How Dare You Attack My Support!

Chapter 18

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NOTE: Rio's name is Yuan Yaoleng.

“Let me see who ate a bear heart and leopard gall (1). Who actually has the audacity to beat up my ADC.” After receiving Qiao Yanzhou’s permission, Gu Zixing kept talking as he headed down toward the bot lane.

Seeing his leisure appearance, as if he feared nothing on Heaven or Earth, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt all sorts of feelings swell up. It was as if just now the man who was an innocent victim of campus violence suddenly turned into the gigolo of a domineering chairman or gang boss.  

Or it could also be said, he was beaten because he was the gigolo of a gang boss.

Ai~ Saying it like this hurts.

Out of the question, I cannot be a gigolo, I am the ADC! I’m the daddy! Qiao Yanzhou finally cleared his head and started to realize the seriousness of the problem.

What kind of situation was it right now? Currently it was an embarrassing situation where the support vowed to avenge their ADC and was running towards the bot lane. Regardless of who was listening, they would think it's fishy!

Qiao Yanzhou was momentarily silent. After reviving and buying more items, he also headed down.

“God Gu”


“Could it be that this level of play in your professional athletic eyes at most is just the level of an elementary school student?”

“Why are you talking about yourself like that?”

“Don’t tell me that it's not?”

“Not.” Gu Zixing said without a second thought.

Hearing this, Qiao Yanzhou’s heart became a little warm. “Then in your heart, what level am I?”

“Half of an elementary school kid.”


Come, someone give me 20kg of explosives, I want to send the EG headquarters some warmth.

“Focus on the game, this game is waiting for you to carry.”

Right at the moment Qiao Yanzhou was hovering around and daring not to speak up, he suddenly clearly heard what Gu Zixing said. But the words also carried a hint of a smile. The sound was indescribably nice to listen to.

This person really was strange. He had obviously just damaged his own worth when he suddenly said that phrase. Gave him a slap, then gave him a sweet date, exactly which phrase was sincere?

Qiao Yanzhou was a bit stunned.

Although he was secretly at a loss, in the end it didn’t matter because Gu Zixing was a professional esports champion. And he was the only idol of his in the alliance who unexpectedly would play a game with him and encourage him.

Qiao Yanzhou suddenly felt that he couldn’t restrain his excitement. Bashfully, he lowered his head and became very modest towards Gu Zixing and said,

“Of course daddy can carry.”


What in the world makes you think you should do it just because you can. The old female pig in the backyard needs to breed. Should you also breed? (2)

In his mind, Qiao Yanzhou was gloomily cursing himself repeatedly for this broken and stupid mouth.

After hearing this, Gu Zixing didn’t say anything afterward. He paced back and forth by himself in the bot lane within the line of minions in a relaxed manner. He didn’t push forward, but also didn’t retreat. Every auto attack was steadily last hitting the minions.

Qiao Yanzhou got his items and hurried over.

“Not pushing?”

“Look, our top lane is behind by 20 CS. If the enemy top laner has the advantage and we engage in combat, there's a chance that they’ll come after us. Pushing forward is too dangerous for us and you also don’t have the position.”

“Why don’t they take advantage of the top lane?”

“What advantage? In any case our top laner is behind 20 CS and is also behind by a level. Don’t say that being pressured is a small issue. Being scared under the tower means that he's not leaving it.”

Gu Zixing put a ward in the bush.

“During this time just peacefully catch up in farming. The enemy top laner will build armor, so get some armor penetration. During this time, if Leng Leng and his support cannot get an advantage, then they will be inferior during late game.

“Then what if they get the advantage?”

“Then I should just retire.”

Actually in front of Gu Zixing, although Yuan Yaoleng was the starting player of a championship team, he was still a rookie. No matter if it was experience or skill, in front of Gu Zixing, this cunning fox, he was just a young and immature boy.

“The enemy jungler ganked the top lane twice. If I want to keep tempo with the jungler, then currently I would go to the bot lane.” Gu Zixing thought about it, “Remember to keep some traps.”

“God Gu.”


