I Am The Cheat Tea Specialist of the Chivalric Order!

[NW] I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order! - Chapter 18 - Oh, a tea master?!

"And as for her, please record the change of location as well. She used to live in the town of Catres in the north of Arendale."

The priest nodded while touching the blue crystal ball as Frey explained.

Since the area touched by the priest was faintly glowing, he must be rewriting the information recorded in the crystal while listening to the conversation.

"What is the new location?"

"We will have her reside within the Knights Order."

The priest raised an eyebrow slightly, likely thinking it was unusual. However, he didn't say anything.

Perhaps he thought it was a matter to be decided by the Knights Order and chose not to interfere.

"Then let's proceed with the registration as a Slayer. Please step forward, registrant."

Knowing the flow from the game, I walked towards the priest.

"Hold this and extend your hand towards the Spirit Orb on the altar."

Placing the red crystal ball given to me by the priest in my palm, I reached out towards the Spirit Orb.

The Spirit Orb was something like a communication monitoring network created by a powerful magician who had received a strong blessing from the spirits in the past.

By registering with it, information would be transmitted to the Spirit Orbs in various churches, allowing me to work as a Slayer and prove my identity even if I moved around.

Furthermore, it served as a record of personal information, so the Church could know who went where.

I think it's amazing that population statistics can be gathered in this medieval-like world.

That's why the Church is highly respected by the country and nobles.

In addition, it is the role of the Church to use the blessings of the spirits to maintain the Spirit Orbs and perform healing and other tasks.

Registering Slayers also serves as a way to manage individuals with physical strength and magic abilities.

If a Slayer engages in misconduct and is expelled, they will no longer receive the benefits of the Spirit Orbs.

Furthermore, since the violation information is registered and can be referenced by any church, changing one's name is pointless.

That's why there is a regulatory role to ensure that Slayers do not engage in wrongdoing.

As I approached, a blue smoke-like substance floated out from the Spirit Orb and extended around my hand holding the red crystal ball.

Eventually, the red crystal ball turned blue.

And then, I remembered.

Oh, I was supposed to choose a job name here, right?

"What's your job name?"

As expected, the priest asked me that question.

I was puzzled about what job I should register as since I'm not a magician or a swordsman.

After thinking about it, I turned to Frey.

"Um, what should I do about the job name? I'm not a magician or anything like that."

If I were to call myself a magician, I might get stones thrown at me from all directions.

Frey looked troubled by the question.

"In your case, it's a special situation... Ah, I've got it. You're going to be working in the tea-making profession, right?"


If making tea and turning it into a beneficial medicine for people is possible, then that's the best choice.

"In that case, how about something like 'Tea Artisan' instead of 'Blacksmith'? Maybe 'Tea Master' or something similar?"

"Oh, I see."

It means I need to come up with a new job name.

I hurriedly listed some candidates in my head and thought of the most fitting one...

"I think 'Tea Master' suits you. Understood," the priest said as he began chanting the necessary incantations for registration.

"Huh? Wait a minute!" I exclaimed.

But it was too late to stop now.

"...I hereby register this person, Yula Seaver, as a Tea Master," the priest declared.

Oh no! I've been registered already! I stood there dumbfounded as a shadow floated out from within the blue crystal ball.

It was a butterfly.

Fluttering gracefully, numerous butterflies appeared, creating a fantastical sight. And among them, the last figure to emerge was...

"...Again?" I sighed.

It was a goblin dressed in a blue toga, twirling around among the butterflies.

What's going on? I wondered, and then the goblin, with the most cheerful smile, vanished into my palm, inside the red crystal ball.

"What's wrong?" Fréy asked from behind, sounding concerned. But I couldn't respond in my current state of shock.

While I was taken aback, the crystal in my hand bloomed like a bud, as if it had been in that state from the beginning.

For a moment, I was wary, thinking it might transform into a goblin's face-flower. However, the crystal blossomed into the shape of a camellia with multiple layers.

Phew, thank goodness. I relaxed my shoulders, feeling relieved. But then, I was taken aback once again by the priest's next words, following his statement, "You can lower your hand now."

"With this, the registration of Yula Seaver, the Tea Master, is complete. Tea Master... It's a very unique profession, isn't it?"

"Oh, well... Hahaha," I awkwardly chuckled. Of course, it's unheard of since it was just created. You wouldn't have heard of it before.

I couldn't help but turn to Fréy, thinking, "Isn't there any other way for me?" Fréy seemed a bit guilty about the fact that my profession had been decided with just one word from him and averted his gaze.

"Now that our objective is achieved, shall we leave the church for now? We also need to change the measurement stone so that you can wear it," he suggested.

Upon hearing that, I couldn't refuse.

"Yes, I understand..." I replied, but my voice lacked conviction.

Tea master.

I'll have to live with this job title for the rest of my life.

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