Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1412 - Spreading Waves

Xu Shenghua returned the primordial liquid, and the two ancient gods of taiji were also very happy to see him. They felt as though they were bathing in the spring breeze when interacting with him. They didn't have to be like when they were with Heavenly Lady Yan, always thinking of ways to guard against sneak attacks, and they didn't have to be as nervous as when they were with Qin Mu.

People were different.

"Little Dao friend has an extraordinary bearing and is as humble as a valley. You will definitely have extraordinary achievements in the future."

The female ancient god said apologetically, "We should have given little Dao friend a greeting gift, but we have just been born, so we don't have anything."

Xu Shenghua said, "Since I'm your Dao friend, why is there a need for gifts?"

The two ancient gods of taiji praised in unison, "That's great!"

Xu Shenghua asked them for advice and said, "Dao brothers, now that you have come into being, you are both ancient gods of taiji and are separated from each other. How should we address you?"

"Our names don't matter."

The male ancient god said, "If the strong has a name, I will be the Great Yang, and she will be the Great Yin. However, I'm not the sun. There's yin in my yang, and she's not the great yin. There's yang in her yin. Our path of seeking Dao is to combine yin and yang into one, which is Taiji."

The sun and the moon had similar names among the ancient gods. For example, the Great Sun Sovereign was also known as the Great Sun Sovereign who controlled the sacred flames of the sun. There were also the ancient gods of the moon called the Great Moon Sovereign who controlled the divine water of the moon.

However, the feeling that the ancient god of taiji gave Xu Shenghua was indeed different from the two ancient gods.

There was yin in the yang, and there was yang in the yin, which contained extremely deep truths. Yin and yang merged into one, yet it was also profound and mysterious.

Xu Shenghua had comprehended something and asked them for advice. The two ancient gods, Great Yin and Great Yang, told him everything they knew, which allowed him to reap great benefits. Xu Shenghua also frequently asked people questions that they didn't understand in the mine, which allowed the two ancient gods to benefit greatly.

More than ten days later, Wei Suifeng came to find Xu Shenghua under the orders of Celestial Venerable Mu, seeking an audience with Heavenly Lady Yan. Heavenly Lady Yan avoided him and ordered Hong Su to receive her. "Wei Suifeng is my benefactor, I can't neglect him, but I can't condone him either. After all, he's a troublemaker."

When Hong Su saw Wei Suifeng, Wei Suifeng recalled the incident of Green Deity of the Eastern Sky sinking into the river, and he was rather unhappy.

Hong Su smiled. "My husband is full of praise for Emperor of Endless Clouds."

"That's not what he said when I was sunk by him."

Wei Suifeng snorted and said indifferently, "Where's Xu Shenghua? Celestial Venerable Mu saw that he had yet to return and was worried about his safety, so he ordered me to find him."

Hong Su's abilities were not inferior to his, and seeing him being so ostentatious, she was also unhappy. "What does Goddess owe him? Why are you so indulgent towards this fellow?"

She didn't know that Wei Suifeng was the one who had investigated the attack on Celestial Empress during the Dragon Han Era. At that time, Wei Suifeng was the commander of the Feathered Forest Guards of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens, leading the army to the Ruins of End. It was precisely because Wei Suifeng was there that the rebellion of Dragon Count Country was quelled. It was also because of him that Mistress Yuanmu had plotted against Celestial Empress and failed to kill her completely.

Celestial Empress took the chance to get her primordial spirit out of the shell, and only then did she have Heavenly Lady Yan. Wei Suifeng had helped her escape from the restraints of the ancient gods.

Later on, it was also Wei Suifeng who protected Celestial Empress' corpse, and Wei Suifeng was indebted to Heavenly Lady Yan for saving her true body.

However, when Wei Suifeng was the Emperor of Endless Clouds, his identity was exposed and he was suppressed in the heavenly prison. Heavenly Lady Yan didn't save him, so she felt that she didn't owe anyone anything. She only owed him a lot, so she didn't want to see him.

Hong Su came to find Xu Shenghua, and the ancient god of taiji said to Xu Shenghua, "We will stay here permanently, so Dao friend can come often."

Xu Shenghua acknowledged and said, "I've listened to both of your teachings and have comprehended some things. I feel that both of your paths of taiji can transform into the ten thousand paths of heaven and earth. However, both of you can't achieve perfection in your Dao hearts, so you have to be born early and enter the world to train. The path that both of you are walking is the same as the path that the lifeforms after the beginning walk. It's the path of reverse formation."

The ancient god of the Great Yin couldn't help but ask, "What is reversing the path to achieve the path?"

