Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1443 - The Beauty On The River

Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest left, leaving behind the Sun Guardian and the people of Xuandu. After a moment, they started to head towards the Primordial Realm. Everyone had mixed feelings.

They would settle down in the Primordial Realm. As for the stories of Qin Mu, Butcher, Zhe Huali, Luo Wushuang, and Tian Shu, they would be passed down from generation to generation.

Zhe Huali let out a long sigh of relief and took a glance at Qin Mu. He smiled and said, "After scolding me, I feel much more at ease. Celestial Venerable Mu, you are an honest man…"

He hurriedly added, "You are an honest person at heart. You are just cunning and treacherous to your enemies, but when facing your own people and ordinary people, you are too honest. You don't have the heart to hurt your own people and ordinary people. You don't even want to say anything harsh. I'm not like you."

He was in high spirits, and he said loudly, "If I have something to say, I will say it. If I have any grievances, I will say it out loud! I have done a good deed, and I will announce it. I can't let good people be wronged, and I can't let bad people play to their strengths! These bastards are too harsh on good people! There are all kinds of bad things in bad people, and even if it's just a little good, they will spread it out. There are all kinds of good things in good people, and only one flaw will be scolded to death by them! I just can't stand these things!"

Tian Shu laughed and said, "Demon Blade Zhe Huali, his thoughts are clear, as gorgeous as his knife!"

Zhe Huali tightened the demon knife and dragon teeth on his back, and he gave a carefree smile. "I just don't want the friends I respect to bear the infamy! Cult Master Qin, Celestial Venerable Mu, beast, Demolisher Qin, Thief Mu, no matter how I address him, he is still my friend, the person I respect. He has all kinds of small problems, but he has never made a mistake when it comes to big or small matters!"

Qin Mu's eyes turned red, but he smiled.

Luo Wushuang revealed a smile and said, "My disciple…"

He immediately added, "I was."

Butcher took a glance at him and said, "He was once your disciple, but he learned too much from you. He only learned well after following me for some time."

Luo Wushuang's face turned black, and he stopped talking.

Qin Mu looked at them with a smile. These people were all his friends, and one of them was even his elder. However, they were more like good teachers and sincere friends. It was truly a great blessing to have such friends!

His cultivation was recovering rapidly. The Jade Pavilion of the ancestral court and the Jade Pavilion Realm of the various celestial palaces allowed his cultivation to recover at an astonishing speed.

Of course, his current cultivation was too deep. Even though his recovery speed was very fast, he still needed a few days to recover to his peak state.

Qin Mu then took out the spirit herbs he had plucked from the ancestral court to refine spirit pills that could quickly recover his vital qi. With both of them working together, he could prevent Celestial Venerable Hong from being unable to escape.

Celestial Venerable Hong was determined to get his hands on the Heaven Dao Weapons. He had 49 Heaven Dao Weapons, and even if he got 48 of them, without them, these Heaven Dao Weapons would just be powerful treasures.

Only by obtaining the Dao weapon could he combine the power of these Dao weapons and transform them into a supreme treasure of the Heavenly Dao!

It was a supreme treasure that was countless times stronger than the Heavenly Dao supreme treasure refined by Ancestral God King!

"That's why Celestial Venerable Hong wouldn't chase after those Xuandu people, but us."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and the five of them flew towards Heaven Duke.

Heaven Duke was incomparably majestic, and it was hard to see his full appearance. Along the way, they saw even more god cities. There were 49 god cities that were larger in Xuandu, and they were named after the 49 Heavenly Daos.

In the primordial era, these god cities were built around the celestial river and were extremely ancient.

During the Dragon Han Era, the celestial heavens was established to restrict the flow of the celestial river through the Southern Heavenly Gate. The river flow of the celestial river didn't change much.

However, in the later part of the Dragon Han Era, the celestial heavens migrated out of the Primordial Realm, causing the celestial river to change its course. There were no traces of the celestial river in Xuandu anymore, and only these 49 god cities and the ancient paths of the celestial river remained.

Today, the river returned to its original position, and the surging river water flowed in the ancient path. It reflected the starlight of Xuandu, and it was very beautiful and charming.

However, what came this time was killing intent!

