How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 36

It took over an hour to get from S City back to H City. Qiao Yanzhou’s mind was spinning around one sentence.

“When you arrive at the rail station, Gu Zixing will pick you up.”

“When you arrive at the rail station, Gu Zixing will pick you up.”

“When! You! Arrive! At! The! Rail! Station! Gu! Zu! Xing! Will! Pick! You! Up!”

Making a world champion compliantly come be a chauffeur for him. After hanging up the phone, Qiao Yanzhou felt that the fire that was extinguished in his soul long ago was now burning brightly!

Even when he got off the train to go home, he was falling forward while running, almost tripping over a brick on the road.

At the same time, he urgently told the situation to Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling. The only good thing about it was that after he finished talking, they no longer doubted whether it was true or not. In fact when Liang Dong saw Coach Chen and Gu Zixing personally come to the Starbucks to search for Qiao Yanzhou, he already predicted that this day would come, so his current appearance was still calm. But Zhao Lingling was not the same. Not only did she cry and weep for Qiao Yanzhou to give her Gu Zixing’s wechat number, but when she heard that Gu Zixing would come pick him up, she became very excited. Or maybe it was more like she was so jealous she nearly threw Qiao Yanzhou off the train.

Qiao Yanzhou felt that the only reason he was able to survive was because he was lucky the windows on the train wouldn’t open.

After taking a taxi back home, Qiao Yanzhou first went to Old Zhao’s hotpot restaurant to pick up Wotou. Just as expected, Wotou was only fed for two days at Old Zhao’s place and already felt like he put on weight. As Qiao Yanzhou carried him home, he felt that his arm was sore.

After arriving home he hurried to put his luggage away. He wasn’t in a hurry to tell his landlord that he was leaving since he still needed to deal with all the stuff in his place.

For example, his computer that accompanied him for almost 4 years.

After thinking it over, Qiao Yanzhou decided to mail his computer and some precious games back home. That way even if he didn't get selected, it just so happened that he was also thinking of going home to relax for a bit. When the time came, he wouldn’t need to hurry back and rent a place. He could stay for a few months and give his mother rent for those few months.

There was only one problem. His parents and his younger sister, Qiao Ai, liked to come into his room to call him for dinner or tidy up his room while he was streaming.

But there was nothing that could be done. In this world, there will always be times when you can’t have the best of both worlds.

He arranged with Coach Chen to go to the Org this wednesday, so Qiao Yanzhou only had tomorrow and the day after to arrange all his stuff. Fortunately he didn't have too many things, but despite that it seems like there was no hope for his stream today.

When Qiao Yanzhou took part in the GML this time, he became a little popular on his stream. But after eating and drinking merrily in S City for the past few days, his popularity had already dropped down to before the liberation.

It doesn’t matter. Just compete well at the talent competition and in a few years he could be more handsome than Gu Zixing!

And just like that, Qiao Yanzhou was full of crazy confidence everyday.


When Gu Zixing arrived at Gao Yang’s gym, he happened to be helping the cleaning aunties put things away. Looks like he was about to close.

“Why are you here so late ah?”Gao Yang came over carrying a mop. “Really want me to work overtime huh?”

“Not that, I would like your help with something.” Gu Zixing saw them mopping the floor and didn’t continue to walk inside. He leaned his body against the front counter, “You can definitely help me.”

“Me?” Gao Yang was stupefied, “The Noble Warrior Gu still has something that I can help with? You want to buy my gym?”

“How come your guess wasn’t that I wanted to buy your boyfriend.” Gu Zixing laughed, “Maybe he has more use than your gym.”

“If you want to buy it, then I have to sell it first.” Gao Yang rolled his eyes at Gu Zixing. He put his mop to the side. “Speak, what's wrong?”

“I remember last year for Valentine’s day Geng Qing bought you a set of women’s clothes?”

