Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1415 - Savage Blade, Broken Blade

"Why do we have to remember each other's faces? On the battlefield, the situation is ever-changing. Isn't it easier to recognize each other's clothes from their voices?" a young divine arts practitioner of Eternal Peace asked.

The scarred veteran saw that he still had a childish look on his face and smiled. "It's not to distinguish between friend and foe on the battlefield, it's to fight."

He didn't elaborate.

However, Qin Mu knew the meaning behind his words. The reason why his comrades remembered each other's faces was to clean up the battlefield after the battle and search for corpses.

These words were too shocking, so the veteran didn't elaborate.

The war in the southern border was already very urgent. New soldiers like them had to train for three to five months to familiarize themselves with each other before they could enter the battlefield.

However, Celestial Venerable Huo's power occupied the southern lands, and his attacks were too tight. This resulted in the lack of soldiers in the southern borders, and many scholars joined the army. The losses at the frontlines were too great, and these scholars didn't have time to sharpen themselves before going to the battlefield.

Compared to the Southern Heaven under Celestial Venerable Huo, Eternal Peace still had too few divine arts practitioners and gods. One soldier was like ten soldiers.

Flags fluttered in the sky, and the soldiers rose one after another to look up at the flags. There was the clashing sound of armor just now, but now, other than the sound of the flags fluttering in the sky, there was no other sound.

After a moment, the first drum sounded, and the flying ships rose into the sky. The bronze beasts at the bottom of the ships spewed out flames, and there were also flying cars speeding on the ground. The sound instantly became noisy.

The flying cars sprinted three hundred yards on the ground, and the wheels gradually left the ground. The flying cars rose into the sky, and the divine arts practitioners on the flying cars were in high spirits. In front of everyone were sword pellets and knife pellets of all sizes.

"Don't move yet, that's not the flag of our infantry," the scar-faced veteran said nervously.

His gaze was still focused on the large army in the sky, and the flying ships that numbered in the tens of thousands weren't fast in the sky. However, in front of them, Southern Heaven's army was already surging over like a flood.

Southern Heaven's human divine arts practitioners, gods, and half-gods were split into two camps. The human race was at the front while the half-god army was behind them.

Those half-gods had huge bodies and strong physiques. They were born with all kinds of apparitions, and in front of the army was the flying ship of Southern Heaven. There were more ships, and they were all forged from divine metal. The bow of the ship had the shape of a vermillion bird or a nine-headed phoenix.

It was the old-fashioned ship of the celestial heavens.

Southern Heaven's army had no flying cars.

When the two armies were still three hundred miles away from each other, the Eternal Peace Army in the north was the first to open fire. True Origin Cannons gathered energy on the flying ships, and beams of light shot through the sky, drawing out magnificent rays of light, turning the battlefield dark!

That was because the light from the cannon was too bright, causing the sun in the sky to lose its brilliance. The other places instantly became dark.

Behind them, waves of restlessness came from the infantry.

Suddenly, the drum beats of the infantry rang out, and the vanguard troops in front of them had already started to move out. As the drum beats became denser, the divine arts practitioners in front of the vanguard troops had already started to sprint forward, rushing forward ten steps at a time!

This commotion quickly spread to the troops where Qin Mu and the rest were. The veteran shouted, "Everyone, don't run around, don't squeeze into places with more people! Spread out as much as possible! Remember, don't go too far from our group. Thirty yards, at most thirty yards!"

They began to run.

In front of them, the flying ships dragged the flames down from the sky and crashed into the ground, creating huge fireballs. Next, the sound and airwaves from the explosions surged in all directions!

The battleships at the front had already come into close contact with the flying ships. Even though the firing range of the flying ships of Southern Heaven was inferior to that of Eternal Peace, they were forged from divine metal and were rich and imposing. The flying ships were able to withstand the bombardment of the cannon rays, and even though quite a number of them were knocked down, they still managed to charge into the firing range of their own side with the cannon rays and instantly fired!

The southern border was still dark, and the ships of both sides changed directions in the sky, speeding up and down. The hulls of Eternal Peace's ships were still slightly thinner, and they weren't as rich and overbearing. There were also quite a number of ships that got blown down.

At this moment, flying cars crisscrossed from the back of the flying ships, speeding over and slaughtering their way into the battlefield. They nimbly avoided the cannon rays of the enemy ships and rushed towards the enemy camp.

Suddenly, a majestic consciousness burst forth. "Flying sword washing the ground!"

Qin Mu and the rest who were running at the back raised their heads to look and saw millions of flying swords pouring down from the flying cars. The slanted sword lights were like pouring rain in front of them, instantly washing over a hundred miles!