The most majestic Tian Fang City was already destroyed because it was the gate that blocked the army of the celestial heavens. The celestial river flowed into Xuandu from there, and Tian Fang City was equivalent to the gate of Xuandu.

The reason why Di Qing had led everyone there to intercept the army of the celestial heavens was because of the importance of Heaven Square City.

The strongest power of Xuandu was gathered in Tian Fang City, and the other god cities were much weaker. The army of the celestial heavens had already arrived, and along the way, Qin Mu and the rest saw destroyed god cities that had been shattered into pieces.

The number of soldiers gathered in these god cities was relatively small, and they were far inferior to those in Tian Fang City. Therefore, they were easily destroyed without the need for Celestial Venerables to make a move.

Along the way, they saw numerous Xuandu gods being captured and imprisoned in cages. These Xuandu gods were the spoils of war from the various armies of the celestial heavens.

As for the corpses floating in the starry sky, there were countless of them. There were gods and devils among the dead, but there were even more living beings living in Xuandu.

They were half-gods, but there were also ordinary lifeforms among the half-gods. They couldn't cultivate or it was hard for them to cultivate to the god realm.

There were countless captured lifeforms of Xuandu, and they were escorted to the hold of the ships. These people and the captured gods of Xuandu would become the slaves of the various military marquises and be sent to various places or sold to the mines of the various heavens.

"Back then, who would have thought that the high and mighty Xuandu would have such a day?" Tian Shu sighed ruefully.

Their speed became faster, avoiding the army of the celestial heavens and heading towards Xuandu Heaven Duke.

The baleful aura of the Heavenly Dao became denser. With the Heaven Emanations being so powerful, the God Execution Stage in Qin Mu and the rest's celestial palaces also became stronger. The baleful aura became a knife and wreaked havoc on the God Execution Stage.

Even though their cultivation had increased, the five of them had heavy hearts.

The stronger the heavenly devils were, the more gods and lifeforms died in Xuandu.

"Will the baleful qi gather and form the 50th Heavenly Dao weapon?" Butcher muttered.

"No, Heavenly Lady Qiang will bring the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court's sacred ground to sweep away the baleful aura of the Heavenly Dao."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "The Grand Emperor won't let go of this chance to let God Execution Mysterious Knife mature!"

Suddenly, the sound of a zither rang out, and space rapidly leaped. Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he looked towards the source of the sound. He saw the figure of a beautiful woman flash past the celestial river, and behind her was the figure of Celestial Venerable Huo.

Celestial Venerable Huo held the Dao Fire Ancestral Land in one hand, and the huge nine-layered Dao Fire sacrificial altar was held above his head. He walked forward, his body imposing as he chased after Celestial Venerable Yue.

'I wonder if there's a chance to assassinate Celestial Venerable Huo?'

Just as he thought until here, he suddenly felt something. He hurriedly turned back and saw Celestial Venerable Hong rushing over with his sleeves fluttering.

"Let's go!"

Qin Mu floated up and was about to bring the four of them to execute a space divine art to avoid Celestial Venerable Hong when a starry sky suddenly appeared in Xuandu.

At first, the starry sky was just a small galaxy, but it soon grew larger. Vast consciousness visualized in Xuandu, turning from illusory to corporeal, causing the stars to expand, stretching between Celestial Venerable Hong, Qin Mu, and the rest.

"Divine King Lang Wo!"

Celestial Venerable Hong chuckled and flew through the starry sky. He saw a star suddenly transforming into a heaven, catching him off guard.

"Little Doll."

Celestial Venerable Hong sneered and leaped out of the heavens. His body passed through the stars, but just as he did so, he realized he was in another heaven.

The heavens were like flowers in a painting, layer after layer.

Qin Mu saw that Celestial Venerable Hong was trapped and felt at ease. He looked towards the source of the consciousness and saw Divine King Lang Wo walking on the celestial river. It was cold and cheerless, and starlight flowed under her feet.

Wherever she walked, the great army of the celestial heavens would cease their war drums and put down their weapons to look at her in a daze. After she left, they seemed to have woken up from a dream, and only then did the slaughter start again.

Qin Mu looked at the beauty on the river. She looked at him and waved her hand.

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