Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1498: An attack

The Demigod’s quest can be continued but through 3 different options:

Option 1: Find another Archer card

Option 2: Find the maker and get him to create another Archer card

Option 3: Reverse-engineer the card and make another card.

The first two options are almost impossible as they don’t know if a second card exists or where to find the creator of the cards.

The third option is their best choice for now.

He has 103,000 grimoires in his mind, he can probably do it if given enough time.

There is a fourth option. Find a cure for Kuro’s condition, extract the card, and maintain her life.

Yui started out as an AI.

Then, the System gave her a physical existence.

Although Kuro’s nature is unknown at this point. She expressed that the Archer Card is her core. But, this doesn’t mean there is no way to substitute the card with another core.

However, Wu Yan didn’t voice this option.

Kuro might not cooperate, and she might not trust him enough to undergo the procedure.

Although she is cheeky, he reckons that she is a sensitive girl inside.

Aiming for her card will make her raise her guard against him.

Wu Yan delved into the research of Class cards. He also started looking for ways to keep Kuro alive while getting the Archer card.

He also kept tabs on the possible appearance of another Archer Card or the creator.

Alas, all his plans would be in disarray soon…

Fuyuki city, Homurahara Elementary division…

After getting a visitor’s pass, he dashed for the infirmary as students pointed the way for him.

While he was analyzing the card, someone called him.

Miyu and Illya’s teacher called.

The girls were hurt.

At once, he made a beeline for the school.

He was angry and confused at the same time.

Why didn’t the teachers call the parents?

How did she know his number?

He is angry with himself.

Illya and Miyu can turn into Magical girls. But, judging by the teacher’s description, they got hurt in something other than an accident.

Someone attacked them.

Who could have done that to two superhuman little girls?


He suspected it was her.

She attacked Illya yesterday but he let it slip his mind.

He was so busy with the card that he didn’t make sure Illya was out of the words. Kuro also seemed like she would lay off the attacks.

This means she still has the motive to attack.

Maybe he can understand her existence further by intervening in this debacle.

More importantly, he needs to confirm that the girls are safe.

He arrived at the infirmary.

“Miyu, Illya…”

He barged in.

The two are laying on the beds with dusty clothes but they looked fine for the most part. At least, they were healthy enough to chat with one another.

Miyu kept Illya company. He couldn’t help but notice the bandage on Miyu’s arm.



The two immediately lit up when they saw him.

He sighed in relief.


He pressed Illya back down onto the bed.

“Are you okay?”

“I am fine.”

Illya said. Miyu also shook her head although Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

“Fine my butt, one of you is in the infirmary and another has bandages on. What happened?”

“It’s fine, Onii-san…”

Illya stretched her body.

“I just fainted from a knock to the head. Miyu got hurt the most.”

“I got nicked by an arrow. Minor wound.”

Miyu showed him her arm.

“Sapphire healed me. This bandage is just a camouflage.”

“Okay, then…”

He sighed in relief again.

“Your teacher was so panicky over the phone that I wasn’t given enough time to ask follow-up questions. I thought you guys were in serious conditions.”


“The teacher dragged us into the infirmary. She is like that, don’t mind her antics.”

“Why did she call me instead of your family?”

He asked.

“You girls told her to do so?”


Miyu nodded awkwardly.

“This matter shouldn’t concern Illya’s family. The teacher insisted on calling a family member so we told them to call Wu-Yan-nii…”

He finally understood their intentions.

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