How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 35

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The moment Qiao Yanzhou opened his eyes the next morning, he made a silent vow that if he were to ever drink that much again, his little JJ would be short 10 centimeters.

Regarding yesterday's memories, his mind was blank. Blank to what degree? Blanked out so bad that he didn't even know how he got back to the hotel. His mind was completely muddled and fragmented. He didn’t even know who changed his clothes for him but he hoped it wasn’t Zhao Lingling or else Liang Dong would mince him up and wrap him into dumplings to eat.

His cellphone also didn't have any notifications from Liang Dong or Zhao Lingling. It looks as though the two have also not gotten up yet.


As he was thinking about putting away his cellphone to close his eyes again, he saw a strange record of a phone call.

Last night at 10:20, he took the initiative to call Gu Zixing.

Qiao Yanzhou stroked his chin as he thought about it. Using his common sense to calculate, around that time last night was when he was black out drunk. He wavered on what to do.

His mind managed to recall a very hazy memory. It seems like last night when he lost the game, Liang Dong had him call Gu Zixing. Although he didn't remember what the two talked about, it seemed like they talked for a long time.

Should he call Gu Zixing to ask….

Qiao Yanzhou had his finger hovering over Gu Zixing’s phone number as he hesitated for a moment.

Forget it.

He was a bit afraid to find out what happened. Not to mention, it wasn’t like this kind of thing hadn’t happened before.

For example, the last time he had a similar instance, it was a get together with Qiao Yanzhou’s high school classmates. It was also Liang Dong’s rotten idea to play a game and when Qiao Yanzhou lost, they had him call 114 to ask what he should do if there was an accidental pregnancy.

Qiao Yanzhou then drank so much that his hand trembled and he accidently called his parents.

As you can imagine,  Mama Qiao lectured and educated him for a full 3.5 hours that Qiao Yanzhou wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears. It was even to the extent that several hours after hanging up the phone, Qiao Yanzhou could only hear her long-winded voice. It was better than sober medication.

And this time it was even more embarrassing. He called Gu Zixing.

Although Qiao Yanzhou knew that Gu Zixing would not spend 3.5 hours lecturing him, he would probably spend 3.5 hours ridiculing him.

Forget it, don’t ask.

Qiao Yanzhou put away his phone, clearly knowing it was asking for trouble so he didn't want to do it.

Because their train was at 9PM tonight, they had plenty of time to stroll around the streets of S City.

Today was not a two day weekend, so after noon there were not that many people on the streets. When it was almost 1PM, Qiao Yanzhou woke up Liang Dong and Zhao Lingling to pack up their stuff, check out of the hotel, and take a subway to the city center of S City.

Liang Dong studied the tourist guide on his phone for a long time before deciding to go to a buffet nearby to eat and study the guide more.

Liang Dong’s state was also lost somewhere, sitting at his seat as Zhao Lingling was helping him rub his head.

“You now realize that your head hurts ba. I wanted you to drink less yesterday,” Zhao Lingling massaged as she continued to harp on, “If it were not for this old lady who managed to hold on last night, who knows where the three of us would have fallen.”

“Ai? How come I remember that we were sent home by other people last night…” Liang Dong wrinkled his eyebrows. “Weren't you the first one to fall? Brother Zhou didn't even drink much yet and you already vomited once.”

“Serious or joking?” Zhao Lingling had a defeated and flabbergasted look on her face. “Then how did we get back last night?”

Liang Dong and Qiao Yanzhou both shook their heads, unsure.

“What the hell….”

The three people looked at each other in dismay for a while. Qiao Yanzhou was the first one who couldn’t bear it anymore.

“How about you guys go get some food first ba. I’ll sit here…” Qiao Yanzhou’s face was deathly pale, with difficulty he said, “It doesn’t matter how we got back, it's good that we were able to go back and we didn’t even lose anything.”

The two across from him nodded their heads.

“Alright that’s enough.” Qiao Yanzhou’s heart was jumping.

Liang Dong gestured with his hand and pushed Zhao Lingling. “Babe, you go get some food ba. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“You guys are big grown adult men!” Zhao Lingling was convinced. Seeing the two lay there listlessly, she pointed at them for a long time without being able to say another sentence, finally stood up and left to the dining area. She was so angry she forgot to ask them what they wanted to eat.

Qiao Yanzhou sprawled on the table and was just thinking about resting for a moment when his cellphone suddenly began to vibrate.

With one hand he picked up his phone and after seeing the caller ID, Qiao Yanzhou’s face changed and he grabbed his phone and ran towards the bathroom.

Seeing Qiao Yanzhou vanish, Liang Dong leaned back in his chair and muttered, “He still has so much energy…”

Arriving at the bathroom, Qiao Yanzhou clasped his phone to mull over it for a while before finally pressing the answer button.

“Little drunken kitten, you awake now?”

“Gu… Boss Gu…” As soon as he heard Gu Zixing’s voice, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly remembered the crazy phone call he had with Gu Zixing last night. Up till now he couldn’t figure out what gossip he and Gu Zixing talked about.

“Four bottles of beer can make your tongue break, I also admire you.” Gu Zixing’s words were clearly carrying a smile to it, making Qiao Yanzhou’s face burn hot. He felt that Gu Zixing was about to mock him.

He didn’t even finish preparing his heart.

“Do you know how much energy it took to send all three of you back to your hotel last night?”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry… en??” Qiao Yanzhou sent out two apologies before finally reacting, “You sent us back!?”

“If not ne? Who gave me such bad luck that you called me.”

Don’t know why but Gu Zixing’s tone today sounded very cheerful. It seemed his mood was very good.

