Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1621: An instant fight

Cherubim: Level 66

Wu Yan took back the mana he gave Ikaros. He also gave Ikaros a slight look of disapproval.



Ikaros got out of her Uranus mode and she lowered her head like a child who was ready to be scolded.

Wu Yan wanted to chastise her.

She bust out of the cafeteria the moment Frey was manhandled by Loki.

Wu Yan gave her mana so she wouldn't smash her powerless frame against the reinforced mirrors of the cafeteria.

She also put herself between Cherubim's sword and the husky automaton.

If she wasn't given mana, she would have been seriously hurt in that duel.

He didn't understand this sudden protective urge but that didn't excuse her reckless behavior.

"Tell me first before you do something like that."

Wu Yan couldn't steel himself up enough to scold her.

"Sorry, master."

He rubbed her head before staring at Loki.

"Who is that?"

Raishin also sized up Loki.

"He looks similar to Frey."

"Of course, he is her younger brother."

Charlotte said first.

"You don't know the Sword Emperor?"

"Sword Emperor Loki?"

Raishin looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"One of the top 13 in the Night Party. A second-year student like us. The no.7 spinning flame sword."

"Looks like you're not too dumb."

Charlotte looked at Loki.

"Indeed, he's rumored to be someone who never lost a practical fight before. He is also someone people expect to go fight the Marshal, no.1 in the Walpurgis Night."

"Someone who can fight him."

Raishin turned a bit dark.

Magnus' name invoked that reaction in him.

He's not afraid of him. It's like he has a vendetta against him.

Raishin recovered his composure soon.

"Loki is no.7 while you're no.6. Why is he rumored to be on Magnus' level while you're not?"

"Gauging strength from ranks is a fool's behavior."

Charlotte smirked.

"Although we're ranked with our strengths. Those are in the end, just human judgment. We don't know the Sword Emperor's trump cards."

"If they're truly ranked properly then you won't have such a low rank."

Charlotte looked at Wu Yan.

"And, he won't just be no.4."

Raishin stayed silent.

Wu Yan and Loki continued staring at one another without saying anything.

The air took on a tense vibe.

Loki finally broke the silence.

"Can't even control your automaton? Crimson eyes?"

"Sword emperor, your eyes are not as good as your title suggests."

Wu Yan grinned.

"I gave my doll mana, can't you see that?"

He is saying he stood behind Ikaros' interference.

Ikaros took this silent affirmation in strides.

"Is this a form of resistance?"


Wu Yan chuckled in amusement.

"Resistance is something the weaker force puts up against a stronger force. Are you saying you think you're stronger than me? You think you're above me?"

"You're nothing but a kid with nothing to you except a few modest achievements."

"You think you're tough just because you beat Felix? You think I am weaker than Felix?"

"Oh, please."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Felix was just another ant I could squeeze to death anytime. You? You're just a bigger ant."

Loki started channeling magic power.

"I am a merciful man but I don't tolerate 3 types of people."

"Those who give me orders..."

"Those who resist..."


His red eyes had a piercing killing intent in them.

"People who don't mind their own businesses."

"Nope, you're not merciful."

Wu Yan also sent out a burst of magic power that dwarfed Loki's.

"But, I do appreciate the gesture of beating down those who swing their fists without minding their actions."

The two magical forces met as the air turned eerily still.

With electric flying between the two. Raishin, Yaya, Frey, Charlotte, and Sigmund also raised their guards.

Two monsters.

This is how Wu Yan probed Loki.

A duel of magic power?

10,000 Lokis wouldn't suffice.

This is the vast disparity between the magic power of a human and Wu Yan the True Ancestor.

Granted, Loki had a lot of magic power.

Charlotte didn't think she could fight a war of attrition against Loki.

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