Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1505 - Calamity

On the river, there was chaos. Ten Celestial Venerables, including Heavenly Lady Qiang, had cut down a Dao Tree and used it as a boat to cross the river!

The Dao trees in the Jade Capital City were all Dao trees that had experienced the great calamity of destruction. However, they had been cut off by the ten Celestial Venerables and used as ferries.

Even Qin Mu couldn't help but admire the ten Celestial Venerables' thinking and boldness. However, as the strongest practitioners of the current universe, the ten Celestial Venerables had their own bearing and ambition. They often did things that others found inconceivable.

For example, God Emperor Lang Xuan had snatched the Dao fruits of prehistoric successors and had an extraordinary bearing.

It was reasonable for the ten Celestial Venerables to do this.

Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw Dao trees appearing in the primordial qi. From time to time, huge bones would rise up from the river, trying to drag the ten Celestial Venerables that were crossing the river into the river.

The ten Celestial Venerables used various methods to force back the strong practitioners.

This chaos river was much more dangerous than Qin Mu had imagined. Even the ten Celestial Venerables were in danger.

It had been two years since the ten Celestial Venerables had entered the Jade Capital City. One could imagine how dangerous the journey had been. However, their cultivation and abilities had also improved tremendously in the past two years. It was obvious that they had benefited greatly from the Jade Capital City.

Qin Mu had only spent over a month here, mainly because the ten Celestial Venerables had scouted ahead and eliminated the dangers on this path. That was why he could come here so quickly.

As a scout, the ten Celestial Venerables encountered much more dangers than him.

They had put in a lot of effort and gained a lot, so it was natural for their strength to increase.

Qin Mu muttered to himself for a moment and took out the Taiyi walking stick. He threw it into the river and it grew longer until it was thirty yards long.

At that moment, the walking stick was like a small boat with the bow of the boat tilted up.

He took a step forward and landed on the bow of the small boat as it sailed forward.

The speed of this small boat was much faster than the Dao Tree under the ten Celestial Venerables' feet. After all, it was a treasure that could easily be refined from the World Tree and was even stronger than those Dao Trees.

Qin Mu stood at the bow of the ship and looked forward. He saw majestic figures rising from the river and blocking the small boat.

That shadow asked in the primordial qi using Dao language. The question was very strange.

He was asking why Qin Mu had stopped him from reaching the shore.

Qin Mu pressed down on the sword hilt and answered. He used the same Dao language to tell the shadow that this universe didn't belong to them. Their arrival would cause this universe to collapse and be destroyed in one day.

Suddenly, the shadow became excited, and a huge head popped out from the primordial qi. This head was like a mountain, pushing the primordial qi away and appearing in front of the small boat!

Qin Mu raised his head and looked at the head that was only left with white bones. This head was irregular when compared to a human's head, and there were numerous sharp bone spikes growing on it.

What made people envious was that this person's Dao bones seemed to be forged by the Great Dao and were extremely powerful. This was why he was undying and indestructible in the calamity of destruction!

The path he cultivated was clearly another path. It was similar to the path that God Emperor Lang Xuan had said to imprint the ultimate void with his corporeal body!

God Emperor Lang Xuan had yet to reach this step, but this person had already done it!

The white skeleton head opened its mouth and roared angrily at Qin Mu. From its words, it was scolding Qin Mu for being selfish and watching the people of their universe die, unwilling to accept them as refugees.

He held righteousness in his heart and used the deaths of the people in his universe to punish Qin Mu and destroy his Dao heart.

Language didn't have any offensive power, but when combined with Dao language, it truly killed people's hearts.

Qin Mu pulled out his sword, and the moment the sword light left its sheath, it severed the neck of the white skeleton head. The bright sword light pierced through the dense primordial qi!

"Invite you to come and be the old master? After you land on the shore, you enslave us and make us work hard. You enjoy life until the universe is destroyed. You abandon us and run to the next universe."

Qin Mu's gaze was strange. He raised his leg and stomped down heavily, causing the skeleton to sink into the Chaotic River. Dao language rumbled from his mouth as he fought against the other party's Dao language. "You guys are no different from the ten Celestial Venerables, and you have done even more evil! You guys are even inferior to the ten Celestial Venerables!"

The human skull fell into the long river of chaos, and the headless body swam over. It hugged its skull and placed it on its neck.

Qin Mu returned his sword back into its sheath and took a look at the long river of chaos. The small boat sailed forward while the skeleton swam in the long river of chaos, following closely behind the small boat.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows, and his divine treasure realm spread out.

His palm gripped the hilt tightly, ready to strike.

In the Chaotic River, the white skeleton god swam, and a huge shadow appeared under the small boat, swimming with it.

At the same time, huge shadows appeared around the small boat. Some were Dao Trees in the chaos, while others were souls that were entrusted in the pieces of the Great Overarching Heaven.

Qin Mu sneered and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to its limits.

His palm became more stable, and the power of the Calamity Sword in his hand became more restrained. Behind him, the World Tree stood tall and took root in the ancestral court. At the same time, it absorbed the primordial qi in the long river of chaos below!


The long river of chaos exploded, and two huge hands stretched out from the water. They grabbed the sides of the small boat and pulled it into the chaos!


Sword cries rang out, and incomparably bright sword lights flashed. Broken fingers flew up one after another.

Qin Mu swung his sword, and the sword nodded. He held the hilt upside down as though he was bowing, and his ten fingers exploded into chaos!

