Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1636: An advice and a big surprise

Frey's pale expression turned rosy with delight.

Charlotte and Loki knew that this wasn't the end, Bronson would never take it like this.

It isn't over.

Bronson continued.

"Divine Works can hand over the entire Garm Series. But, you must give me one of your dolls as the price."


A gigantic mana wave exploded outward.

Bronson, Charlotte, Frey, and Loki couldn't resist the sudden surge. Their clothes fluttered while they staggered back a few steps.

They were all too busy blocking the mana surge.

"H-How is this possible?"

Bronson managed to squeeze out his disbelief.

"Can humans reach this level of mana greatness?"


Loki looked like he was chewing on a bitter bug.

"He's that powerful..."

"Who is this man?"

Bronson couldn't hide his shock.

"Is he a student? I've never seen a Satan with this much mana! Is it related to his bloodline heritage?"

Nobody could answer Bronson's queries.

A chilling scoff came from Wu Yan.

"You want me to give up my people?"

Wu Yan's body lit up in magical lights. His mana was boiling.

At the center of the mana storm, Bronson saw a monster staring back at him between the tendrils of mana whipping the ground around him.

"You think all life should be trampled upon as you patronize them from above?"


Bronson struggled to defy Wu Yan.

If Wu Yan was hostile before, he was now using a commanding tone with Bronson. He's not hiding the fact that he thinks Bronson is beneath him.

"I am not negotiating with you."

Wu Yan stored some of his mana away.

"I am threatening you."

"Threatening me?"

Bronson's eyes widened.

"Don't you understand?"

Wu Yan explained.

"Rabi is in the school, I can get him checked out or get the faculty to examine him, after that, who do you think is going to hunt Divine Works down for the Banned Doll?"

"You want to blow the whistle on me?"

Bronson wanted to keep his cool but against that overwhelming mana force, he was struggling just to keep an elegant smile on.

"You think Divine Works don't have the backing of authorities? You think they would punish me?"

"You think you're so clever just because you bought a few officers? Think, man, think..."

"You think you can buy all the enforcers and executors of the Mage Association?"


Bronson turned grim.

"You think you're smarter than the old dogs in the Association? You think they don't know about the crap you did?"

Wu Yan pitied the ignorance Bronson showed him.

"You think there isn't anyone in here planted by the Association? Do you want to meet her?"

Bronson got the gist of Wu Yan's threat.

He isn't going to the cops, he had someone who knew the Association well, once he is reported, the Mage Association will be chasing him down.

With Association staff sniffing around his Divine Works, they will bust him sooner or later.

Researching the forbidden and making Banned Dolls is enough to put him away forever.

Plus, Bronson's crimes aren't limited to those two counts alone.

Bronson showed hesitation.

The mage association is one that doesn't meddle in country affairs. However, it reserved jurisdiction over all things related to forbidden knowledge and the governance of Mages.

If Divine Works killed an official, the association would probably just report it to the cops and let them handle it.

However, when Divine Works touches the Banned Doll creation and forbidden knowledge, the Divine Works will be targeted by the Association and hunted down.

The Association is the biggest threat to Bronson than cops.

Bronson was sure this wasn't a bluff he should call.

Indeed, there was nothing to discuss or negotiate. He had to do it or risk losing everything.

Bronson turned silent.

The mana storm also stopped when Bronson fell into silence. Loki, Frey, and Charlotte eyed Wu Yan.

"I understand."

Bronson replied.

"This is a gentleman's agreement, don't say anything to anyone."

Frey couldn't hold back her joy.

Wu Yan expected such an answer. He also warned Bronson.

"Here's another piece of advice, stay away from things you shouldn't do."

"That's enough, sir."

Bronson growled.

"Are you going to use this against me for the rest of my life?"

"No, keep your end of the bargain and I won't mention this ever again."

Wu Yan turned around.

"But, do something stupid, and let's just say I have a big surprise in store for you."

Wu Yan left Bronson after that.

Charlotte tagged behind him while Loki and Frey stayed behind with the defeated Bronson.

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