Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1459 - The Death of Heaven Duke (Part Two)

The reform of Founding Emperor Era was a test of the Postcelestial Dao defeating the Precelestial Dao. Even though the results of the reform of that era weren't as much as the results of Eternal Peace, the seed of Postcelestial defeating the Precelestial had already been planted. It was just that the duration of Founding Emperor Era was too short. Even though the seed had sprouted, it didn't grow.

The greatest result of Founding Emperor's reform wasn't Founding Emperor's sword skill, but the reform of the Celestial Heavens Realm that was presided over by the number one heavenly master, Saint Woodcutter Wen Tiange!

Even though Saint Woodcutter was a person who 'had no strength to truss a chicken' and was the weakest among the four great heavenly teachers, the height of his wisdom was something others couldn't match.

The seventy-two throne halls assisting the thirty-six celestial palaces was done by him. He used seventy-two Postcelestial Dao to relieve the pressure of the thirty-six Precelestial Dao and reduce the damage to the corporeal body from the celestial heavens.

After his improvements, theoretically, the Celestial Heavens Realm formed by the seventy-two throne halls assisting the thirty-six celestial palaces would have more dense magic power than the traditional Celestial Heavens Realm. It would have higher battle power and no worries.

However, Saint Woodcutter didn't publicize this kind of technique, so not many people knew about it. The only one who received his complete teaching was the previous Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Jiang Baigui.

As for whether Jiang Baigui had cultivated it or not, no one knew.

What Celestial Venerable Hong had obtained was merely a remnant piece that Saint Woodcutter had created in the early days. Furthermore, there were quite a few hidden dangers that belonged to outdated techniques.

Even so, this incomplete technique was enough to allow the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu to last longer in the Celestial Heavens Realm, raising his battle prowess by an astonishing amount!

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu clashed with Heaven Duke, and in terms of power, he was almost on par with Heaven Duke. Such battle power was truly eye-opening!

In addition, Celestial Venerable Hong's techniques and divine arts came from the Heavenly Dao, but they weren't limited to the Heavenly Dao. With him as the main attacker, and with God Emperor Lang Xuan, Heavenly Lady Qiang, and Shi Qiluo, the three Celestial Venerables, Heaven Duke was once again at a disadvantage!

Celestial Venerable Hong fought with speed, sparing no expense. He felt his power weakening, so he had to end this quickly!

Heaven Duke tried his best to move and shrink his body, but the injuries on his body kept increasing.

However, cracks also appeared on the body of that divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu. His skin exploded, and his muscles shattered. He could be crushed by the celestial heavens at any moment!

Suddenly, the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu struck the heart of Heaven Duke's brows, shaking his primordial spirit!

Heavenly Lady Qiang took the chance to activate the God Execution Stage, and two knife lights stabbed into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows. At the same time, her consciousness burst forth and attacked Heaven Duke's consciousness!

At the same time, God Emperor Lang Xuan's consciousness also rushed into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows, almost shattering his consciousness!

Shi Qiluo saw the advantage and hurriedly controlled the other two divine weapons, Celestial Venerable Yu. He shrunk his body and rushed into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows. The two divine weapons, Celestial Venerable Yu, had three heads and six arms. As they moved forward, they spun rapidly, and countless punches and kicks rained down on the primordial spirit of Heaven Duke.

Consciousness was consciousness, and primordial spirit was the soul. Heaven Duke's consciousness was almost shattered, and his primordial spirit was almost shattered by Shi Qiluo!

At that moment, the consciousness of the Heavenly Dao sensed that Heaven Duke's consciousness had lost the ability to control his corporeal body, and it immediately formed the consciousness of the Heavenly Dao in Heaven Duke's body. Space and time controlled Heaven Duke's corporeal body.

At that moment, God Emperor Lang Xuan shouted and activated the Dao Fruit in his celestial heavens. He also stabbed it into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows. A boundless Dao rune burst forth and sealed the consciousness of the Heavenly Dao, preventing it from descending!

Celestial Venerable Hong stood up, and his sleeves fluttered as he flew into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows. With a flick of his sleeves, he pulled the two divine weapons, Celestial Venerable Yu, into his sleeves. With a forceful shake, he sent them flying.

