Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1444 - The Heavenly Sea As A Mirror Illuminating Xuandu

Qin Mu revealed a smile and waved at Lang Lang before leaving with Butcher, Tian Shu, and the rest.

As soon as he left, he saw a tall and sturdy man leaping towards him on the celestial river. It was the eleventh Celestial Venerable, Shi Qiluo!

The army of the celestial heavens would be mesmerized by Divine King Lang's beauty, but not Shi Qiluo!

Divine King Lang Wo didn't dare to fight with him and immediately escaped from the thirty-five voids. Shi Qiluo rushed forward, but he couldn't reach the thirty-five voids and could only sigh helplessly.

However, at this moment, Celestial Venerable Hong had already broken free and punched the thirty-five voids. His battle power was overflowing, far surpassing that of Shi Qiluo. It wasn't safe for Lang Wo to hide in the thirty-five voids.

At that moment, Divine King Lang Wo actually visualized Youdu and visualized a Youdu world in the thirty-five voids. It was dark and unclear.

Celestial Venerable Hong didn't understand why she did such. In the Youdu world that Divine King Lang visualized, faint lights appeared, and a paper boat floated behind her.

"Celestial Venerable You!"

Celestial Venerable Hong chuckled. Xuandu was the sacred ground of the Heavenly Dao, and Celestial Venerable You, as the master of the Great Dao of Youdu, was probably invited by Qin Mu to participate in the battle of Xuandu. However, Xuandu suppressed him too much, so even Celestial Venerable You had to rely on the Youdu world that Divine King Lang Wo had visualized to gain a foothold.

Under such circumstances, even if Celestial Venerable You and Lang Wo teamed up, they wouldn't be able to fight him!

His Fist of Heavenly Dao was majestic as it broke through layers of void. On the paper boat behind Divine King Lang Lang, Celestial Venerable You raised the lantern and shone it at him.

Just as the lantern light became incomparably bright, countless paper boats, countless lanterns, and countless Celestial Venerables appeared in the Youdu world that he had visualized!

At this moment, Youdu was empty, and only the ghosts on Earth Count and Earth Count's bodies were left. There were also some devils, ghost kings, and ghost messengers of death that numbered in the billions. All of them had vanished without a trace!

They had come to Xuandu and appeared behind Divine King Lang!

The messengers of death raised their lanterns together, and the lights shone brightly to meet Celestial Venerable Hong's fist. The thirty-fifth void trembled violently, raising the eyebrows of everyone.

Even though the power of Celestial Venerable Hong's punch had been weakened by the 35 voids, its power was still extraordinary. However, it was blocked by Celestial Venerable You, forcing people to reevaluate Celestial Venerable You's abilities.

Celestial Venerable You blocked the attack, and Divine King Lang took the chance to escape, disappearing without a trace along with the countless messengers of death and the ghost ship.

Celestial Venerable Hong and Shi Qiluo were about to chase after him when the Heaven Emanations in Xuandu suddenly surged and gathered at the same place. The two Celestial Venerables were astonished. Shi Qiluo took down the Hundred Treasure Chest on his back, opened it, and took out an item.

It was a two-pointed tower with a pair of divine eyes.

Shi Qiluo looked through it and saw a huge sacrificial altar flying towards Xuandu Heaven Duke. Heavenly Lady Qiang was standing on it.

The steps of the sacrificial altar were strange. When Shi Qiluo looked at them, there were twelve steps. When Celestial Venerable Hong came over to take a look, there were nine steps.

On the sacrificial altar, two blood-colored baleful auras were like angry dragons dancing around the altar. They were very similar to the God Execution Mysterious Knife of the celestial heavens.

"God Execution Stage!"

Shi Qiluo chuckled. "This little slut even moved this ancestral court sacred ground over. What is she trying to do?"

Celestial Venerable Hong's expression sank, and he said coldly, "The God Execution Stage is gathering the Heaven Emanations and swallowing their energy to forge the divine knife."

Shi Qiluo hurriedly went closer to take a look and saw that the power of the two divine knives in the blood fiends was increasing frantically. They gathered the baleful qi of Xuandu and refined the power of the divine knives!

