Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1457 - Bright Moonlight, Blazing Sunlight

Celestial Venerable You was bathed in blood as his body crashed into the starry sky. He was like a stone that had landed on a calm water surface. He floated down and created ripples in the starry sky.

His primordial spirit was entangled by the ancient gods of taiji, and he instantly revealed his weakness.

His corporeal body couldn't be as strong as his primordial spirit. His primordial spirit controlled the Great Dao of Youdu, and he entered the 25 heavens of the Dao. The 25 layers of Youdu World spread out, and the paths, skills, and divine arts grew deeper and stronger with each layer!

Furthermore, he was still comprehending even more profound Dao realms, and even the ancient gods of taiji couldn't do anything to him.

Even if the ancient god of taiji fused into the form of Earth Count and roamed freely in his Youdu world, he could only be on par with his primordial spirit and couldn't hurt it.

Even though the two ancient gods could transform into various forms like Heaven Duke and Earth Count, they were still lacking when it came to the deep levels of the Great Dao of Heaven Dao and Youdu.

However, the weakness of Celestial Venerable You's corporeal body was revealed, giving Heavenly Lady Yan and Celestial Venerable Gong a chance!

He wasn't a Celestial Venerable that was good at fighting with his corporeal body. Fighting with his corporeal body was something he had always looked down on. Furthermore, he didn't have the chance to fight with his corporeal body.

Heavenly Lady Yan and Celestial Venerable Gong attacked one after another. Heavenly Lady Yan held a hairpin in her slender hand, and with a shake of the wind, it transformed into a sharp sword. Sword light flew, and abysses of the Ruins of End appeared in front and behind Celestial Venerable You, tearing his body in different directions and pinning him to the starry sky.

His body opened up, and his limbs and head were stretched out. His limbs and neck were all stretched out.

Celestial Venerable Gong leaped up, and the long whip in his hand trembled, transforming into a huge spear that stabbed towards the heart of his brows!


The huge spear transformed from the dragon's vein of the ancestral court stabbed into the heart of Celestial Venerable You's brows. Blood flowed out from the heart of Celestial Venerable You's brows, and the tip of the spear pierced through his skull!

Celestial Venerable You struggled violently, but he couldn't break free from the divine art of the Ruins of End. His face dimmed.

"Mu, I tried my best…"

He tried his best to mobilize his magic power to block the thrust of the spear, but he couldn't block it at all. The dragon spear stabbed into his head bit by bit.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't complete your entrustment. You let me live, I can't…"

At this moment, a majestic sword light separated Yin and Yang, forcing the two ancient gods of taiji to separate to the left and right to avoid this world-shaking sword light.

The two ancient gods were astonished and immediately recognized this sword. It was Founding Emperor Qin Ye's sword!

At this moment, Founding Emperor's sword was different from the one they had seen not long ago. This difference wasn't due to the difference in sword skills, but the difference in the Dao Realm.

When they had met Founding Emperor in the celestial heavens, he had pierced through the taiji diagram with a single sword. Even though he was powerful, he didn't pose much of a threat to them. Now that Founding Emperor's sword had separated the yin and yang, they felt an extremely terrifying threat!

If the two of them were to split up and fight one-on-one, they would be inferior to existences like the ten Celestial Venerables. Only when the two of them worked together would they have boundless combat power.

Not long after they parted, Founding Emperor had actually grown to the extent of seeing through their weaknesses. He was truly remarkable!

After the ancient gods of Taiji separated, Celestial Venerable You's primordial spirit instantly broke free and rushed towards his corporeal body.

The sword light separated the yin and yang, forcing back the two ancient gods. The sword light continued forward, heading straight for Celestial Venerable Gong. Its speed was so fast that Celestial Venerable Gong was caught off guard!

At the back of her heart, there seemed to be another sword wound that was about to explode. That was the location of the sword wound that Founding Emperor had left for her in the celestial heavens.

However, Founding Emperor's sword injury had long been healed by Goddess Tai Su, so why did she feel a slight pain in his wound?

