Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1413 - Blade Of Law


Qin Mu had just spoken humbly when Butcher knocked him on the head. He could only say, "I entered the path with a knife last time and comprehended a move to knock on Southern Heavenly Gate. After that, there was no more activity."

Butcher gave him a cold glance, and Qin Mu instantly became shorter as if he had been slashed.

"Your knife path didn't advance, so your sword path also didn't, right?"

Butcher sneered, "The path of medicine, the path of painting, the path of buddha, the path of formation, the path of theft, and the path of forging have all failed to advance, right?"

Qin Mu was full of admiration, and he praised, "Grandpa Butcher's discerning eyes are unmatched. You could see my predicament with a single glance!"

Butcher pretended to hit him, but Qin Mu immediately said, "However, I have comprehended twenty-six heavens on my divine art!"

"You comprehended it from the Dao of Connate, right?"

Butcher resisted the urge to beat him up and said, "The path of the precelestial has countless elites working on it from ancient times until now. The ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens and the Dao Sect are all diligently researching the path of the precelestial and analyzing the Great Dao of the ancient gods. As long as you learn it, you can use it. Once you master it, you can enter the path. Even in the ancestral court, you can comprehend many divine arts, paths, and skills. However, why haven't you comprehended a deeper level of the path of the knife, sword, and painting?"

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and said, "Because the knife path and sword path are all Postcelestial. They need to create something out of nothing. They need to comprehend and sort it out by themselves."

"This is the reason why even if you comprehend the Great Dao of the ancient gods, you won't be able to improve your painting of swords."

Butcher said, "Mu'er, you have left the secular world for too long. The path of the Postcelestial comes from the secular world. Ever since you went to the celestial heavens, you have faced the majestic gods in the imperial court. Under the imperial court, you have faced the gods of the heavens, and the ten Celestial Venerables are scheming against you. In the secular world, you could comprehend the third Firmament of your Sword Dao in a few short years, but when you reached the celestial heavens, you couldn't advance any further. Mu'er, you are already very far from the path of the Postcelestial. I'm not sure if you can still maintain the original intention of that youth from Great Ruins."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows. "My Dao heart is stable, so I can't forget my original heart."


Butcher pulled out his knife and planned to throw it to him, but he stopped himself after thinking about it. He broke off a piece of iron that was three feet long and stuffed it into his hands. "Seal all of your cultivation, celestial palaces, and divine treasures. Seal them all and transform back into a mortal. I'll bring you to meet your original heart."

"There's no need for so much trouble."

Qin Mu gave a low shout and closed his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, sealing it along with his primordial spirit.

Butcher took a glance at him and said, "You still have a corporeal body that hasn't been sealed."

Qin Mu's ten fingers moved up and down, tapping on all parts of his corporeal body and sealing all of his body's hundred orifices. He instantly felt his corporeal body becoming heavy, and there was no vital qi in his body at all.

Butcher leaped out of the pleasure boat and said solemnly, "Bring your knife and follow me."

Qin Mu leaped out of the pleasure boat and sank to the bottom of the river with a thump. After a moment, he floated up from the river surface and sprinted away. He finally found the feeling of walking on the waves on Surging River back then.

Not long later, they came to the riverbank. Qin Mu was about to execute his vital qi to drain the river water from his body when he remembered that he didn't have any vital qi to use.

Butcher moved forward unhurriedly, and Qin Mu was close enough to catch up to him. Gradually, he felt the flow of the wind, and his body became lighter. Suddenly, he leaped into the sky and stepped on the tip of the wind.

Butcher came to a small city, and Qin Mu looked around. This should be a new city in River Tomb, and there was no such city in his memory.

In recent years, Eternal Peace was changing day by day, and new cities appeared everywhere. If Qin Mu didn't return to Eternal Peace Capital City in three to five years, he would also get lost.

"Mu'er, there's a tyrant in this city, go and kill him with your knife," Butcher suddenly said.

Qin Mu frowned slightly and said, "Grandpa Butcher, the country has its laws. Since you are a tyrant, let the authorities investigate. As Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, how can I kill people without permission?"

Butcher raised his eyebrows and looked at him with disdain. He sneered and said, "Your original heart has changed. Back then in Border Dragon City, that Qin Mu who raised his knife in anger and cut Fu Yueting away with a knife, where did he go? The laws of the country, the laws of the country, if the laws of the country are truly omnipotent, then what bullies are there?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "This is the bravery of a man. There are no laws in Great Ruins, therefore, we can get rid of them with knives. However, Eternal Peace has laws…"

"The Knife Dao is the courage of a man!"