On the flying ships of Southern Heaven, gods rose up and attacked the flying cars. There were also gods of Eternal Peace flying forward to intercept them, and the divine arts of the gods in the sky would drop down from time to time. No matter where they landed, people would be thrown into disarray.

Against gods, the abilities of divine arts practitioners were still too weak and insignificant. They could only rely on luck.

The infantry soldiers from both sides continued to run wildly. Now, the infantry soldiers had yet to enter the stage of a head-on clash, but the ground was already littered with corpses.

Someone beside Qin Mu was suddenly tripped by the corpses on the battlefield. Qin Mu was about to stop when he saw that person being drowned by the flood of divine arts practitioners.

"Be careful of the flowing sword!" the scarred veteran shouted.

A sword light shot over from the front and flew past them. There were people in the back who couldn't dodge in time and were instantly pierced through. Their bodies flew high up into the sky.

Swish! Swish!

The sword lights gradually became denser and they had already reached the battlefield in front. The number of people in Qin Mu's team could still be considered complete. Only the young scholar who had fallen behind earlier had vanished without a trace. The nine of them rushed forward with all their might and suddenly, it was as if they had crashed into a dense forest made of flesh and blood. There were enemies everywhere!

"Get impatient and kill forward!" the veteran shouted.

The divine arts practitioners executed their sword pellets one after another, and the sword pellets broke down into flying swords that were swimming around. The old soldier shouted loudly, "Control the distance between us, the range of the sword moves is fifteen yards! Don't exceed this distance!"

They rushed forward. Qin Mu only had a knife in his hand, but his footsteps were extremely fast. He came and went like the wind and lightning. He raised his hand and the knife fell down in a simple and nimble manner. No matter if it was breaking the enemy's formation or breaking the enemy's divine art, it was as easy as flipping his palm.

When the veteran saw him holding a knife, he couldn't help being slightly stunned. "He's an expert of the battle technique school."

He shouted loudly, "Don't be afraid of them. The sword skills and divine arts of Southern Heaven's little brat can't even be compared to ours. Our sword skills and divine arts were developed by two generations of Imperial Preceptors! The sword skills and divine arts you guys have learned are all top-notch!"

The battlefield became dimmer as more enemies appeared. Qin Mu advanced and retreated with his knife, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right. He crisscrossed fifteen yards, and within fifteen yards, he was invincible.

He could even assist other people in the same team to help them kill strong enemies.

They slaughtered their way into the encirclement and were still like sails breaking through the waves, leading even more divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace to rush forward.

Flags flew in the sky, and the generals of Eternal Peace who were in charge of this war zone saw the momentum of the sharp knives in their troops. They immediately waved their flags and mobilized several flying vehicles to assist them from the sky.

The flying carriage whooshed over, and countless sword lights shot towards the enemies that were coming from all directions.

Qin Mu and the rest pushed forward with all their might, and the pressure grew stronger. There were countless enemies that had died in their hands. Suddenly, they felt the pressure lighten, and when they looked around, they were surprised and delighted to find that they had already broken out of the encirclement and cut the enemies in half!

Behind them were countless divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace who followed them out of the encirclement and sliced apart the human army of Southern Heaven.

The Southern Heaven army that was sliced apart by them was already in chaos. The chaos spread like a plague. As long as the enemies were sliced into pieces, they could form a siege.

"Look in front!"

Suddenly, a young divine arts practitioner said with a trembling voice, "What's in front…"

Everyone raised their heads to look, and the smile on their faces that was mixed with blood froze. They saw countless Southern Heaven half-gods forming an army that stretched for a thousand miles. Countless huge primordial beasts appeared in their army, but they didn't make any sound.

Those golden armor dazzled the eyes of the people. These Southern Heaven half-gods were much stronger than the Southern Heaven Human Army.

Beside Qin Mu and the rest, more divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace broke through the enemy's formation and came to the vicinity. Gradually, the number of people increased, but everyone became silent and froze on the spot. They didn't rush forward.

They were stunned.

"Push South Deity divine weapon over!"

Suddenly, a heavy voice came from the half-gods' camp on the opposite side. They saw two huge beasts screeching as they tried their best to drag a huge divine carriage to the front of the formation. On the carriage was a huge pagoda that had nine layers and was filled with flames.

South Deity divine weapon.

North Deity's divine weapon was Five Thunder Pot, while South Deity's divine weapon was the Flame Tower.

This pagoda was forged from South Deity's ancestral land, the Nine-Tiered Sacred Flame Altar, and it was forged by gathering all the flames in the world. Before the Eternal Peace Calamity, South Deity's divine weapon had fallen into Eternal Peace.

When the power of this divine weapon burst forth, how could the flames reach ten thousand miles? They could refine everything.

"Retreat!" someone said with a trembling voice.

At this moment, there was no sound of ringing metal. Instead, it was the beating of drums. The drum beats became denser, but none of the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace came forward.