Shi Qiluo flew into a rage and shouted sternly, "Celestial Venerable Hong, you just defeated Heaven Duke, and now you want to fall out with us? Aren't you going to leave any benefits for Dao friend?"

God Emperor Lang Xuan was about to rush into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows when he suddenly saw the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu controlled by Celestial Venerable Hong rushing over.

God Emperor Lang Xuan was hit by him, and his head instantly became muddled. His body was knocked tens of thousands of miles away, and he heard cracking sounds coming from his ribs.

The forehead of that divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu exploded from his finger, and the back of his head exploded. Blood splattered across the celestial heavens and the celestial palaces.

The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was already pushed to his limits by Celestial Venerable Hong, and his corporeal body couldn't take it anymore. Now, his forehead exploded from his finger, and his entire body exploded.

Recommending an app that was comparable to an old version of a book chasing divine weapon.

God Emperor Lang Xuan vomited blood continuously. The attack power of the complete Celestial Heavens Realm divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu was too ruthless. Even he couldn't withstand it.

"My Dao Fruit!"

He forcefully suppressed his injuries and rushed towards Heaven Duke. However, he saw Heaven Duke standing there motionlessly. Two baleful auras suddenly coiled around the heart of his brows, and with a swish, he sliced open Heaven Duke's head from the left and right, opening up his skull!

It was Heavenly Lady Qiang slaughtering her way into the heart of Heaven Duke's brows and destroying his insides, splitting open his skull.

The knife was extremely powerful, but Heavenly Lady Qiang flew out with it. The Celestial Venerable was almost flattened by Celestial Venerable Hong on the God Execution Stage, and he was sent flying along with it!

Along with Heavenly Lady Qiang, waves of essence soared into the sky from Heaven Duke's head!

Spirit qi pierced through the sky, and the Heavenly Dao trembled within it. The 49 Heavenly Daos in Heaven Duke's body started to escape!

"Heaven Duke is going to die!" Shi Qiluo couldn't be bothered to argue with Celestial Venerable Hong as he cried out in joy.

His hundred treasure chest suddenly opened up, and countless strange divine weapons flew out to capture Heaven Duke's essence qi and collect the Heavenly Dao.

'Heaven Duke is really going to die!'

Heavenly Lady Qiang, who was flattened by Celestial Venerable Hong on the God Execution Stage, couldn't help being delighted. Her body fluctuated, then deflated again. She then recovered like she was inflated. She used all her strength to activate the God Execution Stage and the two murderous divine knives to devour the Heaven Emanations Qi in Xuandu.

The baleful qi of heaven was incomparably dense, causing her two divine knives to absorb it frantically.

In the distance, Earth Count's huge head had already appeared in Xuandu. He had the head of a bull, the face of a tiger, and the horns of a tiger. He was incomparably huge. One of his hands was on Celestial Venerable Gong's body, while the other was on Heavenly Lady Yan.

Celestial Venerable Gong and Heavenly Lady Yan were heavily injured by Celestial Venerable You at all costs, and Earth Count's appearance was perfect. He was waiting for the exhausted Celestial Venerables and suppressed them.

Suddenly, Earth Count's body trembled violently, and he turned back to look at Heaven Duke.

Red light filled the sky, and Heaven Duke's essence dyed Xuandu red, turning countless stars red like blood.

Earth Count's expression dimmed, and his three eyes revealed a look of anticipation. "Dao brother, have you transcended the Heavenly Dao? Should I congratulate you or cry for you?"

At this moment, the taiji diagram suddenly swirled and revolved around Earth Count. Earth Count's expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly let go of Celestial Venerable Gong and Heavenly Lady Yan. With his palms left and right, he blocked the taiji diagram.

A violent tremor rang out, and Earth Count blocked the power of the taiji diagram. His huge body crackled, and chunks of lava fell off his body. Countless Youdu ghosts ran around in tears.

Earth Count hurriedly consoled those ghost gods, but he saw a male and a female ancient god covered in blood appearing in front of him. Their bodies were covered in sword wounds, and they picked up Heavenly Lady Yan and flew away.