Gao Yang was originally looking very normal but as soon as he heard this, his face turned red and he kicked Gu Zixing once. “You stayed up all night to come to my gym and expose me?”

“I just want to ask. That set of women’s clothes, did you end up wearing it?”

“Geng Qing’s brain short circuited, did your brain also get flooded?” Gao Yang unhappily glared at Gu Zixing, then continued to speak. “Or maybe it got cemented ne?”

Gu Zixing felt that if he continued asking, Gao Yang would throw him out. Might as well say the important part.

“If you didn't wear it then sell it to me ba.” Gu Zixing smiled, “For twice the price.”

“???” Hearing this, Gao Yang was stupefied again. “Didn't you and Yao Le break up?”


“Then…” Gao Yang wanted to say something then suddenly stopped and realized in an instant. “Gu Zixing! You degenerate ah!”

Gu Zixing, “????”

“But you're taller than me. Even if I give it to you, you won’t be able to fit it.”


Sometimes Gu Zixing sincerely admired that Gao Yang’s brain circuits were the same as Qi Chen’s. Exasperated, Gu Zixing told him about the entire development, finally stopping his imagination from running wild.

“The outfit Geng Qing bought is upstairs in the office ne. I didn’t even open the packaging.” Gao Yang spoke as he led Gu Zixing upstairs, face still harboring a malicious smile. “Boss Gu is so romantic, won’t even let go of a little streamer.”

“You’ve overpraised Mama-san.”

The two people arrived at the office. Gao Yang rummaged through the cabinet by the side until he pulled out three outfits that were clearly not his regular type of clothes.

One was a bunny girl.

One was a cat girl.

One was a leather outfit with a dog collar.

“Woah.” Seeing where Gao Yang rummaged through, Gu Zixing couldn’t help but sigh. “Afraid Geng Qing wanted to be a zookeeper.”

The last one was a lolita outfit.

Within these outfits, it was the most normal one.

“I didn't even wear them once. If you like them you can take them all ne.” Gao Yang said, “Anyways, they’ve already all been taken out. If you don't take them I’ll be forced to silence you. Look how obscene these things are.”

“Eh that's right, I remember there's still a sailor uniform.” Gao Yang turned around intending to look for it and was stopped by Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing thought about it for a bit before finally selecting the lolita outfit.

But Gao Yang still forcefully gave the rest of the outfits to Gu Zixing. He zipped his lips and said, “You've seen them all and you still want to back out? Take it all, take it all!”

So in the end, Gu Zixing ended up carrying the 4 “obscene things” and a wig back to the Org. Before leaving, he forcefully slipped Gao Yang 5000 yuan (around 700 USD).

Don’t know about the other ones but the material of the lolita outfit was pretty good and it looked like it wasn’t made domestically. Although Gu Zixing didn't know how much Geng Qing spent on it, 5000 should be enough.

Then afterwards, he only needed to calmly wait for the little white rabbit to get caught in their own trap.


Qiao Yanzhou arranged at S city at 7PM. Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling both wanted to see him off, but he refused them both.

Gu Zixing’s car was already stopped at the train station and he was standing outside waiting for a long time. With one hand Qiao Yanzhou was carrying Wotou’s cat cage and with the other he lifted his luggage into the trunk. Then he got into the car and watched as Gu Zixing put his hands on the steering wheel, staring at him with a smile that wasn't exactly a smile.

“Are you looking to argue?”

Qiao Yanzhou was a bit scared by Gu Zixing’s smile and didn’t dare to say much.

They drove to EG. As he looked at the “Elegant Gaming E-Sports Organization” sign towering above, Qiao Yanzhou felt his heart boil with excitement. Last time he was here, he didn't have a chance to come take a look. This time he can look all he wants!

He took out his phone and took two pictures before he was dragged by Gu Zixing inside the building.

First he needed to go meet Coach Chen and Manager Ren. These two people had a lot of influence on the team and could not be offended. If you offended them, you were basically forfeiting your professional career.

