Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1637: Duel? Destruction? Bring them back?

Walpurgis Royal Academy, main entrance...

Bronson looked into the distance with his hands on the windowsill. He said nothing.

Meanwhile, Frey and Loki watched with pale faces and nonchalance respectively.

Bronson still looked a bit gray, perhaps that is because they saw him lose to Wu Yan.

Frey and Loki knew better than to speak out of turn.

Bronson, their foster father, is very angry.

He is someone who almost became Satan, the founder of a famous Workshop. But, he got schooled by a kid in the Academy.

Plus, he was threatened and was forced to bow down.

He looked like a gentleman but the two knew their father better than anyone else.

He was a cruel man beneath that gentle façade.

He lied to Frey about keeping the Garm series. He wanted her to fight a pointless fight.

What he did to the siblings was proof enough.

Bronson did more cruel things.

He was never one to be on the receiving end of abuse.

Getting put in his place by Wu Yan is his first biggest humiliation.

Frey and Loki are just as pissed as Bronson.

Frey is mad that Bronson lied to her about keeping the Garm series.

Alas, she would never express it.

Going against Bronson would be bad for her. It would be almost on the same level as getting abandoned like the Garm series.

If she found out sooner, she would have disobeyed Bronson sooner.

Bronson promised to give the Garm series to Wu Yan so it's all good on her end.

She is just going to keep this anger stored away.

Loki also clenched his fists while wrestling his own thoughts.

Bronson finally spoke up when the sun is going down.


Frey twitched before stepping up.

Bronson didn't glance at her.

"Did you betray me?"

Bronson was asking who told Wu Yan about the Banned Doll.

Banned dolls can generate their own mana, reducing the mana burden on the user.

If no one told Wu Yan about the dog, even an expert couldn't easily tell from a single glance at the modified banned doll husky.

But, Wu Yan is so sure.

That sounds like someone blabbed to him, most likely Frey.

But, this almost made Frey lose control.

Talking about betrayals?

Bronson lied to Frey first.

Bronson didn't feel a shred of remorse for what he did to Frey.

What a shameless individual...

Frey bit down on her lips.


The Garm series wasn't leaked to Wu Yan by her. Wu Yan got that information out from her through clever poking.

Frey didn't know what gave it away but she was sure Wu Yan read her mind.

She never told Wu Yan about her plight.

She didn't know if Bronson believed her. He just nodded.

"Well, since you said it, I will take your word for it."

Bronson turned around.

"Did you get information about that brat's Automaton?"

Frey tensed up again.

He is asking her for favors after being found out.

This is her father's cruel and uncaring side.


Frey felt something dark streaking across her vision.

Bronson slapped Frey.


He smacked her across her temple.

At least, that was his plan.

Someone took it for her.

Loki took the slap for Frey.


Frey was puzzled.

Bronson turned frosty.

"My son, is this disobedience I see?"


Loki ignored his swelling cheeks.

Unfazed, he looked into Bronson's eyes.

"I will duel Scarlet Eyes."

Frey gasped slightly whereas Bronson sized Loki up.

"You want to duel him to find out about the automata?"


Loki declared.

"I want to destroy his automata and bring their circuits back."


Frey yelled out loud.

Bronson grinned.

"Good, I leave it to you."


Loki left while blood streamed down the side of his lips.

He bit down on his lips too hard.

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