The taiji diagram was formed from the supreme treasure of the ancient god of taiji. The two ancient gods were fighting with Founding Emperor, and when they saw Heavenly Lady Yan injured, they hurried over to save her. However, Founding Emperor succeeded in one strike, and they were severely injured.

Earth Count was about to stretch out his palm when Celestial Venerable Gong's injuries healed rapidly. He was astonished and hurriedly looked over. He saw Celestial Venerable Hao walking towards him.

Behind Celestial Venerable Hao, figures moved. Earth Count focused his gaze, and it was Celestial Venerable Xu with two horns.

Celestial Venerable Xu walked towards him, and his body gradually shrunk. He also became younger, becoming a little girl with two horns on her head that were covered by two small braids.

"Father Ah Chou," the little girl called out to him.


Earth Count's heart trembled, and the Great Dao of Youdu immediately transformed into densely packed chains that bound his heart tightly.


Earth Count vomited blood from his mouth, and what he spewed out was boiling lava. His mind was in chaos. Suddenly, Celestial Venerable Hao raised his hand, and the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel flew out. It spun rapidly and grew larger as it slashed towards the heart of his brows.

The ten thousand Heavenly Wheels and ten thousand Dao returned to one, transforming into one Precelestial One. Precelestial One was like a flower, incomparably sharp. In the next moment, it was in front of Earth Count!

"Earth Count, wake up!"

Celestial Venerable You dragged his heavily injured body and flew over to block in front of Earth Count. His majestic primordial spirit slowly rose up, and his hands blocked the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Wheel. Instantly, blood flowed out!

His corporeal body and primordial spirit ignited with Youdu devil fire to defend against the Ten Thousand Dao Heavenly Wheel. However, his injuries were already extremely severe, so he couldn't block a single blow from Celestial Venerable Hao.

A sword light flew over, flashing continuously as it attacked Celestial Venerable Hao and Tai Su behind him!

Celestial Venerable Hao laughed loudly and rose into the sky, leaping over Earth Count's head. The moment the two of them flew past Earth Count, Tai Su turned back to look at Founding Emperor who was holding Carefree Sword. He was astonished. "You can see me?"

Founding Emperor didn't reply. He flicked his sword three times, and Celestial Venerable Gong, who was about to kill Celestial Venerable You, suddenly burst out with sword lights and fresh blood. He had no choice but to escape with Tai Su.

Heavenly Fiends filled the sky, and they became more intense. At this moment, the stars in the thousands of worlds became blood red, and the sky also became blood red. It was as if the sky was bleeding, and there was a waterfall of blood falling from the sky at any moment.

Even the two divine knives on the God Execution Stage didn't have the time to swallow such intense baleful qi. The two divine knives became more corporeal in the baleful qi and gradually condensed their true forms. They had both forms and substance!

The reverse scales on the bodies of the two blood-colored dragons stood up, shining with cold light. They coiled around each other on God Execution Stage, and when their scales collided, sparks flew in all directions!

Heavenly Lady Qiang trembled with excitement as she looked at Heaven Duke's corporeal body.

'Devouring the Heavenly Dao, swallowing Heaven Duke, refining two divine knives, making the power of the divine knives even stronger. It's definitely not inferior to the Grand Primordium's accompanying treasure!'

With this in mind, she immediately executed her two divine knives with baleful aura and attacked Heaven Duke who was standing there stiffly.

"Great Heavenly Dao Seal!"

In the heart of Heaven Duke's brows, Celestial Venerable Hong turned a blind eye to the Heaven Dao and Heaven Duke's essence that were escaping. He raised his palm, and instantly, countless Heaven Dao seals were imprinted on the Dao Fruit. The Dao runes of the Dao Fruit were extremely strong, but no one activated it. It was instantly suppressed by Celestial Venerable Hong!

Celestial Venerable Hong flicked his finger, and the sealed Dao Fruit flew out from the heart of Heaven Duke's brows. Heavenly Lady Qiang controlled the Ancestral Court God Execution Stage to fly over, and the shriveled Dao Fruit contained the power of the Heavenly Dao. Without any explanation, she executed her two divine knives to slash at the Dao Fruit!