Behind the small boat, the water surface of the long river of primal chaos exploded, and a huge white skeleton rushed into the sky. It was chanting heavily, and it seemed like it was about to release a world-shaking divine art!

However, the moment the white skeleton god opened his mouth, Qin Mu's reverse Calamity Sword stabbed backward with lightning speed. The brilliant sword light stabbed into the white skeleton god's mouth!

The back of the white skeleton god's head exploded. Qin Mu raised his sword, and the white skeleton god's head was sliced in half!

The white bones fell into the water, and the long river of chaos boiled. A Dao Tree lifted up the small boat and floated above the long river. Yin winds blew, and the souls that were trapped in the pieces of the Great Overarching Heaven Net flew out from the long river and pounced on the small boat!

Another Dao fruit flew out from the river, and as it spun, Dao markings interweaved. Dao chains crisscrossed and locked the small boat!

Qin Mu spread out his sword path, and the Calamity Sword weaved in the air like lightning. It severed the souls of everyone and split the Dao fruits apart. He then threw out the Calamity Sword, and the sword light swirled around the Dao Tree below, slicing it apart!

"The wind and rain of Dragon Han rising a yellow hue, the fate of the boundless universe suppresses the great river!"

He was so excited that he raised his hand and grabbed it. The Calamity Sword landed in his hand, and he stabbed forward with it.

The white skeleton god that had just reconstructed his body rose from the water and saw countless sword lights coiling around him. He was stunned for a moment, and his white bones suddenly crumbled. In the Dao bones that formed his body, the chains were all severed and transformed into Dao markings. The Dao markings were then severed and transformed into Great Dao runes!

In the sword light, the Great Dao runes were also broken down by the sword light and shattered.

The white skeleton god gave a loud cry and collapsed on the river surface, shattering into pieces.

Qin Mu swung his sword and stabbed it into the sheath, standing upright at the bow of the small boat.

Behind him, layers upon layers of Dao Realms were like layers of heavens, spreading out and transforming into 29 heavens.

The sword lights interweaved above the twenty-ninth heaven, forming the thirtieth heaven.

In the surroundings, the Dao trees in the primordial qi vanished one after another, retreating into the depths of the primordial qi.

The wandering souls in the fragments of the Great Overarching Heaven went far away and entered the long river of chaos. Their Dao fruits spun and vanished one after another.

"This move is called Calamity Break."

Qin Mu raised his right leg and stepped on the bow of the small boat formed by the cane. He ignored the strangeness in the surroundings and looked forward.

This tribulation sword was truly capable of suppressing the great river, suppressing the long river of chaos. It made those strange existences that were trying to drag him down to the shore stop moving against this small boat.

The Breaking Calamity Sword was targeted at the composition of the Great Dao. From the steps of the Great Dao, it would reversely deconstruct the Great Dao. It would deconstruct the Great Dao from the realm into a Dao chain, and from the Dao chain to the Dao pattern, it would deconstruct into the Great Dao runes before obliterating the Great Dao runes!

Other people, such as the ten Celestial Venerables, would usually rely on their own strength to fight against the peculiarities in the Chaotic River. Although they would suffer some damage to these strange existences, they wouldn't be fatal.

Once Qin Mu's Calamity Breaking Sword was formed, he could break the other party's Great Dao and threaten the other party's name. Therefore, the existence in the long river of chaos was unwilling to provoke him.

Behind Qin Mu, the thirtieth heaven was formed. This was the thirtieth heaven of the Heavenly Dao Realm. Once the Dao Realm was formed, his Great Dao would be imprinted in the Calamity Sword, and the power of the Calamity Sword would increase a little.

"Grandpa Mute refined this sword too marvelous."

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration. When he had rushed over, Mute was still comprehending the Dao in the Dao Fire Ancestral Land. This time, when he refined the Calamity Sword, his path of forging would have another astonishing improvement!

The number one heavenly worker in the world, his name true!

Without the strangeness of the long river of chaos, the wooden boat transformed from the cane sped forward and gradually entered the river.

Qin Mu didn't know how wide the river of chaos was, but it seemed like it would never reach the opposite shore. Gradually, Qin Mu felt the fluctuations of divine arts coming from the front, and his heart couldn't help trembling slightly. The vertical eye in the heart of his brows looked forward.

Suddenly, two knife lights sliced over silently. Qin Mu lowered his head, and the two knife lights crisscrossed one another above his head. Even though they didn't cut him, they left a knife mark on his neck, and fresh blood flowed out.

After the two knife lights cut across, they vanished from the primordial qi.

Qin Mu raised his head, pulled out his Calamity Sword, and stabbed forward!

When this sword stabbed out, the primordial qi stirred, and the sword light vanished into the primordial qi. Suddenly, a pleasant cry came from the front. "Founding Emperor Qin Ye? You schemed against me?"

"Not Founding Emperor."

Qin Mu asked, "Grand Emperor, you also call yourself this palace?"

The voice in front was silent for a moment before Heavenly Lady Qiang's voice rang out. She chuckled and said, "So it's Celestial Venerable Mu. Your abilities have improved. I was caught off guard by your sword and got stabbed by you."


The roots of a tree danced and appeared in front of Qin Mu. The tree waved its roots on the river surface of the long river of primal chaos like an octopus.

Heavenly Lady Qiang stood on the withered Dao Tree with a tattered Dao fruit hanging beside her. A woman in the Dao fruit looked at Qin Mu through the hole.

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