling like lightning and flew away. It stuck close to the river surface of the Chaotic River and caught up to Qin Mu's small boat.

Qin Mu stood on the small boat and raised his left hand up. He saw the Calamity Sword leap up from the surface of the river of chaos and break away from the God Execution Stage. The God Execution Stage descended and landed in his hand.

Qin Mu stored the God Execution Stage in his divine treasures and ancestral court. He took off the sword sheath with his right hand, but the speed of the Calamity Sword was becoming slower. The sword light was becoming fainter. It slowly descended and stabbed into the sword sheath.

Qin Mu placed the sword sheath on the left side of his waist and turned to smile at Heavenly Lady Qiang.

At that moment, Heavenly Lady Qiang and the woman in the tattered Dao fruit fell into the river of chaos!

"Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang grabbed the two divine knives and tried her best to stabilize herself so that she wouldn't fall into the long river of chaos. However, there was nowhere she could borrow strength from, so she couldn't stop falling.

Her beautiful face couldn't help turning pale, and she hurriedly landed on a wooden stake. However, in the long river of primal chaos below, white bones rose up one after another. The souls in the primal chaos struggled, and their faces distorted as they grabbed at her!

Heavenly Lady Qiang swung her knives and severed countless limbs. The tattered Dao Fruit flew through the knife light. Suddenly, the light in the Dao Fruit shone in all directions, and the strange existences in the long river of chaos avoided the light in the Dao Fruit.

The aura of the woman in the Dao Fruit became weak, and she shouted, "I can't last much longer, quickly cross the river! Otherwise, both of us will fall into the past universe!"

Qin Mu turned his head back and saw this scene. His gaze was strange. 'Who is this woman? Her abilities are very strong. I wonder how she is compared to the Yuan Sage of Miluo Palace…'

He took out the pointer given to him by the Yuan Sage of Miro Palace and used it to fly towards Heavenly Lady Qiang.


Heavenly Lady Qiang got hit in the head and was furious. Qin Mu quickly retracted his whip and thought to himself, 'I forgot. Heavenly Lady Qiang doesn't have a primordial spirit. It's useless to be hit by the whip.'

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