At that moment, God Emperor Lang Xuan rushed over. When he saw this, his eyes widened in anger. He immediately sent a primordial divine art towards Heavenly Lady Qiang!

The back of Heavenly Lady Qiang's heart exploded, and her body flew off the God Execution Stage. She then pulled out her knife and slashed backward. Two blood dragons slashed across God Emperor Lang Xuan's neck.

God Emperor Lang Xuan's head rolled down, and the flesh on his neck squirmed. With a pop, another head popped out. He stretched his hand out to grab the Dao Fruit and raised it up to float in the celestial heavens.

Heavenly Lady Qiang turned around, and their gazes met. They separated and pounced at Heaven Duke's corporeal body. Shi Qiluo also pounced over, and the burly man laughed. "Devouring Heaven Duke's cultivation is just around the corner!"

Right at this moment, the Myriad Dao Heavenly Wheel flew past, and Shi Qiluo's body was sliced into two. His lower body was sprinting frantically below, but his upper body was reaching out to grab Heaven Duke's corporeal body.

God Emperor Lang Xuan was shocked, and he hurriedly turned around to defend himself. However, he saw Celestial Venerable Hao standing behind Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, and his expression changed drastically. Celestial Venerable Hao then tapped the heart of his brows.

God Emperor Lang Xuan vomited blood and turned to leave.

On the other side, when Heavenly Lady Qiang saw Celestial Venerable Gong flying over, she hurriedly retracted her two baleful auras, afraid of hurting her. However, she was whipped by Celestial Venerable Gong and spun like a top.

In Heaven Duke's body, Celestial Venerable Hong had a calm expression as he looked at Heaven Duke's crumbling heaven soul and earth soul. He asked in a hoarse voice, "Why did you betray yourself?"

Heaven Duke revealed a smile, and his primordial spirit crumbled. His heaven soul and earth soul shattered.

Celestial Venerable Hong felt pain in his heart. He stretched out his right hand as though he wanted to condense his heaven soul and earth soul to prevent his heaven soul and earth soul from collapsing. However, he retracted his hand.

With a flick of his finger, Heaven Duke's final consciousness collapsed.

"You are no longer you. Leaving your consciousness behind will only pollute my purity."

Celestial Venerable Hong let out a long sigh of relief, feeling a great sense of relief. He couldn't help but cry as his primordial spirit flew out from Celestial Venerable Hong's body. It was so powerful that it quickly occupied Heaven Duke's body and began to absorb his power.

"If you die, I will live on your behalf and fulfill your long-cherished wish. I will master the Heavenly Dao and transcend the Heavenly Dao, becoming the ruler of this universe…"

Suddenly, Celestial Venerable Hong's expression changed drastically. He realized that he couldn't absorb and refine Heaven Duke's power, not even a drop!

The Nine Hells Stage appeared in his Dao heart, and countless mountains that were growing at an angle densely covering him!

Celestial Venerable Hong saw himself standing on the tiny ninth stage. When he raised his head, he could only see the cracks of the incomparably sharp mountains and rivers. He couldn't see the mouth of the well.

He struggled and roared, but he couldn't escape.

The intense pain caused him to distort, causing his Dao heart to collapse and his cultivation to fall!

At that moment, a world-shaking power rose from the soles of his feet. Ancestral God King held a Heavenly Dao treasure and broke through Heaven Duke's majestic body. He rushed up from Heaven Duke's body and shattered Celestial Venerable Hong's primordial spirit!


A terrifying tremor came from the heart of Heaven Duke's brows. Ancestral God King destroyed Celestial Venerable Hong's soul in one blow, and the Heavenly Dao Treasure transformed into a huge hammer that smashed into Celestial Venerable Hong's head!


Ancestral God King was incomparably excited as he ruthlessly smashed down on Celestial Venerable Hong's corpse, striking again.

"Father, you're old! You can't beat me anymore! Yet you still dream of ruling the universe! It's my turn, right? If you don't die, how can it be my turn? I learned this from you, I learned it very well…"

One strike after another, Celestial Venerable Hong was reduced to a pile of mush, but Ancestral God King continued to smash down without any signs of exhaustion.

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