But the more Gu Zixing was like this, the more scared Qiao Yanzhou felt. This feeling in his stomach, Qiao Yanzhou had experienced it before.

“Boss Gu… When I called you last night, I didn't say anything weird right?”

Qiao Yanzhou finished saying this and prepared himself to hear Gu Zixing’s ridicule. But he didn’t think that Gu Zixing would be extremely calm, peaceful as a chicken.

“No ah.”

“Then what did I say?”

Gu Zixing felt that he was almost unable to suppress his laughter. He could even ask “then what did I say?”. It was obvious that his memory was super fragmented. If it fragments even more, it’ll fragment all the way back to when he was in the womb.

“Didn’t say much. I asked where you were and then went to pick you up.”


“You’re welcome.”

“I could actually remember where I was! Amazing!”

“....” Gu Zixing felt like it would have been better if he dragged him to someplace remote last night and sold him off.

“Thank you God Gu, you’re very kind.” Qiao Yanzhou finally responded and hurried to thank Gu Zixing and apologize. “Last night I lost control and had to inconvenience you.”

“No problem.”

“That's right. Did you also change my clothes…”

“If not ne?” Gu Zixing replied, “You couldn’t even stand up last night and you still want to change your own clothes?”

Gu Zixing spoke as he sat on the windowsill and leaned against the window. Sunlight streamed onto him warmly.

“You almost vomited in my car last night you know.”

“Doesn’t this mean that you’ve seen me naked?”

The conversation between them was in two different dimensions.


“F*ck, how shameful ah.”

As soon as Qiao Yanzhou thought about it, his whole face was red. He simply didn't even hear Gu Zixing talking about him almost puking.

Although his underpants probably didn't get changed, but his pants got changed. This meant that Gu Zixing, to some extent, saw it…

“You think I’m going to take advantage and r*pe you?” Gu Zixing lit a cigarette.

“Of course not.” Qiao Yanzhou hurried to deny, “In the end we’re still both men. You’re unlikely to take things too far.”

“Not necessarily true.”

Gu Zixing smiled. “If you really can’t get over this hurdle in your heart, wait for you to come to the team and I’ll let you take a look.”

Qiao Yanzhou heard this and his brain rattled like a drum. Mouth muttering, “Not watching, not watching, the bastard lays eggs.”(1)

When you don’t agree with someone and refuse to listen
More detailed description here

Although Gu Zixing is the idol Qiao Yanzhou chased after for many years, he still didn’t want to be a pervert who looked at certain parts of his idol that others haven’t seen.

“Then don’t watch,” Gu Zixing couldnt bear it and laughed. “I’m also afraid that you’ll be jealous of me.”


Hearing this, Qiao Yanzhou refused to accept.

“God Gu, although I might not be better than you in other fields, but in this field I still have a lot of confidence!”

As soon as Qiao Yanzhou said this, Gu Zixing laughed so much that he was about to roll out the window. Holding his stomach, he laughed for a long time before finally saying, “Ok ok ok. Xiao Qiao, you’re the most amazing.”


Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt that it was even more embarrassing.

“Xiao Qiao.”


Don’t know why but Gu Zixing’s tone suddenly became serious. It made Qiao Yanzhou jump in fright since he was obviously trembling with laughter a second ago.

“Think carefully about what Coach Chen said to you yesterday. It's best to give him a response in the next two days.” Gu Zixing spoke as he rummaged through his phone. Seeing the file that he recorded yesterday made him pause for a moment, mouth couldn't help but evoke another smirk.

“Competition will start early in the month, you should seize the moment.”

“I know.”

There was no need for Gu Zixing to say it, Qiao Yanzhou already had an answer in his heart. He just didn’t think that Gu Zixing would also think about this.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Zixing turned his head around to look at the other empty bed in the room.

At dawn today, Coach Chen found two people to come help clean up this empty bed in Gu Zixing’s room. Besides that, he also specially arranged a shelf and wardrobe next to it. You didn’t need to tell Gu Zixing who this was arranged for. He leaned on his arms at his desk as he watched them clean up the room. Although he looked calm and collected, he was actually feeling all sorts of emotions inside.

You could tell that Coach Chen was very pleased with Qiao Yanzhou. There were still many days before the talent selection competition but he already prepared many things for him, making Gu Zixing feel that this person would move in at any moment.

But afterwards when Gu Zixing thought about it, this was similar to when the Org forced him to go botlane. He didn’t have any rights to refuse so he had to find an even better way to accept it.

In the past Qiao Yanzhou also lived by himself. Don’t know if he really moved in if he could adapt to it.

Qiao Yanzhow firmly decided to give Coach Chen a call while waiting at the train station.

“Hello? Who is this?” Coach Chen picked up the phone quickly that Qiao Yanzhou hadn’t even finished preparing his words yet.

“Chen…. Coach Chen, hello.”

“You are?”

“Qiao Yanzhou, we met each other yesterday.”

“Ah, Xiao Qiao.” Coach Chen slapped his head and remembered, “why did you call me so late at night? What's up? Thought it over?”

“Yes, tonight when I get home I’ll sign up.”

“That’s good.” Coach Chen smiled. “When the time comes, come a day earlier to the org to familiarize yourself. Let me know if there are any difficulties.”

“Actually, there is a problem…”

“What's wrong?”

“I want to find a place to rent for a short period of time near the club,” Qiao Yanzhou laughed a bit awkwardly and lowered his head to look at the text message from his landlord today. “My lease is about to expire and if I want to continue it, I’d have to pay for 3 months at a time. But if I pass the competition, this room for 3 months…”

“You don’t need to worry about this,” Coach Chen interrupted him, “When you get back just pack up your stuff and come to the org.”


“When you arrive at the station, I’ll have Gu Zixing come pick you up.”


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