Butcher shouted angrily, "If we meet injustice, we shall settle it with a single knife! Last year, River Tomb wanted to build a new city, and there was a tyrant who had eyes that could see through the sky and took over the land. This place was originally a village with a population of 124 people. The tyrant forcefully bought the land and forced the villagers to move. If anyone disobeyed, six people would die and 49 people would be injured. You said the law of the country, and the villagers here went to River Tomb to sue the officials. That tyrant sat in the yamen and slammed the table to ask who had sued this official! Where is the law of the country? The villagers who sued him were also executed. Where is the law of the country? Your law of the country can't take care of this place!"

Qin Mu frowned and asked, "River Tomb Official, why do you allow bullies to cause trouble?"

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you are too close to the sky and too far from the ground. You have already lost your original intention!"

Butcher sneered and said, "Your blood has turned cold, and your knife has become blunt. You are standing too high, and you can no longer see the darkness and filth in the dark corners of the mortal world. Your temple is high, and you are in a strategically advantageous position. You control the general trend of the world, but you can't see the rise and fall of the common people. If you were the Qin Mu of the past, what would you do?"

Qin Mu shook the three foot iron blade in his hand and walked into the city. His qi and blood surged up as he said solemnly, "I can still awaken my hot blood. Who is this tyrant?"

Butcher walked behind him, "Son of Wei Yong, Wei Qinghe."

Qin Mu stopped and turned his head to look.

Butcher sneered and said, "What's wrong, Celestial Venerable Mu? Did the son of Wei Yong make you stop? Your knife is already rusty and you are no different from the ten Celestial Venerables. You float in the sky all year round and don't come into contact with earth qi or the mortal world. You are dull. You are no longer worthy to use your knife. Scram, return to your celestial heavens and be your Celestial Venerable!"

Qin Mu's blood boiled, and his killing intent soared into the sky. With a three foot iron blade in hand, he walked towards the bustling city in large strides.

"Which one is Wei Qinghe?" He stopped a person and asked.

"You don't even know Wei Qinghe?"

That person said with a smile, "That's the famous Celestial Venerable Wei of River Tomb New City, Great Grandpa Wei! Go forward, the red-robed youth who is listening to Qu'er's song on the Canary Platform."

Qin Mu walked forward, and his ears could hear the pleasant music. He saw that there were female singers making songs in the Jade Palace Qiong Pavilion. The female dancers were dancing, and the female musicians were playing silk bamboo. Qin Mu raised his head to take a look, and on the high platform, there was a man wearing a big red robe. He was embracing people on his left and right, and there were numerous divine arts practitioners playing around with him. Their laughter shook the sky.

Qin Mu walked forward and went up the stairs. There were divine arts practitioners stopping him from going up the stairs. He said, "Great Grandpa is listening to music upstairs and has already wrapped up the Sparrow Seizing Platform. Please return."

Qin Mu leaned forward, and the muscles on his shoulder twitched. With a loud rumble, the divine arts practitioner flew backward and created a huge hole in the arena.

A shout came from upstairs, and numerous divine arts practitioners popped their heads down. Qin Mu flicked his fingers repeatedly, and the divine arts practitioners were sent flying up by his finger wind, smashing through the building.

Qin Mu took a step up the stairs, and he suddenly heard the sound of a sword. He casually tapped on the metal plate, and the flying sword of that divine arts practitioner was incomparably sharp. The one in his hand was merely a metal plate made from ordinary iron, but when he tapped on it, the flying sword instantly exploded, but the metal plate remained unscathed.

He didn't use any cultivation and only used the simplest technique.

Technique, Dharma, Dao.

These three were the steps for divine arts practitioners to learn and improve. They had to first learn, learn sword skills, dao techniques, knife skills, formation skills, medical skills, and finally learn the ultimate techniques, sword skills, Dao skills, knife skills, formation skills, and medical skills.

Only by mastering the technique could one comprehend the Dao.

Dao couldn't be learned, only comprehended.

Qin Mu had used the simplest knife skill that Disabled Elderly Village had taught him, but what the other party had executed was an exquisite sword skill. It was a classic sword skill passed down from Eternal Peace, and there were even shadows of a few sword skills that Jiang Baigui and Qin Mu had founded.

However, Qin Mu had already reached a stage where he couldn't perform any tricks. Even though it was the simplest knife skill, it was incomparably simple to break the opponent's intricate sword skill.

He went up to the top of the tower, and dozens of sword lights assaulted him. The men that were with Wei Qinghe all rose up and scolded him endlessly. They rode their swords and attacked him, using the most exquisite sword skills of Eternal Peace.

Back then, these sword skills were rare in the world and could even be said to be cult master level sword skills. Yet now, everyone could learn them.

Qin Mu held the metal piece in his hand and gently flicked it slowly. Sounds of explosions rang out as he continued to walk forward without stopping. In front and behind him were flying swords that had exploded.

