Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1634:

Even without an Automaton, to push Loki to such a state, I guess this is what one should expect from the one who briefly suppressed Marshal."

Someone clapped while praising Wu Yan's skills.

Loki and Frey's expressions changed.

Loki's distorted in anxiety while Frey looked like she was terrified to hear the voice.


Charlotte looked up.

They looked up to see someone in the air.

That's right, someone stood there in the air.

It was a middle-aged gentleman who looked like he spent most of his researching various subjects.

His attire suggested he was from an affluent background.

He looked down at Wu Yan with a gentle grin.

His strong aura suggested that this was no mere human.

He was hovering in the air while covering in a magical glow.


He used psychokinesis to hold himself in the air.

To do this, the level of control and magic power is simply mind-boggling.

He probably had 10 times the magic power of average Puppeteers. No, that was a low estimate.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes before realizing the person's motives.

"I see, this is why the guards did nothing when someone attacked me."

He knew this man must have played some kind of string to make the guards turn a blind eye.

"It's nothing, I just told them the Divine Works are testing a few samples here. I also promised to make sure things won't get out of hand. The guards were happy with that arrangement."

The gentleman slowly descended to the ground.

Loki balled his palm into a fist before storing his magic power. He bowed.


"Fa-father, sir..."

Frey looked awkward and afraid.


Charlotte connected the memories in her mind.

"The founder of Divine Works..."

"Father, eh?"

Wu Yan looked at the man.


"Ah, even Crimson Eyes know of my name, what an honor..."

Bronson grinned.

"I have heard stories about your powers. You even fought my most prized disciple with just your bare hands and skills. I see, looks like you're the one who is actually the closest to Satan."

Charlotte bitterly laughed.

Loki clenched his fists while Frey sneaked a glance at Wu Yan.

Loki looked at Wu Yan like a strong rival rather than a hated foe.

"Let's stop with the pleasantries."

Wu Yan smirked, he could read the guy's mind.

"Divine Works, Bronson, the one who almost got the Satan title in the past with his Angel, now, tell me, why did you make Loki attack me?"

"A contender who almost reached the Satan throne?"

Charlotte flinched.


Bronson furrowed his brows.

"Young sir, you seem to have misunderstood me although you know too much about it. I didn't tell Loki to attack you. He did it on his own. I apologize for his rash behavior."

"I said, stop with the bullshit."

Wu Yan curled his lips.

"You diverted the security team, watched the fight like a spectator and you're telling me you had nothing to do with this? I am not a fool and I hope you're not one. Keep talking like this and I will have to talk down to you."

Charlotte, Frey, and Loki couldn't believe his brazen attitude.

Bronson is still smiling but his eyes aren't smiling anymore.

"Oh, please excuse me, I was just curious about your power."

Bronson was stopped by Wu Yan's steely and smug gaze. He put on his business face.

"Okay, that's enough. I just want to see you in action, it's too bad that I didn't see your Automata in play."

"Simply put, you just want to gauge my abilities, my automata's abilities, and research potential, yes?"

Wu Yan laughed.

"A Magic Circuit engineer through and through."

"No, no, I have as much interest in you as your dolls, that I can assure you."

Bronson nodded.

"Your ability to fight with Loki without the aid of your dolls is commendable. What I found harder to believe was the mana-based dark mist you used in the duel. Let's have a nice chat, okay?"

Frey and Loki understood Bronson's intention.

He wanted to know how to use the dark mist.

No, he wants Wu Yan to work with him, he knew he smelled treasure when he saw Wu Yan.

Ideally, he wanted to buy his Dolls. Or, pull Wu Yan into the service of Divine Works.

As a magic researcher, he was fascinated by his display of unknown techniques and potent spells. As an owner of a magic workshop, he wanted to craft superb automata.

Wu Yan is so powerful he swore Wu Yan could obtain the Satan title if he wanted to.

If he could obtain Wu Yan's service, the Satan title is as good as his. He can even research forbidden topics with that title. By unlocking more topics and forbidden knowledge, Bronson was sure he could go to the next level of his research.

Like furthering his studies on Banned Dolls.

Wu Yan is like a golden ticket to him.

Charlotte also read Bronson like a book.

She has seen this before. The researcher looked like a gentleman but turned out to be a psychopath in the end.

In other words, Bronson is similar to Felix.

A man of multiple sinister masks.

He is cruel and calculating.

Wu Yan grinned while Charlotte raised her guard.

"Oh, why don't you answer to one request first?"

"A request?"


Wu Yan looked at Bronson.

"Hand over the Garm series and every right to them to me."

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