Facing South Deity divine weapon, everyone was fearful.

The drums beat even faster.

In Qin Mu's troop, everyone's gaze landed on the scarred face veteran, looking at him with anticipation, waiting for his order to retreat.

As long as he escaped, everyone would escape.

The veteran looked at their hopeful gazes and suddenly grinned. His scar looked sinister as he chuckled. "Brothers, behind us is Eternal Peace."

"Behind you is fucking Eternal Peace! Behind you are your wives, your children, your parents, and your parents!"

"Follow me, f*ck them! We can't wait for them to kill our hometown!"

He rushed out, and in front of him, countless spirit weapons danced in the air as they came at him. The old soldier roared furiously and tried his best to defend himself.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The dozens of spirit weapons in his body continued to move forward with all their might.

Countless spirit weapons drowned him out.

When the spirit weapon was retracted, not even bones were left on the battlefield.

The surroundings were silent.

No one dared to take another step forward.

The huge beast pulled the flaming pagoda over, and Qin Mu's front and back were filled with retreating soldiers.

Suddenly, another person rushed forward and was drowned by countless spirit weapons.

Following that, more people rushed forward. Before they even fell, over a dozen more people rushed forward, trying to block South Deity's divine weapon.

Batch after batch of people fell, but there were still people who continuously rushed forward.

"The people of Eternal Peace have never lost their bloodthirst!"

Flames burned in Qin Mu's heart, and he raised his knife to shout. He walked forward, and his footsteps gradually increased in speed. Behind him, the remaining seven people rushed forward with him. Their voices rose and fell as they shouted, "Behind us is Eternal Peace!"

"Behind us are our fathers and mothers, as well as our wives and children!"

'I can't let South Deity Divine Weapon enter Eternal Peace!'

"Our corpses are like insurmountable peaks, blocking the enemies in front of them!"

More soldiers of Eternal Peace rushed over, and their shouts filled the sky. On the other side, the half-god army of Southern Heaven roared and moved, waiting for the enemy to exhaust themselves. They attacked them, and Qin Mu brandished his iron knives to block the countless spirit weapons that were coming at him. However, his comrades still fell one after another.

However, there were others who took over the position of their fallen comrades and carried him forward.

"Behind us is Eternal Peace!"

He rushed forward with all his might, and his comrades in the same robe were blocking knives for him. They were blocking the enemies' attacks for him, and each and every one of them fell on the battlefield.

He forgot that he was a Celestial Venerable, forgot that he had the power to change the world, forgot the divine arts he had learned, and forgot the cultivation sealed in his body.

He only had one knife, but he had countless comrades around him.

Countless people surrounded him and rushed towards South Deity Divine Weapon!

People fell one after another, and more people came to replace them. However, the number of people was still decreasing. In the end, they broke through the encirclement and came to the front of South Deity Divine Weapon.

Qin Mu exerted strength in his legs and leaped into the air. His body passed by the two huge beasts, and the iron knife in his hand struck ruthlessly at South Deity's divine weapon!

"Let him go." A half-god general suddenly stopped the half-gods around him and sneered.


Qin Mu's iron knife struck South Deity's divine weapon and broke into countless pieces.

His body fell, and only the handle of the knife remained in his hand.

Qin Mu looked around in a daze. Around him were his comrades who were guarding him. Outside were countless half-gods who were looking at them mockingly.

"Behind us is Eternal Peace!" His comrades were still shouting loudly as they went forward one after another, trying to slash apart this world-destroying weapon.

Those half-gods looked at them coldly and didn't make a move.

"Behind us is Eternal Peace…"

Qin Mu gripped the broken knife tightly. This was the knife of protection, the knife of slaughter on the battlefield. There was great cause, great evil, but also great good.

"Enough, kill them," the half-god general said indifferently.

Suddenly, Qin Mu raised his broken knife and roared furiously. His muscles bulged, and the terrifying knife light instantly crossed the battlefield!

The broken knife in his hand no longer had a sharp edge, but it had a terrifying glow. Divine light actually poured out from the broken knife forged from ordinary iron, and it was a resplendent divine light.

Countless spirit weapons trembled in the knife light and flew into the air. Even those half-gods and powerful divine arts practitioners found it hard to control their spirit weapons.

Their spirit weapons seemed to be on a pilgrimage, submitting to their spirit and the Great Dao.

The power of the spirit weapons swarmed and gathered towards that broken knife.

That was the spirit of the knife, the Great Dao of the knife, the responsibility of the knife!

"Behind us is Eternal Peace!"

Qin Mu slashed down the knife light.


A crack appeared on South Deity's divine weapon, and the crack grew larger.

Savage Blade, Broken Blade, and the mortals sliced apart South Deity's divine weapon.

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