The two divine knives didn't pose much of a threat to them, but the speed of their improvement made their hearts palpitate.

"Right now, the heavenly devils aren't strong enough. When Heaven Duke dies, the baleful aura will be even stronger."

Celestial Venerable Hong sneered. "Heavenly Lady Qiang might even want to devour the corporeal body of Heaven Duke to nurture these two God Execution Fiend Knives!"

He said indifferently, "Devouring the baleful aura of all living things in the world, devouring the heavenly devils, how can it be compared to devouring a god born from Dao like Heaven Duke?"

Shi Qiluo was astonished. "What is the little slut planning to do by refining these two divine knives?"

'I should say what the Grand Emperor is planning to do with these two divine knives.'

Celestial Venerable Hong flicked his sleeves and flew away. "Mistress Yuanmu, we need to work together to guard against the Grand Emperor!"

Shi Qiluo sprinted forward, trying his best to keep up with him. However, Celestial Venerable Hong was still much faster than him.


A divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu descended from the sky, and Shi Qiluo stood on the shoulder of the divine weapon. The divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu sprinted forward and caught up to Celestial Venerable Hong.

"Hong, have you seen Lang Xuan and Ancestral God King?" asked Shi Qiluo.

Before he could finish his sentence, a terrifying beam of light suddenly burst forth from the distance and pierced through Xuandu. The light was so bright that it suppressed the light of the billions of stars in Xuandu!

One Finger of Divine Essence!

'God Emperor Lang Xuan is over there. Could it be Founding Emperor Qin Ye? The only one who could force Lang Xuan to use the full power of his divine essence finger is probably him.'

Shi Qiluo was bewildered. He stood on the shoulder of the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu and raised his Divine Creation Eye to take a look. The one facing Lang Xuan wasn't Founding Emperor Qin Ye, but a divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu!

Shi Qiluo was astonished. 'This divine weapon is the one of Ancestral God King! It looks like Heaven Duke is controlling the divine weapon Celestial Venerable Yu to kill God Emperor Lang Xuan! Strange, with Lang Xuan here, where are Founding Emperor and Ancestral God King?'

In the ancestral court, Founding Emperor walked out of the Jade Pool Stage in God Emperor Lang Xuan's territory. He was still calm and composed, but the people around him were all subordinates of God Emperor Lang Xuan, staring at him nervously.

'I've been to the Jade Pavilion and God Execution Stage, Nine Hells Stage, and Jade Capital of the ancestral court. I'm afraid Jade Capital City is extremely dangerous, so I don't need to go there for now. God Execution Stage was taken away by Heavenly Lady Qiang and isn't in the ancestral court. I can only enter God Execution Stage in Xuandu.'

He didn't seem to have any sense of urgency about the war in Xuandu. He pondered and said, "After going to the Nine Hells Stage, I should head to Xuandu. Celestial Venerable Mu won't be able to hold on for this period of time, and Heaven Duke should be able to."

At that moment, he saw Celestial Venerable Hong's territory, the Heavenly Sea.

Founding Emperor was slightly stunned, and his gaze swept across the Heavenly Sea. His gaze was sharp like his Sword Dao, able to see through everything.

'There's also a Great Dao condensing in this sea, forming the reflection of Xuandu in the sea. Could it also be a realm of possibility?'

Founding Emperor couldn't help muttering to himself, "However, Celestial Venerable Mu never said that there was a realm like the Sky-sea Dragon Palace. Could it be that he doesn't know that such a realm exists?"

He walked towards Tianhai, but the waves of the sea didn't move. It was like a bright mirror that reflected everything in Xuandu.

At the same time, in the Primordial Realm, Heavenly Yin World.

Ancestral God King greeted Goddess of Heavenly Yin and said with a smile, "Goddess, you are no longer an ancient god. There's no need to fight to the death for Heaven Duke. Even if you don't consider your own life, you should consider the life of your Heavenly Yin World."

He raised his head and looked at the soles of Heaven Duke's feet. This was the only place where Heaven Duke couldn't reach the four-faced god. It was also Heaven Duke's weakness, the weakness of the Heavenly Dao.

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