How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 19

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“Isn’t it just taking advantage of when you weren’t here to kill your ADC!?  You have to keep pressuring me?! Did I dig out your family’s grave?!” The game had continued on for 30 minutes, before Yuan Yaoleng finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

He angrily clicked the surrender button on the right hand corner of the screen and watched as his own blue nexus blew up. He used all of his handspeed to indignantly and unjustly write that paragraph.

This was of course written to Gu Zixing.

Looking at Yuan Yaoleng’s score, it was 3/9/4.

Gu Zixing’s masterpiece.

And Qiao Yanzhou had set up a peanut gallery to the side and watched on foolishly. After staring at the end screen for a long time, he finally managed to close it out. “Wa… doing it like this… are you not afraid of affecting the relationships between the two teams?”

“The two teams’ relationship still need me to affect it?”

Although Qiao Yanzhou had already heard of the grudge between the two veteran teams, EG and TR, before but hearing it personally from the one of the two team’s member felt a bit weird.


After leaving the end game screen, Qiao Yanzhou was about to ask Gu Zixing if he wanted to play another round when it seemed like the other side had picked up his phone.

He didn’t know whether it was because Gu Zixing’s volume was loud or the person was loud, but it let Qiao Yanzhou listen to what Gu Zixing was saying clearly.

“Gu Zixing, are you going to die or not!!!”

This voice was not only full of irritation, but it also sounded familiar.

Gu Zixing did not say anything. He merely lifted the phone and smiled.

“Did you have to go so far! Don’t you know that when you’re like this during the competitions, it withers away at people! You will know when you compete the day after tomorrow!”

“Lengleng, you’ve already entered the alliance for over a year, but your mentality is still this explosive.” On the phone, Gu Zixing seemed like he wanted to burst out laughing, but he still put on an act of educating Yuan Yaoleng. “Didn’t your Old Lu say something to you.”

“Get lost you shriveled calf(1)! Be careful that I don’t tell Coach Chen that instead of sleeping, you’re sneakily boosting a female again!”

“What do you mean ‘again’…” Gu Zixing started to crease his brows analyzing the words. “So young and you’re spouting nonsense.”

“I, your father, don’t care. You said yourself that it’s because of some girl that you kept chasing, Daddy’s head is about to explode from being smashed by a hammer. Take a look yourself, your damage is higher than the midlaner’s. Are you a rare animal? Who is this girl ah, your girlfriend?”

“Then I’ll let you know, this girl I’m boosting is quite amazing.”

Qiao Yanzhou was at the side listening to these two people talk. He was stupefied and forgot to retort.

But solely from just listening, he felt that the relationship between these two members wasn't as bad as others said.

Yuan Yaoleng, after hearing what Gu Zixing said, suddenly became interested. Thinking howGu Zixing, this unmarried bachelor, had finally found a girlfriend after so many years, he hurried to ask, “How amazing?”

“This girl has a machine gun on her crotch.”

“A machine gun….. A man!” Yuan Yaoleng felt that he got played again.

Gu Zixing curled onto his chair and laughed until his stomach hurt.

“You’re quite proud of yourself.” Yuan Yaoleng coldly snorted, “You have so many female and male fans who surround you everyday but you don’t turn around to look at any of them. You say if you’re frigid or not.”

“Clean yourself and strip naked in front of me and see if I’m frigid or not.”

“F*ck, you’re disgusting!”

Separated by a computer screen and a phone call, Qiao Yanzhou could feel Yuan Yaoleng’s dislike for Gu Zixing.

“Only Yao Le can bear with you, just make do with it.”

Gu Zixing laughed on the phone for a long time. Yuan Yaoleng ignored him and hung up.

After hanging up, Qiao Yanzhou was about to tell Gu Zixing to call again, when it sounded like someone was banging on Gu Zixing’s door.

“Wait a moment.”

Gu Zixing told Qiao Yanzhou this then got up to open the door.

The person banging on the door was Yao Le.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Zixing didn’t seem to be surprised after opening the door.

