Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1633: Retaliation, another type of duel


The metal hit mist, it should have been like a hot knife through butter but the magic mist showed the knives whos boss.

The dark magic mist exploded outward when it was hit by the magic daggers.

Loki locked his brows in a frown when he felt something.

That was the sense of his daggers being blown away along with the jet of hot air, Wu Yan's magic power shoved him back.

To add insult to knife injury, the daggers were petrified in space by an unseen force.


Loki waved his hand.


"I am ready!"

Cherubim got between the knives and Loki

Swish swish swish

He shot Loki's daggers back at him with psychokinesis.

Clang clang clang

The daggers couldn't pierce Cherubim's steel body.

Loki would have been turned into a pin cushion if he hadn't told Cherubim to block.


Loki growled while trying to peer past the faint dark mist surrounding him.

"What's that dark mist around you?!"

"A minor trick I picked up in another place."

Wu Yan sneered as he dispelled some of the dark mist blurring his expression.

"But, it's enough for someone your level."

He's bluffing.

This magic skill is something that can parry blades, deflect spells, and provide magic defense to the user. Only certain Sabers and Archers can use this high-level magic skill.

To emulate this, he trained hard under Natsuki and brute force his way to this level with his nigh-infinite magic power.

With it, most magic and spells are useless against him, provided he doesn't run out of mana.

He used this to block the daggers' Jet Spell, dispelling it with sheer magic power override before controlling them with psychokinesis.

Loki saw through this part.

"It looks like an anti-magic shield. I just have to use non-magic attacks..."

Loki continued.

"Let's see how tough you are when I don't use magic enhancements.

Cherubim stomped forward with a giant blade at the ready.


The ground shattered as Cherubim leaped into the air. Then, it swung its blade at Wu Yan.

At this speed, Cherubim should be able to lop Wu Yan's head without giving him time to react.

The Angel series automata are made with high consumption and high performance in mind. Half-baked Puppeteers won't be able to move the automaton. Yet, Loki can make the Cherubim do complex and fast movements, a testament to his control skills.

Wu Yan decided to show a bit of his true power.

With 99% of his arsenal sealed and his levels sealed, He can only use psychokinesis, dark magic mist, and some derived attacks that all rely on his magic power.

That pure brute force threatened to blow away the highest level of psychokinesis he could conjure.

I can't block this.

Wu Yan got into a stance. Instead of retreating, he rushed to the Cherubim.


Loki couldn't believe his eyes.

At the current rate, he would miscalculated the speed and force to strike Wu Yan.

Wu Yan also knew this, he smirked and sneaked around Cherubim's flank.

Wu Yan grabbed onto the hunk of metal. Redirected the force and threw it in Loki's direction.

His mortal strength can't yoink the 300kg automaton. But, the metal is in the air and he only needed to adjust the angle to catapult the machine back at Loki.


Loki saw his machine hurled his way so he quickly dove to the side.


Cherubim dug itself into the ground as it crashed into Loki's original position.

Loki did a backflip before reassessing the situation.

Frey and Charlotte also watched with stupefied looks.

They didn't know why Loki tried to pull a fast one on them nor did they know why he is attacking Wu Yan. They were also stunned by Wu Yan's usage of the superdense dark mana mist Wu Yan used to block magic attacks.

But, they saw enough to come to a conclusion.

A being close to the Marshal, the Satan favorite,, the Sword Emperor, and his automaton can't beat a weaponless puppeteer.

Wu Yan knows the cards he can play.

Dark magic mist against magic attacks to create chances to counter.

Psychokinesis to use in counters and attacks.

Eternal Arms Master to wrestle his way past physical attacks. Using parries and deflects to use the automaton's physical weight against its master.

Even so, he is severely depowered by his level 0 stats.

Wu Yan has confidence he can hold his own in a fight against Loki.

But, without solid moves to attack, he can't win.

Unless Loki uses up his magic power or he lets his guard down, only then can Wu Yan put the Puppeteer down.

Alternatively, he can use Natsuki's remote connection and get her to teleport the whole squad here and end the fight in an instant.

Yeah, he should end this.

Clap clap clap

Someone clapped amidst the tense situation.

"Even an automaton controlled by Loki himself couldn't faze the man who briefly bested Marshal."

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