Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1530: Kill, betting hearts

Mutual destruction.

It would end like that.

Fragarach can go back in time and kill opponents who use their trump cards. It will also negate the opponents' trump card.

Gae Bolg will pin a destiny where the opponent dies with her heart pierced.

In both cases, it creates a situation where one is bound to get pierced while the other will be hit with an instant hit to the heart too.

The two would die together.

Wu Yan isn't dumb enough to die with her, she reckons.

Yet, Wu Yan used a mysterious move to cancel her Fragarach.

She doesn't know why and so she is just bluffing, hoping he would slip up on his secret.

Bazett miscalculated.

"Dying with you?"

He closed his eyes.

"That can be arranged..."


Hinagiku, mikoto, and Rin gasped.

"What was that?"

Bazett also shot back.

"What do you mean?"

"Try me."

He brandished Gae Bolg.

Bazett thought he was bluffing but those golden eyes that were trained on her suggested he wasn't fooling around.

Anger, killing intent, malice, they were all in there.

Bazett felt like she was up against an opponent she couldn't surmount.

"I will swing my spear even if you said no."

He stared at her.

Then, he charged forward with Gae Bolg ready.


Like a crimson arrow, he shot at Bazett.

In a dark blur, he swung the Gae Bolg.

With this, Bazett's heart will be pierced.

Bazett is also forced to use her trump card.

"As you wish!"

She was angered by him.

She swung her fist as another lead orb flew near her fist. The orb sprouted a sword's blade like before.

"Fragarach, Answerer!"

The spinning ball had runes on it.

Then, it started shining brightly again. Bazett wielded the bladed lead ball like a mace.

She confronted Wu Yan who was charging at her.

In an instant, they closed their distances.

With no room for dodging or blocking, it's evident that these two are going to kill each other with all their might.


"Sword of the War God!"

"Gae Bolg!"

They unleashed their Noble Phantasms. This is a clash of two Noble Phantasms that mess with causality and destiny. The clash of a red spear and a shining ball blade. The two collided furiously.

Splash splish

Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Rin watched in horror as the two fighters crashed into one another. Then, their heads sagged down.

Wu Yan's Gae Bolg pierced through Bazett's chest and popped out her back.

The red spear dripped with even redder liquid.

Bazett held onto the ball with a shining blade. It had also pierced something as the sword had red blood around its tip and on the ground around it.

They held their breaths.

Wu Yan spat out blood first.


They tried to approach him.

"It's fine."

He weakly moaned.

"I am fine."


Bazett spat out blood as she gasped.

"My Fragarach, it pierced your heart, you didn't use the white flames, how?..."

"So, you deduced that the white flames can mitigate your destiny-warping Noble Phantasm, huh?"

He sighed after looking at his ruptured chest. Then, he smirked.

"Alas, you might have the ultimate counter Noble Phantasm but..."


He grabbed Gae Bolg.

"If you can't lose then I am what you might call someone who can't die."


Wu Yan pulled out the dreadful red spear.


Bazett groaned in pain before she fell to the floor with a dull thud. She also splashed the ground red with her blood.

Her heart had been pierced, she is gone.

He wiped away the blood from his mouth. He looked at Bazett as his golden eyes returned to a normal red.

"That's for trying to kill someone I love..."

This is the first time he killed a lady so young.

Honestly, he has no qualms about this kill.

Bazett shouldn't have touched his fuse.

He doesn't regret doing this.

He sighed before turning around. He walked to his ladies with his blood-soaked T-shirt. Bazett still lay there in a pool of her blood.

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