Yao Le looked a bit haggard, his voice was also dispirited. “Zixing, I can’t sleep. I want to talk with you.”

“It's too late, tomorrow.”

Although Guzixing’s face carried a smiling expression, Yao Le could clearly detect the indifference from his body. He was tired and impatient.

Although Gu Zixing didn’t usually express this kind of mood, the people he interacted with would usually be able to sense it immediately.

Or perhaps this was a special characteristic of Gu Zixing.

Actually, before he came Yao Le knew that Gu Zixing would have this kind of attitude.

The previous Gu Zixing who would silently embrace Yao Le when he heard a knock on the door was no longer there. He had personally pushed him away.  

Because he was afraid of the organization’s pressure, because he was afraid of the outside criticism, because he was afraid he would ruin the golden period of his career, Yao Le had no choice but to do this.

Gu Zixing said he didn’t blame him. Gu Zixing really did not blame him.

Even though it was Yao Le who first provoked him. Even though ten minutes before the competition Yao Le told Gu Zixing he wanted to break up. Even though this happened too suddenly and caused Gu Zixing to be in a bad state of mind and throw an important competition at the end of the season.

From then on, Gu Zixing treated Yao Le like he was no different from anyone else. Refined and courteous, he would still joke around but the feeling was very distant and far.

On Gu Zixing’s face it looked as though nothing was wrong, but only Yao Le himself could feel the disparity.

“I won’t take up much of your time, I just wanted to say the competition the day after tomorrow, Zixing you…”

“Did Coach Chen assign you to give a pre-match pep talk in the middle of the night?” Gu Zixing gently and softly interrupted Yao Le’s words and smiled towards him. “Then he might have sent the wrong person.”


“Go rest early.”

He did not wait for Yao Le to say another word. Gu Zixing directly closed the door. The sound of the door closing wasn't loud or quiet, but it let Yao Le clearly understand Gu Zixing’s attitude.

No resentment, no blame. He was not peeved. It was very late. I am also very tired and want to sleep. Gu Zixing’s thoughts in his mind were pure and simple like white lotus flowers. But Yao Le was unable to accept it.

Yao Le knew he was spoiled by Gu Zixing.

“You’re still so busy in the dead of the night.”

Gu Zixing came back and heard Qiao Yanzhou ask this.


“Is it because of the competition the day after tomorrow?”

“What else can happen at the competition?  Win, you get praised. Lose, and receive a scolding.”

“.....” In Gu Zixing’s tone, Qiao Yanzhou felt that there was something a bit wrong in his mood, but Qiao Yanzhou who always understood someone through body language, no longer asked.

“Then God Gu rest early, I’ll get off first.”


Shutting off the computer, the room had quieted down without the tapping sounds of the mouse and keyboard. Gu Zixing sat on his chair and lit a cigarette.

He hadn’t smoked for a long time. Exactly how long, he didn’t know. Half a year? Or was it five and a half months… he didn’t remember clearly. In any case, he only remembered Yao Le saying that he didn’t like smelling the smoke, so he quit smoking.

Halfway through the cigarette his cell phone suddenly received a text message. He didn’t need to look to know it was from Yao Le.

As a result, Gu Zixing didn’t really look at it.

When he was done smoking, he took a shower then laid on his bed, dazed, before going to sleep.

On the other hand, Qiao Yanzhou laid on his bed unable to sleep. Even though today Gu Zixing made a vow to him saying that he wanted to teach Yuan Yaoleng to behave himself, he felt that the person who really learned how to behave himself was himself, Qiao Yanzhou.

Although in his heart he clearly knew that there was a gap between him and professional players, Qiao Yanzhou did not think that the gap would be this big.

It seems that Qiao Yanzhou almost completely relied on luck to succeed. In front of Gu Zixing it wasn’t worth anything. Although Gu Zixing told him that if he played well he could carry, in the end it was Gu Zixing with his over 30k damage that won the MVP title.

He was feeling broken-hearted. He was wronged.

It was obviously him who worked hard.

The MVP should have been given to me…

  1. Shriveled Calf: Someone without a moral backbone or integrity.
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