Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1624: Do you want to help them?

"Please tell me your real plan, sensei!"

Nagisa and Astrea pressed Wu Yan for an answer on his bed.

The two pairs of furious eyes weren't going to let this go.

"You promise you're not going to do something weird with Frey-san?!"

Nagisa had Wu Yan pushed into a corner.

"Look, I can answer this for the last time."

"Before that, however..."

Wu Yan pointed at Astrea.

"Astrea, put down that weapon!"


Astrea waved her kitchen knife (like the kind used by Tonberries). She played around with it while her jugs bounced around.

"An equipment to make honest men out of dishonest men."

"This is extortion, you're fishing for an answer with a weapon in your hand!"

Wu Yan retorted.

"Okay, who taught you this?"


Astrea puffed out her chest in pride.

"Shokuhou-nee taught me this!"


Wu Yan clenched his teeth.

"That villainous queen, I am going to screw you so hard when I get back..."

"Don't change the subject."

Nagisa is not happy with him. Astrea also raised her knife. as if to put more pressure on him. The two ladies slowly encroached on his boundary.

Their fragrance slightly dazed him.

The knife couldn't do its job, but their charms and good looks did.

Wu Yan just answered honestly.

"I am not going to do anything."

"We just met each other today. Plus, she won't say yes easily. What makes you think I would just hold her hand behind her back and shove my spear into her?"

"Okay, why won't you take us there too?"

Nagisa puffed her cheeks.

"I want to talk with Frey."

"Automata can't leave the school. They will confiscate rogue automata of students and expel errant people."

Wu Yan explained.

"With Natsuki here, you ladies can go out but if people find out then we can kiss our status goodbye. The equipment we borrowed from the engineering department will also be revoked and we have to look for another way to complete the mission."

He already started cloning the Eve's heart with the schematics and equipment he borrowed from the school.

In other words, he is steadily finishing his mission.

It is only a matter of time before he clones the 1 millionth Eve's Heart.

Banned from the school is a scenario that would dent his plans.

He wouldn't waste precious time on dating ladies.

Astrea and Nagisa knew that.

However, they're just being dishonest.

They want to go on a date with him too.

"Look, there will be another chance."

Wu Yan rubbed their heads.

"I will bring you two out next time. And, I will even throw in gifts if you listen to me this time."


Astrea's eyes lit up.

"I want cake."

"I want ice cream."

Nagisa pouted.

"Extra large with all the toppings."


Wu Yan answered.

He felt someone tugging his sleeve. He looked back to see a pair of blue eyes.

"I want a book..."

Kanon asked with a red face.

"I want some books if that's not too much trouble."

"Oh, look at that, I ran out of tea leaves..."

Natsuki added.

"Bring some tea leaves back."


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

He rubbed Kanon's head as he nodded.

Ikaros also made her presence known by being deathly silent.

"Ikaros? What do you want as a gift?"


Ikaros stood there in a daze.

"What does master want? I can help bring it to you."

"I am asking you."

Wu Yan patiently asked her again.

"What do you want?"

Ikaros carefully gave her answer again.

"What does... Master want...?"

This is her answer, what Wu Yan wants is what Ikaros wants.

A lady who lives for her man, she is so devoted it's like she's a tragic heroine.


Nagisa glomped her.

"Nagisa is charmed more and more by Ikaros-chan!"


Ikaros didn't get why Nagisa suddenly hugged her like this.

Natsuki vouched for Ikaros' other wish.

"That Frey girl, see to it that you help her."

Natsuki told Wu Yan.

"I don't know why but Ikaros cares about her deeply. I am guessing you're doing this because you care about Ikaros, right?"

Wu Yan gave her a "You-get-me"-look. He shrugged.


Her wing-like accessories twitched.


"Frey and Rabbi are in trouble."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Do you want to help them?"

Ikaros mumbled as if she was afraid Wu Yan would get mad.

"I don't want them to get hurt. Would that trouble master?"


Wu Yan raised her hand slightly.

"Your wish is my command."

Ikaros' tense expression softened.

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