Afterwards he met the rest of the team and the important substitutes and training partners.

It was necessary to greet everyone. Finally it was time to go to the room and organize everything. Everything was following the standard guide of a new team member. It was also necessary for Gu Zixing to accompany him from beginning to end.

“How come when I just said the number for my room, Qi Chen and them looked at me with eyes full of emotion…”

While walking towards the room, Qiao Yanzhou found an opportunity to ask Gu Zixing about this thing puzzling him.

“Don’t know.”

Gu Zixing replied to him completely seriously.

Two people, one in front and one in back, walked to the room. EG’s dormitory layout was very simple. It had a total of 3 rooms that were in a trapezoidal layout. To the very left was a bedroom, in the middle was a small living room, behind the kitchen was a balcony with good sunlight, to the left of the balcony was a bathroom, to the very right was a bedroom with the same layout as the bedroom on the left. Both rooms had doors and air conditioning and if you didn't close the doors, you could see each other’s bedrooms. In each room there was a bed, a computer desk, a wardrobe, a computer, and a small sofa. You could also move in whatever you wanted.

When he opened the door just now, Qiao Yanzhou didn't even take two steps yet when he noticed that there was a bed with covers on it in one of the bedrooms.

“I have a roommate?”




“Ah? “ Qiao Yanzhou had just opened the door to Wotou’s cage and as soon as he heard this he was so scared he even dropped the cage to the floor. “That’s your bed?”

“Otherwise you’re going to go and lay down on it?” Gu Zixing knelt down to pet Wotou who had just come out of his cage.

“F*ck, how come you didn't tell me earlier that we were roommates!” Doesn’t this count as another bout of good luck!

Qiao Yanzhou choked back the latter half of that statement.

“Then you… do you mind that I brought a cat?”

“You've already brought it, what else am I supposed to say?” Gu Zixing raised his eyebrow, “How nice, act first then report later.”

Qiao Yanzhou was forced to smile.

After putting away some stuff, Coach Chen called the both of them to go out and eat together. He said it was to welcome Qiao Yanzhou, but because Gu Zixing still had training tomorrow, they just went to get some skewers closeby.

Coach Chen wanted to drink, but because he didn't want the same tragedy to happen like last time he got drunk, when Qiao Yanzhou started to feel a bit dizzy he didn't drink anymore. The three people sat there and talked a bit and went back.

After returning to the room, Qiao Yanzhou dizzily laid on his bed, wanting to rest a bit and then sleep. But he didn’t think that Gu Zixing would suddenly come over.

Truthfully, Gu Zixing actually drank more than Qiao Yanzhou today but his state seemed to be better than Qiao Yanzhou.

“Drink comfortably?” Gu Zixing leaned against the wall near Qiao Yanzhou, smiled and lowered his head to look at him.

“En….” Qiao Yanzhou opened his eyes, his face was burning a little from the alcohol.

“Then shouldn't you return what you owe me?” Gu Zixing spoke and sat down on Qiao Yanzhou’s bed, lowering his head to look at him, “En?”

The distance between Qiao Yanzhou and Gu Zixing made Qiao Yanzhou feel a sudden burst of restlessness. Along with what he said, it made Qiao Yanzhou even more restless.

In a moment, he sat up with a face full of alarm and looked at Gu Zixing. “I owe you? What is it?”

“Not acknowledging a debt?”

“I…” Although Qiao Yanzhou sincerely felt that he didn't owe Gu Zixing anything, but looking at the bad expression in his eyes and his self confident tone, he thought that it wasn't as simple as he thought it was.

Gu Zixing smacked his lips and fished out his phone. He turned on the screen and pressed the play button.

“EG lost to WG today.”

“Yeah, I remember! They lost the second game. Why God Gu, you want to invite me out to eat!”

“You said before that if EG loses to WG you would dress as a girl. Does this count?”

“It counts!”