"His sword was imprinted in my Dao heart, causing a sword wound to appear in my Dao heart!" Celestial Venerable Gong instantly came to a realization.

Founding Emperor had used an incomparably powerful Dao Realm to severely injure her. Tai Su could heal this kind of injury, but when Founding Emperor injured her, he used his incomparably powerful Dao heart to defeat her Dao heart!

And this kind of injury was something that Tai Su couldn't heal!

The injuries on her Dao heart could only heal herself. However, even though her Dao heart was strong, it still hadn't reached the level of Founding Emperor!

Right at this moment, Heavenly Lady Yan sneered and swung her sword. The sword light transformed into a abyss of the Ruins of End behind Celestial Venerable Gong. Founding Emperor's world-shaking sword pierced into the abyss of the Ruins of End and vanished.

Just as Heavenly Lady Yan was relieved, sword light surged like a tide and passed through the abysses of the Ruins of End, causing them to crumble!

She didn't trap Founding Emperor's sword. On the contrary, Founding Emperor's sword had broken through her Ruins of End divine art!

The sword light shot out from the last abyss and arrived in front of Celestial Venerable Gong!

Celestial Venerable Gong pulled out his dragon spear and quickly retreated. The dragon spear transformed into a long whip that coiled like a dragon to block the sword light.

There were sword lights everywhere in front of her eyes, and the long whip transformed from the dragon's vein of the ancestral court was like a ring with a ring. It clanked continuously as it collided with Carefree Sword. Huge mountain god stones were sliced apart by Carefree Sword, and soon, only a handle was left on her long whip.

The power of the Carefree Sword was finally exhausted, and it roared away.

Celestial Venerable Gong was drenched in sweat as she shook the handle of the whip in her hand. The Ancestral Court Dragon Vein that was sliced into pieces by Founding Emperor's sword whooshed over, and the huge mountains quickly reformed in her hand, turning back into a divine whip that was undamaged!

Celestial Venerable Gong felt a lingering fear in his heart. Founding Emperor's sword had actually broken through the divine arts of the ancient gods of taiji, Heavenly Lady Yan, and herself, the four Celestial Venerables, before exhausting all of its power. It was truly terrifying!

She suddenly turned around and saw Founding Emperor walking over. Even though the two ancient gods of taiji were separated, the yin and yang were guiding each other in a beautiful arc. It was like the yin and yang fish of the taiji diagram were swirling around each other, and Founding Emperor was in the center of the taiji diagram.

This point was incomparably marvelous!

Even though Founding Emperor had separated them, he had fallen into their formation diagram. What awaited Founding Emperor was their ultimate attack!

Founding Emperor walked leisurely in this taiji diagram that was forming, as if he didn't notice the fierce attack he was about to face.

He raised his palm, and Carefree Sword flew back. His right hand held the sword hilt while his left hand lifted the sheath from his waist.

A melodious sword cry rang out, and Carefree Sword was sheathed in front of him. The sword cry was clear and melodious, containing the Dao runes of the sword path.

At that moment, Celestial Venerable Gong looked over and heard the sword hum. Celestial Venerable Gong's expression changed, and the sword injury in his Dao heart suddenly exploded.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Her body trembled, and thousands of sword wounds burst forth from her body, piercing through her body. Blood splattered everywhere!

Celestial Venerable Gong grunted and shouted. The celestial palaces shone brightly, and the horns of the celestial heavens rang long and melodious to resist the sound of the sword path!

Founding Emperor raised his eyebrows and pulled out his sword. He raised it three inches and paused again. Sword cries rang out, and the two sword cries collided.

Celestial Venerable Gong's celestial heavens crackled as countless sword qi swept through her celestial palaces!

Celestial Venerable Gong vomited blood and knelt on the ground.

Heavenly Lady Yan was shocked and hesitant. Founding Emperor's sword cry wasn't anything special to her, it was just an ordinary Dao voice. However, when it entered Celestial Venerable Gong's ears, he was actually severely injured. It was truly strange.

She didn't know that Celestial Venerable Gong's Dao heart was so severely injured.

