Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1625: A special directive

Walpurgis Academy, Main entrance...

The sturdy and thick walls of the fortress-academy had reception rooms built into them.

In these rooms, the school entertained enrollments and professors.

If the students or faculty members aren't staying for long, they're aren't given lodging in the school.

One has to go through security to meet the students and faculty members.

This is like a prison, nobody meets anyone without the knowledge of the security staff.

The automata here are also strictly monitored to ensure no one gets out of this place.

A gentleman in his forties sat in a recliner with his hair slicked back.

He sipped tea while looking out at the sky.

The gentleman isn't just looking at the sky, he peered out into the academy as if he was reliving his past.

"Not a thing has changed."

The gentleman felt disgusted by the stagnation he perceived.

"No improvements, this is so horrid it makes my tea bad."

The security here didn't hear him or they would have something to say.

Knock knock

The gentleman looked at the door.

A security opened the door to lead a female student with a husky automaton into the room.

The gentleman gasped.



Frey responded.


"It's you."

The gentleman asked her.

"Why are you here?"

"Bronson, sir..."

The security replied.

"Frey wanted to see you."

"Frey? Me?"

The gentleman known as Bronson gasped again.

"This is the first time since my foster daughter personally sought me out."


Frey lowered her head.

Her foster dad is a symbol of fear for her.

"I am happy, Frey."

Bronson put down his cup of tea.

"Come, let me hear, what is it you wanted to see me for..."


Frey looked at her foster dad who was smiling before continuing.

"I need Father's permission."

Bronson silently nodded.

Frey continued after another brief moment of hesitation.

"I want t-to go out of the school for a day tomorrow."

"Out of school?"

Bronson flinched.

Bronson knew his adopted daughter well.

She wouldn't risk offending him for a mere stroll in the city.

She is someone who wouldn't eat the food in front of her out of shyness and caution when he first picked her up. She only ate when she was hungry.

She wants to go out of the school?"

This is the first time she requested something like this in her 3 years of studying here.

Moreover, students can only go out without automata.

That means she will have to make Rabbi stay behind.

A cowardly girl like her going out on her own without her husky automaton?

"The reason?"

Bronson's smile disappeared, and this caused Frey to lower her tone.

"Somon-Someone invited me on a date."

"A date?"

He has never been as surprised by his adopted daughter as he was today.

Bronson turned dark. His smile hid the dark glimmer in his eyes.


Bronson sighed.

"You should know you have neither the time nor the qualifications to date. You forgot your mission?"

Frey fidgeted while waiting for the next sentence.

"But, seeing as you took the trouble to propose something boring like this."

Bronson lost his intrigue.

"Let me hear who is this guy who invited you?"

Frey answered.

"Crimson Eyes."

Bronson paused.

"The very same Crimson Eyes who fought the Marshal known as the undefeated student to a standstill?"


Frey's confirmation earned her an amused grin from Bronson.

"Okay, I permit you."

Frey didn't think the permission would come this easily.

"Frey, here's your task."

Bronson placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I want you to find out the magic circuits and effects of the magic Crimson Eyes installed in his 5 automata!"

Frey's jaw dropped.

"You want me to spy on him?"


Bronson smiled again.

"You can do it... right?"


Hesitation was written on her face.


"I am running a business of selling circuits, surely, I would be intrigued by the magic used to suppress, the Marshal, right?"

Bronson admitted.

"Fortunately, your luscious body came in handy this time. I see why he took the bait."

Frey froze up.

Is he insinuating that she was just a decorative piece to be traded for information?

Bron took out a picture after seeing her reaction.

There are different huskies in that picture. All of them had different armor plating and patterns.

Frey stopped.

"Go finish your task."

Bronson grinned.

"If I am pleased with the information you bring home, you can reunite with your family again."

Frey's eyes had no more hesitation in those ruby windows to her soul.

"Yes, Father."

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