He hadn’t even heard 10 seconds of conversation from the recording but Qiao Yanzhou felt like he’d been there for ten minutes as he stared blankly at the phone.

Seeing Qiao Yanzhou not responding for a while, Gu Zixing stretched out his phone towards Qiao Yanzhou, “How about we listen to it again.”

“No no no no no no!” Qiao Yanzhou saw the phone extended and treated it like a ghost as he suddenly withdrew to another corner of the bed. “Gu Zixing you’re so mean!”

“You might as well, baby.” Gu Zixing narrowed his eyes. A dagger hidden in his smile, a pampering look full of poison.

“What are you doing? I just arrived and you try to play a dirty trick on me to wear women's clothes!” Qiao Yanzhou held his blanket in front of him. It was like he was a little mistress in a village who was being bullied by a hoodlum.

Gu Zixing wanted to smile, however he resisted the urge, put away his cellphone, then stroked his chin.

“It's just wearing women’s clothes. I didn’t even ask you to stream.” Gu Zixing’s tone of voice was as gentle as water.

“Where are you going to find women’s clothes in the middle of the night!”

“Look.” Gu Zixing used his chin to point towards the entrance of the door where a paper bag sat. “There will be one that fits you.”

This person is so f*cking aweful!

This was Qiao Yanzhou’s current thought.

“If you don’t want to change, then forget it.” Seeing that Qiao Yanzhou did not agree, Gu Zixing stood up and shrugged his shoulders. “Sleep early. Coach told me to take you around tomorrow.”

Seeing that Gu Zixing was about to leave, Qiao Yanzhou was feeling all sorts of things. He started thinking of all the old debts.

Gu Zixing had painstakingly sent all three of them home that night in S City, but today he also heard that Gu Zixing gave up a night of training to come pick him up at the train station. Not to mention he shifted the date early and forced Gu Zixing out of his big single dorm.

Not to mention there's an additional cat.

But, this Gu Zixing wanted him to repay his great kindness and favor by dressing as a woman…. How come it seems a bit weird.

Qiao Yanzhou lowered his head to look at Wotou who somehow got onto his lap. “Should I do it?”

Wotou languidly yawned. “Meow.”



Gu Zixing sat on the windowsill looking distracted when he suddenly heard someone knock on his door.

When the knock started, he stared blankly for a bit before realizing that it should be Qiao Yanzhou who had just moved in.

“Come in, it's not locked.”

Gu Zixing said this and turned his head around to look out the window again. However he didn't see a person open the door.

“?” Gu Zixing was puzzled on why this person knocked on his door but didn't enter. He was forced to stand up and open the door himself.

“I said you could just….”

He didn't even finish speaking because the moment he lifted his head, he was startled.

What's with the person in front of him, en…. Hard to explain in a few words.

A head full of beautiful long black hair with a wine colored knee length lolita skirt and a lacy apron on the body.

No chest, no butt, and rather tall…

“Xiao Qiao…”

“In that pile of clothes, this was the only one that was relatively normal.” Qiao Yanzhou tugged on the skirt. “It feels weird to not have trousers on underneath.”

Gu Zixing heard this, resisted for two seconds before sitting on his bed laughing.

“What are you laughing for!” Qiao Yanzhou charged into Gu Zixing’s room.

“I’m laughing because you’re wearing this outfit but there's no sense of oddness at all.” Gu Zixing laughed as he also touched Qiao Yanzhou’s wig, “Beautiful.”

Qiao Yanzhou looked at how happy Gu Zixing was, couldn't help but also want to be happy.

Actually, he also looked at himself in the mirror earlier. The first two minutes were a bit awkward. It could be because he was too tall, but the miraculous thing was that after staring for a bit, it didn’t seem that strange. Qiao Yanzhou didn't even know why.

Qiao Yanzhou’s waist was slender. Wearing this kind of outfit, although he didn't have a chest he did have a prominent figure. Additionally, his face didn't have the sharp features most men had. There was even a bit of softness to his forehead. And most of all, probably because he was wearing womens clothes, his pair of eyes turned into innocent doggy eyes. Along with that long black hair, there was not one bit of oddness!