However, she didn't have time to think about the reason because Celestial Venerable You's primordial spirit had already arrived.

At the same time, the taiji diagram of the two ancient gods was completed. The taiji diagram spun, and at that moment, the sword light lit up again. With a slash, the two ancient gods instantly felt that they were separated by yin and yang. The connection between them was actually severed by Founding Emperor's sword!

"His body is blazing like the radiance of the sun, his sword is bright like the splendor of the moon."

The two ancient gods of taiji looked at Founding Emperor in the taiji diagram, and they exclaimed in unison, "Founding Emperor Qin Ye, we haven't seen you for a few days, and you are one step closer to achieving the path. Congratulations, we are envious!"

Suddenly, the two ancient gods shouted and activated the taiji sand table. The sand table soared into the sky and transformed into a desert!

Founding Emperor's two swords forced them to use their accompanying treasures.

Ever since they were born, they forced Heavenly Lady Qiang and Shi Qiluo back in their first battle, forcing the two Celestial Venerables to admit defeat and retreat. However, even then, they didn't use their accompanying treasures.

Now, Founding Emperor's two swords had increased the pressure on them greatly. Only by using the accompanying treasure could they have a chance of victory.

Founding Emperor walked forward, and a sandstorm filled the sky. Countless grains of sand flew over, and they were all planets. The moment they came into contact with Founding Emperor, they transformed into countless planets that whistled past him. Some planets even crashed into him!

However, before these stars crashed into Founding Emperor, they seemed to have encountered an invisible sword qi. They split into two and flew past him.

"Fellow Daoist!"

The bodies of the two ancient gods coiled around the center of the star system, and they bowed to Founding Emperor across the boundless starry sky. "The last time, we saw that you were an existence that wanted to achieve the Dao, so we gave way to you and didn't make things difficult for you. Now that we are reunited, I hope you won't make things difficult for us."

Founding Emperor sheathed his sword and raised Carefree Sword to return the greeting to the two ancient gods. Countless galaxies in front of him suddenly parted to the side as if they were pushed to the side by an invisible force.

"I will remember your courtesy, Dao brothers. I will pay my respects another day."

Founding Emperor's tone was calm as he said, "Today, I'm here to save people, so both of you just need to give in and do me a favor one more time. I will reciprocate the favor and give in one more time in the future."

The two ancient gods of taiji looked at each other, and the Yin Goddess said, "We have already given in to him. The first time was to respect his Dao, and his realm of Dao is far-reaching. If he walks in front of us, he can be considered our senior brother. The second time, however, there's no reason to give in."

The Yang God nodded and said, "There's indeed no reason to tolerate him this time. Dao friend, please forgive us. We siblings have no choice but to offend you."

Founding Emperor said, "Have the two of you seen Celestial Venerable Gong's injury? This injury is a Dao injury. If the two Dao brothers were injured by my sword, they would probably be like her."

The two ancient gods of Tai Chi looked at each other and smiled. "We entered the world to sharpen our Dao hearts and comprehend the path of Dao from this rolling red dust. If we can get injured in the hands of Dao friend, it will be our fortune!"

Founding Emperor frowned. The power of the taiji sand table was becoming stronger. This battle was probably the most terrifying battle since he had stepped onto the path of cultivation!

On the other side, there was a huge hole in the heart of Celestial Venerable You's brows. He stood up shakily, his head muddle-headed. The ghost mask on his face was also broken by Celestial Venerable Gong's spear and split into two.

His face was covered in blood, and he grabbed the mask in a panic. He wanted to cover his face, but he couldn't.

Tears fell from his face and mixed with blood, dripping into the starry sky.

"The majestic Celestial Venerable You actually cried from being beaten."

Heavenly Lady Yan smiled. "Aren't you a little too lacking in your celestial venerable bearing?"

"Don't underestimate the enemy."

Celestial Venerable Gong gritted his teeth and forcefully suppressed his injuries. He tried his best to stand up and said with a hoarse voice, "I saw this mask in the illusion. It's the only thing his mother left behind for him."

Heavenly Lady Yan's hair stood on end.

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