It was a bit hard to believe for Qiao Yanzhou. During this tense phase at the bot lane, this person could actually operate and calmly analyze the situations of other lanes.

“God Gu, When you are at EG… you’re not also the coach are you?”

“Coach?” Gu Zixing was obviously distracted for a moment. “Have you seen me coach this gently?”

That’s also right. Qiao Yanzhou suddenly remembered before that during a post-match interview, some players from other teams had mentioned that the coach of EG was known in the alliance for being notoriously fierce. Very fierce, hugely fierce, super fierce, unrivalled fierce.

But looking at Gu Zixing, rather than being as gentle as water, he was a bit more sloppy. He really didn’t seem like a coach.

Ai. Who knows if EG’s coach is more terrible than Gu Zixing.

Right when Qiao Yanzhou’s mind was wandering, the enemy ADC bounced a bullet off a minion that hit Qiao Yanzhou’s Caitlyn, causing him to suddenly lose a third of his health.

“Fuck that hurt!” Qiao Yanzhou was scared and jumped up. He hurried to move back.

“Just now it was him who beat you up, right?” In comparison, Gu Zixing was not nervous at all. Suddenly he flashed in front of Yuan Yaoleng without the slightest hesitation. Almost at the same time, a twisting vine headed towards the bush to the side of Yuan Yaoleng, catching the support who was hiding in the bush, waiting for an opportunity.

“Aiyo, you’ve been discovered.” Gu Zixing laughed mischievously, taking advantage of the .5 second where the support couldn’t move a Q was pressed underneath Yuan Yaoleng to damage him. It was unknown when, but two seeds were also placed down.

The two seeds appeared to receive some guidance from the ground and two highly toxic plants emerged to prick the ADC.

Yuan Yaoleng was obviously panicking from Gu Zixing’s manipulations. In a moment of desperation he first healed, then placed two flowers on the ground, wanting to hinder Gu Zixing. Gu Zixing walked extremely tauntingly and avoided the position of the two flowers to trap Yuan Yaoleng again in a huge thorny and twinning circle.

And a seed was triggered again.

Triggered by this skill, round twisting thorns and vines sprouted. A plant that had a further range and did more damage than the regular plants grew.

In just a little while, the formerly aggressive Yuan Yaoleng was caught unprepared and annihilated.

At the side, Qiao Yanzhou was a bit stunned. He didn't even see clearly when Gu Zixing put a seed on the ground, much less didn't know how Gu Zixing was able to judge where the enemy support was in the bush.

A support killed the ADC?

Seeing Gu Zixing’s leisure appearance after he killed someone, Qiao Yanzhou suddenly realized that just now he didn’t even hit him once…

A support solo killed an ADC?

“You’re just watching passively.”  Gu Zixing moved his champion to Qiao Yanzhou’s side. He learned to talk with his champion’s voice, but his tone didn’t reveal a hint of critique.

“Amazing.” Qiao Yanzhou couldn’t help but inhale through his nose. “It seems me putting down all my cat points to EG was correct.”

Gu Zixing smacked his lips and didn’t think of retorting, but afterwards thought about patching it with a phrase. “In any case when we lose don’t come looking for me for money.”


This singular kill in the end succeeded in letting Qiao Yanzhou obtain the advantage. After getting a surge of minions, it completely put him ahead of Yuan Yaoleng.

“The enemy jungler actually didn't come.” Suddenly, Gu Zixing was thinking about his miscalculation.

“Our jungler has arrived.” Qiao Yanzhou looked at the minimap to see the werewolf headed towards them from the middle lane.

“That… ok.” Gu Zixing looked at Yuan Yaoleng who quickly came back to the lane. At this moment he could feel Yuan Yaoleng’s sinister aura coming through from his computer monitor.

Gu Zixing smirked.

“Come, 3 234, die again.” (3)

  1. Bear heart and leopard gall: idiom meaning to pluck up the courage
  2. Old female pig… : He’s basically saying that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. In this example, hes saying that an old female pig can be bred but doesn’t mean you should do it.
  3. 234: Chinese number slang, it means to follow you with love. Not sure what the 3 is for.

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