Xu Shenghua said, "Taiji transforms into ten thousand paths, and from ten thousand paths, one can also reverse engineer the path of Taiji. Taiji achieving the path is difficult, so when one enters the world and comprehends the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth in the secular world, one can reverse the path of Taiji. This is called reversing the path to achieve the path of the Dao. I have two Dao friends, one is walking in the opposite direction, and the other is walking in the opposite direction. Thus, when I see the two of you, I subconsciously think of them and feel that this is the path of both of you achieving the Dao."

The two ancient gods were enlightened.

Xu Shenghua continued, "If the two of you seek the Great Dao of the ancient gods, you can head to Eternal Peace. Eternal Peace has Dao Master Lin Xuan, who is proficient in macroscopic algebra and microscopic algebra. He can analyze all the precelestial Dao in the world, and his achievements are unmatched. If you want to comprehend the Postcelestial Dao, you should head to Eternal Peace. The Postcelestial Dao has a huge development in Eternal Peace. If you want to comprehend the Dao Realm, you should go and meet Founding Emperor Qin Ye. His Dao Realm is incomparable."

The ancient god of taiji gave his thanks and said, "In that case, let's go to Eternal Peace first. If Dao Friend Xu returns to Eternal Peace, we can catch up."

Xu Shenghua was about to leave when the ancient god of the sun suddenly said, "Dao Friend Xu just said you have two Dao friends. One is walking in the opposite direction, may I ask what is wrong with these two?"

Xu Shenghua stopped and said, "One is Lan Yutian, a youth, and the other two are familiar. They are Qin Mu and Celestial Venerable Mu."

The two ancient gods looked at each other.

Xu Shenghua left, and the two ancient gods caught up to him again. They asked, "May I ask how strong Lan Yutian is?"

Xu Shenghua stopped and said, "After attaining the Dao Body, his Dao nature is unparalleled. He uses the dry earth of the universe as the mine, the Great Dao Divine Stones of heaven and earth, the Dao heart as the Origin Stone, and his footsteps as the mountain range of the mine. With the Great Dao as the stairs, he measures heaven and earth, rising up step by step to reach the foundation of the Great Dao."

The two ancient gods were moved. There was actually such an existence in this world!

"What about Celestial Venerable Mu? What about him in your heart?"

Xu Shenghua thought about it and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu walks in the opposite direction, able to do what others can't and think what others don't want. Celestial Venerable Mu opens something from nothing. He uses the universe in his body as a divine treasure, opening the ancestral court, acting out the world, transforming the mining area, and achieving the Dao in reverse. His achievements aren't weaker than Lan Yutian's, and so far, he's much stronger than Lan Yutian. I'm much inferior to the two of them, and every time I face them, I feel like I'm looking up to a tall mountain."

The two ancient gods of Taiji were deep in thought.

Xu Shenghua left and followed Hong Su to find Wei Suifeng. Along the way, he saw a white cat following him. The white cat walked beside his feet with a murderous aura. He raised his head and said, "Xu Shenghua, stay away from Goddess, or else I won't let you off!"

Xu Shenghua bent down, and the white cat hesitated for a moment. It felt that he was very amiable, and it couldn't help but jump into his embrace. "You don't have to touch my head, I won't fall for your tricks!"

Xu Shenghua touched his head, and the white cat seemed to enjoy it. "Lower your hand a little… Right, there!"

Xu Shenghua said gently, "I have a family and there's no conflict with you. I don't have any improper thoughts towards Goddess, and Goddess and I are also Dao friends that can talk to each other. Little Seven can be at ease. You are loyal to Goddess and love her, so Goddess naturally knows that you share her worries, so your position will not change and will only become higher."

The white cat said sadly, "I'm just a male companion, I don't dare to have any improper thoughts."

"Everything depends on the person, right?" Xu Shenghua looked at him with a warm gaze.

The white cat suddenly snorted and jumped away from his embrace, landing on the ground. It raised its tail and walked away proudly. Suddenly, it stopped and turned its head to say, "You aren't a bad person, you aren't like that bad egg of Celestial Venerable Mu… Go back and tell Celestial Venerable Mu not to have any improper thoughts about the Empress!"

Xu Shenghua acknowledged.

Hong Su looked at him, and after a moment, she said with a smile, "Young Master Xu, how can there be such a perfect person like you in this world? It's like the void, vast and empty, yet also like the most perfect god, making people unable to feel hatred."

Xu Shenghua gave a long sigh and said, "How can the Sun Flame Void Flower not age? It's better to sit quietly and be free from worries. Senior sister, you envy me, but I'm still envious of you."