“I regret not having Gao Yang leave that sailor uniform for me.” Gu Zixing laughed so much his stomach hurt.

“....” Qiao Yanzhou’s eyebrows twitched.

Before he came he already anticipated Gu Zixing to act like this. There was nothing you could do about it. Since Gu Zixing was shameless enough to even put a cat girl outfit in the choice pile, then tonight he would also return the shamelessness.  

“Xiao Xingxing, let me ask you.” Qiao Yanzhou blinked his eyes, “What's the purpose of putting me in womens clothes?”

Qiao Yanzhou spoke as he also shifted closer to Gu Zixing on the bed until he was right next to Gu Zixing who was leaning his head on the headboard. With both hands digging into the bed, he stared at Gu Zixing with big watery eyes.

This was the first time he and Gu Zixing had such direct eye contact. Gu Zixing’s refined face made Qiao Yanzhou forget for a moment what he was supposed to say, making his quiet heart suddenly speed up.

Qiao Yanzhou who was originally prepared, at this moment felt he was silently sinking into this whirlpool of Gu Zixing. He didn't think that Gu Zixing wouldn’t even hide from him.

“Xiao Qiao.” Gu Zixing raised his head. He didn’t even hide from Qiao Yanzhou’s excessively blatant emotional eyes.


“I can hear your heart jump.” Gu Zixing's mouth carried a smile, “Don't make things embarrassing for yourself.”


He originally wanted to catch Gu Zixing unprepared, but was seen through in one glance. Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt his face become hot.

But perhaps it was because of the alcohol he drank earlier that gave him courage, he didn’t run away blushing.

Two people awkwardly faced each other. They were so close they could almost feel each other’s breathes. The mood suddenly changed but it was unsure if it was strange or ambiguous.

Feeling that Qiao Yanzhou was leaning closer and closer, Gu Zixing opened his mouth.

“Xiao Qiao I’ll teach you an expression.”


“If you’re unable to r*pe then you will be f*cked.”


Qiao Yanzhou admitted defeat.

One, it was because the bottom line of the person before him was lower than his by a tiny bit.

The second was because if they continued to stare at each other like this, if they didn’t kiss then it would let down the spectators. As a result it was better to hurry and end it.

After Qiao Yanzhou stood up, Gu Zixing also stood up for some reason and hopped in place twice.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing much.” Gu Zixing smiled.

Qiao Yanzhou was puzzled. Curiously he lowered his head to take a look.

If you didn’t look, then it wasn’t anything serious. But the moment you look, an accident will happen.

Qiao Yanzhou unexpectedly saw something sticking up from a certain location on Gu Zixing!

Not to mention from Qiao Yanzhou’s angle, the size appeared to be pretty impressive.

Qiao Yanzhou’s brain instantly went blank like a sheet of paper, and you could probably scramble eggs on his face. So just now when he said that phrase about r*ape or be f*cked, it was a sincere phrase from him!

“You pervert, I'm a man!” Qiao Yanzhou’s face was alarmed, with one hand he grabbed his wig off, “Are you a monkey!?”

This situation could be described as “Hua Rong’s Fade”.

Used to describe a person who becomes frightened and scared. Hua Rong is a metaphor for how a women’s appearance is flower-like. So when the flower appearance fades, they become very pale and colorless. Couldn’t think of a better way to translate the phrase.

“Sorry ma,”Gu Zixing’s smile on his face became even more obvious. He used his hand to adjust his pants then obediently sat back down to let his embarrassing position be less obvious.

“Then why don't you hurry and leave so I can take care of it myself.”


JADE: Decided to just keep it as one chapter instead of splitting it into two. But anyways, GZX can be a little crass in his words but he's still a good boy. Hope you guys enjoy the chapter~

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