Suddenly, a beam of divine light came attacking. The red-robed Wei Qinghe suddenly executed a divine sword and pointed it at Qin Mu's face!

Qin Mu raised the metal piece and slashed it against the wind. Ding, a crisp sound rang out.

Wei Qinghe revealed a look of delight and jumped up to shout, "You lowly peasant, how dare you try to assassinate me! You don't even know who my father is! My father dotes on me and has long given me a divine sword to protect myself…"

The iron piece in Qin Mu's hand didn't have a single crack, but dense cracks suddenly appeared on the divine sword. It then exploded with a bang and shattered on the ground!

Wei Qinghe was astonished. Qin Mu walked forward and asked, "The son of Wei Yong, Wei Qinghe?"

Wei Qinghe hurriedly said, "Brother, you're still young, don't mess around…"

The iron piece in Qin Mu's hand burst forth with a dazzling knife light. He raised his hand, and the knife fell. A trail of blood appeared from Wei Qinghe's left shoulder to his right ribs, and his upper body slid down diagonally.

There was an uproar on the stage, and the singers, dancers, and musicians all fled in all directions. Wei Qinghe's followers rose into the air one after another and screeched, "Quickly report to Great Master Wei that Young Master has been killed!"

Qin Mu shook off the bloodstains on the iron sheet and sat down boldly. He poured himself a cup of wine and waited quietly.

Butcher revealed an expression of admiration and said, "You are back again. I feel that the youth Qin Mu who had walked out of Disabled Elderly Village in Great Ruins is back again! Mu'er, aren't you leaving? That Wei Yong was a good friend of yours when you were young and you guys have a deep friendship. Aren't you afraid of meeting him if you kill his son?"

"Killing Wei Qinghe is useless!"

Qin Mu was expressionless and said, "I shall treat Wei Yong to a drink and appraise my knife of law."

Butcher turned his head, "Troublesome."

He also sat down and poured himself a cup of wine to drink. Later on, he found it too troublesome to drink with a wine cup, so he simply threw away the lid of the wine pot and drank to his heart's content.

In River Tomb City in the distance, divine light flashed, and divine might overflowed into the sky as they sped over.

A fat god descended from the sky and landed on the arena, shaking the entire building. The fat god looked awe-inspiring as he shouted, "Who killed my beloved son?"

Right at this moment, another three to five rays of divine light descended from the sky and revealed the figures of a few gods. They took a step forward and shouted, "Where did this vermin come from, to dare to commit murder?"

"There's no need to interrogate him for killing an imperial court official. Just execute him on the spot!"

The fat god looked at the youth sitting behind his son's corpse and couldn't help trembling. The fat on his face also started to tremble.

Just as those gods were about to go forward, Wei Yong suddenly stretched out his arms and blocked those people. Those people were puzzled and thought he wanted to personally take revenge for his son, so they retreated to the side.

Wei Yong walked forward and opened his mouth to say, "Brother Qin…"

"Brother Wei, just call me Imperial Preceptor."

Qin Mu raised his hand and said indifferently, "I killed your son. You and I have been friends for many years. When I walked out of Great Ruins back then, the first friend I made was you. You and I took a ship to cross the Golden River and went to the capital city to take the examinations for honorifics. On the way, we met the rebellion of Dragon Rider Sect and a few fights. It could be said to be a life-and-death friendship. I killed your son and felt very guilty, so I poured a cup of wine to wait for you to apologize."

Wei Yong cried out, "Just teach him a lesson, why did you kill him? I won't drink your wine!"

"It's up to you to drink or not."

Qin Mu stood up and said solemnly, "There are too many injustices in this world. I can act like an ordinary man and use my knife to walk. I can take your son's head and let his blood splatter five steps. I'm Imperial Preceptor and have this ability. However, the common people can only allow your son to bully and cheat them, allowing me to comprehend the bravery of an ordinary man. An ordinary man's knife can only be used for a short period of time. It can't rule the world and can't rule the world. That's why I have comprehended a knife of law, please guide me, Brother Wei!"

The iron sheet in his hand came together, and the knife light filled the entire building. The law was strict, and the country's laws and Dao were like the Xuandu Heavenly outline in Heaven Duke's hand. It was like the Youdu chains in Earth Count's hand, and it could suck the souls of people. It raised the righteousness of heaven and earth, extinguishing the evil and awe-inspiring might!

"Eternal Peace wants to establish a country with laws and regulations. With laws, we will rely on them, and we won't talk about favors!"

With just one move, Qin Mu waved his hand and threw out the metal piece. He stabbed it in front of Wei Yong and walked past him, "You didn't teach your son properly and caused trouble for your neighbor. Report to the emperor yourself. Your official rank will be reduced by three grades and your salary will be fined for ten years. If such a thing happens again, I will use the knife of law to kill you. Take care."

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