I Am The Cheat Tea Specialist of the Chivalric Order!

[NW] I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order! - Chapter 17 - The Game Has Begun

Eh, I can't fight! I thought, but the captain nodded.

“If you are a person with a job involved in hunting, you can register as a slayer without actually fighting. For that reason, if you register with the church's magic organization, as long as you keep working for the knight order you can also have Orve examine you. What will you do?"

"I see. If I can be registered as a slayer without actually having to fight, then I'll do it."

That's where the priority should be.

"If I refuse this, I will have to leave the Knights Castle. And if I keep insisting, the research institute will probably contact you to escort me, it's truly a difficult case."

"As a knight order, we cannot send patients to the research institute without taking all necessary precautions. But I understand if you're not comfortable with that."

When I responded, the captain said:

"Then, Frey, please take her to the town to register."

"Understood". I replied.

Frey, having bowed to the captain, took me down from the knights' castle to the castle town.

"I feel like I've seen this sequence somewhere before."
I tilted my head, and quickly realized where I had seen it.

The game has begun.

After completing the tutorial battle, players who were recruited but have not yet registered as an slayer will go to town with the knight who serves as their guide.

This time it was already past noon.

It was already past noon when Frey hurriedly took me on his horse and we rode down to the town. From the castle, he came out with me dressed as a typical town girl, wearing a brown skirt and bodice that I picked out thinking that any color that wouldn't show dirt would be fine. It was really plain.

The reason I couldn't make up my mind was partly because I heard that being a nun was quite laborious, and commoners were forced to work under noble sisters for their entire lives, often suffering harsh treatment because of their whims.

Social status really be scary.

However, such a plain woman was riding together with the knight.

The knights who had gone to sell food or had finished guard duty and returned were turning back, wondering what had happened.

In this situation, it's understandable to think that something happened.

You can only think of situations like being told to inform them of an incident and guide them.

The two of us arrived in town together, but it was unusual for us to be openly riding together, attracting people's attention. I think part of the reason for this situation is Frey's good looks. He is also a handsome man, about the same age as the captain, but with a more imposing presence.

"Is everything alright? I'm making the horse run pretty fast...,"

"I-it's okay! I won't fall even if I die!"

It's almost unfair how well I can keep my balance riding like this, unlike when I was on a dragon with the captain. Back then, I needed seat belts to keep me safe from the fear of flying through the air. But now, even if I get muscle pain from riding on the ground, I won't complain or cause any trouble.

We arrived at a roman style church . The front of the round building had gray walls and circular arched windows. We handed the horse over to a monk who was at the entrance and entered together with Frey.

I entered the cathedral, surrounded by an inner cloister, and it was quiet with hardly anyone around. The cross-arched ceiling and straight pillars were beautiful, but the simple and gray decor made it look like a real church.

There was a huge wall painting sculpture depicting spirits and stars in the back of the cathedral, with an altar and a blue, round orb floating in front of it. A priest was always on standby on the side.

Unlike the black clothes I used to see in my past life, the middle-aged priest was dressed in a blue robe with a gold-trimmed sash around his waist. He smiled at me and Frey.

"Welcome to the church. What brings the knight here today? A request for cooperation from the captain?"

"No. I want to register her as a slayer," Frey said.

"A slayer? You mean her?" The priest looked at me with surprise.

It was understandable why he was surprised. I looked too ordinary to have the sword skills to fight monsters or to be a mage.

"She uses a special magic. And she can see spirits too. The captain approves of her," Frey explained, and the priest reluctantly nodded.

"If the captain vouches for her, then she must have the blessing of the spirits as an slayer. Then, there is no reason to deny her registration as a slayer," the priest said.

"But to register, you need a measuring stone. We have used the one we had reserved today, so we need to get it. Can you please go to the town and buy one from the shop?" the priest continued.

"We have one that we keep in our storage. Please use this one instead," Frey interrupted, handing a small red crystal ball to the priest.

...As I suspected, this was the tutorial. When you try to register as a slayer in the tutorial quest, the church doesn't have a measuring stone, and you're told to go to the shops in the town that the church buys from. It's like a mini errand quest.

By doing this, you learn where the weapon shop is in town and memorize the layout of the town. But I skipped the mini-quest right away.

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