Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1499: It's that tanned girl's fault!

"Illya's family probably shouldn't know about this."

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"But, she could have called Luvia, right? Why didn't she try to reach Miyu's family?"


Miyu stuttered.

"You're Miyu's family too, you know?"

Illya grinned.

"You said you're her brother, remember?"


He chuckled.

"Okay, why did she call me?"

Miyu hesitated.

"Miyu gave the teacher your number."


He gasped.

"But I never told Miyu my number..."

"Hmm? Then how did Miyu get your number? I mean she had it jotted down in a weird book..."

Illya said.

"I remember, it said my fav..."


Miyu shrieked in panic. She glared at Illya to shut her yap instantly.

"My fav...what?"

Wu Yan wanted to know.

"R-Right, Wu Yan-nii!"

Miyu shifted the topic.

"We saw the attacker!"

Wu Yan also shifted his attention.

"Kuro, huh?"


"The tanned Illya that split from Illya during her Heroic Phantasm summon."

He explained.

"It was her, wasn't it?"


Illya huffed.

"I don't know what's her deal, why is she attacking me?"

"Tell me more."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"What happened?"

"This morning..."

Miyu continued.

"She fired an arrow at us when we were on our way to school."

"It happened when you left."

Illya said.

"I almost got shot!"

"Yeah, I know."

"I was going to intervene but you girls handled the situation well. I also tried to tail her. I didn't think your luck would last so long, you survived another attack."


Illya sagged her shoulders.

"Miyu pushed me away or I might have ended up in the hospital instead of this infirmary."

"I got grazed by the arrow. Meanwhile, Illya fell unconscious because she crashed into a utility pole."

Miyu apologized.

"Sorry, Illya."

"Miyu did nothing wrong."

Illya shook her head.

"I would have died without you. Sorry, you got hurt because you were near me."

"It's fine, it's just a scratch wound."

Miyu shook her head.

"I saw her when I looked up, only for a second though."

"Kuro-chan, you mean?"

He pursed his lips.

"Why is she after Illya?"

"You said you met her?"

Illya grabbed her blanket.

"What happened between you two?"

"We almost fought."

He shrugged.

"But, she was hungry so we chatted over plates of food."

"You went to lunch with her?"

Illya's eyes went wide.


"She wasn't an enemy to me."

He answered.

"So, I accidentally..."


Illya pouted.

"She is planning to kill me, you know?"

"Well, we almost fought over that."

He rubbed Illya's head.

"After that, I forgot about it. It's my fault for getting distracted, sorry..."

"It's not your fault."

Illya pouted.

"It's Kuro's fault!"

Wu Yan laughed while Miyu giggled.


Miyu couldn't understand it.

"Why her?"

"I questioned her but she wouldn't answer me."

He tapped the table near him.

"We know she's out for Illya's life."


Illya gasped.

"Doesn't that put me in a dangerous situation?!"

"It's fine! Illya."

Miyu said.

"I will protect you!"

"I am afraid you two can't beat her on your own."

He rubbed Miyu's head.

"She is using the Archer card. Judging from the fight, Kuro is far more powerful than you can imagine."

"Personally, you two don't stand a chance against her."

He rubbed his temples.

"She is rational, unlike the berserk spirits we fought. She is also quite handy with the Archer card. Treat her as your strongest opponent yet."

"Strongest foe..."

Illya and Miyu exchanged a look.

"Is she too strong for you?"

"That's hard to say."

His level is capped at Level 75.

But, levels aren't everything.

Two fighters at the same level can still have a vast difference in power if one of them has a gold armament.

At level 75, Wu Yan who has Eternal Arms Mastery, 103,000 grimoires, ESP, Vassal Beasts, and Red Jade mode, another one on his level would lose without a doubt.

"I didn't use my trump cards and other restrictive techniques."

He said.

"Kuro's power is around the level described by Illya. If she has no other tricks, she will lose against me."

"Isn't that fine?"

Illya clapped her hands happily.

"If Onii-san is around, she won't be able to touch me."

"I can't stay with you forever."

He said.

"She will find the chance to sneak in through the seams."

"then, what do we do?"

Illya wanted to cry.

"You want me to wait for her to attack me?"

Wu Yan's eyes lit up.

"That's it!"


Miyu and Illya jerked back.

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