'How can the Sun Flame Void Flower be immune to aging? Is this the origin of the name Xu Shenghua?'

Hong Su savored the meaning behind it. There was no love in her eyes, only admiration.

When Wei Suifeng saw that Xu Shenghua was fine and well, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. He immediately bade farewell to Hong Su and didn't wait for Xu Shenghua to bid farewell to Heavenly Lady Yan. He immediately pulled him out and said in a low voice, "It's good that you're safe and sound! This is a dragon's pool and tiger's den. If we stay here for a moment longer, there will be more danger. Let's quickly return to Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain!"

Xu Shenghua said in astonishment, "What dragon's pool and tiger's den? The scenery here is magnificent and beautiful, just as pleasant as the other sacred grounds in the world."

Wei Suifeng was stunned and shook his head.

Among the hundred thousand black mountains, Qin Mu looked into the distance and saw a fourth pillar of light soaring into the sky of the ancestral court, looking extraordinarily magnificent.

"After the celestial heavens builds eleven great spirit energy bridges, they will move the celestial heavens to the ancestral court."

He pondered silently. When the celestial heavens migrated to the ancestral court, the celestial river would follow the celestial heavens and change its course. At that time, the celestial river would probably pour into the ancestral court's Great Swamp, allowing it to regain its vitality.

The Great Pool of the Ancestral Court was the territory of Celestial Venerable Hong. It was screened in Xuandu, and the starry sky of Xuandu was reflected in the Great Pool. It was like another Xuandu was hidden in the Great Pool.

"After the celestial heavens migrate, the celestial river should return to its original position and reach the peak of Xuandu. At that time, it will be the time for the celestial heavens to lay their hands on Xuandu Heaven Duke."

He looked up at the sky and looked into the distance. The Xuandu beyond the sky was dark and indistinct.

"Within three years, the celestial heavens will definitely migrate to the ancestral court. This means that Heaven Duke still has three years to live."

Qin Mu retracted his gaze and only let out a sigh of relief when he saw Xu Shenghua and Wei Suifeng's figures in the distance.

'I have to reach the God Execution Stage of the Jade Pool within three years! Only by experiencing the baptism of the God Execution Stage of the Jade Pool can I improve further!'

Heavenly Lady Qiang's territory appeared in his eyes, and the terrifying power of the God Execution Stage made him shudder.

That God Execution Stage was also incomparably dangerous to him. His life was in danger!

But no matter what, he had to go!

Even though Heaven Duke often acted on his own, even though Heaven Duke never asked for his opinion, even though Heaven Duke was the one seeking death, he still had to do something for Heaven Duke!

Even if it meant risking his life!

In these three years, his corporeal body and primordial spirit had to be strong enough to step onto the God Execution Stage and understand all the marvels of the God Execution Stage!

He had to climb up this all-conquering ominous ground and grasp the reason within. He had to have the ability to find a chance of survival for Heaven Duke!

Xu Shenghua walked over, and Qin Mu revealed a smile as he went to welcome him. Everyone discussed the Dao and talked cheerfully, exchanging paths, skills, and divine arts.

Qin Mu then led numerous scholars of Eternal Peace to Dutian Devil King's place to build a god city. He even went to the farmland to cultivate the land and guide the flow of water to work with the people.

When the fifth Great Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge of the celestial heavens was completed and everyone was looking up at the gorgeous pillar of light in the sky, Qin Mu quietly left.

He returned to Eternal Peace to meet Butcher.

Butcher was currently playing around with the famous scholars of Eternal Peace. They rode on pleasure boats and wandered on the golden rivers of River Tomb, beating drums and singing songs. They drank wine and indulged in debauchery.

On the pleasure boat, there were also some women from Flowery Willow Alley, some with heavy makeup, some with thin cosmetics, some singing and dancing, some with zither notes, some with pipa and bamboo, mixed with the drums of the drums, making it very noisy.

"Grandpa Butcher, I want to face the fiercest divine knife in history."

Qin Mu landed on the pleasure boat and said, "The place where baleful qi gathers in the world, the place where the ominous qi of the ancestral court is at its strongest, condensing into two baleful divine knives that can slay strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne."

Butcher took a glance at him and put down his gavel. Beside him, a woman brought over a shirt to cover him.

Butcher was bare-chested and was currently donning his clothes. Hence, he stretched out his hand to gather them before taking a glance at him. "The divine knife of the number one ominous being in the world? The fiercest thing in the world isn't the divine knife formed by heaven and earth, it's the human heart. How's your knife skill these years?"

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