I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Extra Chapter 5

It was impossible for Fu Yangxi not to be submissive after he ate her up.

He stared at her with a smile. "Little Mask, I'll carry you to the bathroom so you can brush your teeth and wash your face, okay?"

He said he wanted to carry Mingxi to the bathroom.

After he picked her up, he saw Mingxi curled up in his arms listlessly, the white and tender skin of the collarbone of her neck was covered with spots and red marks made by himself, like attractive little budding strawberries.

His gaze darkened. He couldn't help leaning down again, touching the corner of Mingxi's lips.

Mingxi was furious and beat his chest.

But because of her lack of strength, she pounded limply, as if acting like a spoiled child.

“Do not get hard!”


Fu Yangxi felt very wronged. He restrained his evil thoughts and asked her, "Then, dear wife, when is the next time I can get hard?"

Mingxi rubbed her sore waist. "Five days later."

Fu Yangxi carried Mingxi to the mirror in the bathroom, squeezed some toothpaste on her toothbrush, handed it to Mingxi, and was still bargaining, "Two days, okay?"

"Do you think you’re buying vegetables at the vegetable market?" Mingxi was so angry that she pushed the electric toothbrush away.

Fu Yangxi said, “Three days.”

Mingxi replied, “...Deal.”

Mingxi's legs really didn't have much strength. She felt like she was falling down while holding the white sink with one hand.

Fu Yangxi put his arms around her waist with one hand, trying to lend her some strength. He looked down at Mingxi's white and tender calf with some red marks. He bent one knee again and said to Mingxi, "Why don't you lean back a little?"

Mingxi leaned forward, put her weight on his thigh, and told him very bluntly, "Don't get hard."

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Little Mask is really adamant when she’s at home!

He didn't pinch the face of his Little Mask for three days, and now she’s threatening his authority!

Fu Yangxi took out his own toothbrush and said, "Maybe we can install a high stool in front of the sink, so you can sit and brush your teeth in the future—"

Mingxi elbowed him before he finished speaking. "Don’t just fill your thoughts with such things. We’re only doing it once per night from now on."

If it’s once, her waist won't be so sore, and her legs won't feel so weak.

Fu Yangxi said, "Who was the one who said ‘I want more’, ‘Dear, you’re so good’, ‘Gege, don’t go’?”

"..." Mingxi's cheeks burned instantly. "How can you take what I said on the bed seriously?"

Fu Yangxi's heart hurt.

He raised his pitch-black eyelashes, and complained to Zhao Mingxi in the mirror, "Then I can't take the 'I love you' you said last night seriously?"

After Mingxi finished brushing her teeth and wiped the corners of her mouth clean, she saw in the mirror that the hair on his forehead was curled up. He was so cute that she almost had the urge to sneak a hug from behind him.

She turned her head, stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the chin unexpectedly. She said sweetly, "This is true."

After kissing him, Mingxi ran away.

While Fu Yangxi was still brushing his teeth, she slipped away from the soles of his feet.

Fu Yangxi snatched her back.

He threw away the toothbrush viciously, grabbed her by the waist, and pressed her in front of the sink and mirror, deepening the kiss.

"Little Mask, you're seducing me again."

"Hmmph, stop kissing me, your mouth is full of foam."

"Every day you run away after teasing me! Let’s see if I’ll kiss you to death!"


In short, studying and dating took up too much time for Mingxi, so even though she knew there was such a list, Mingxi didn't log on to the campus BBS to check it out.

To log in, she had to register an account. If she had this time, she might as well go on a date with Fu Yangxi.

Therefore, she didn't know that her popularity soared in the topic of "Which girl do you most want to chase after in all major departments of the school?"

One of the reasons was that Zhao Mingxi was beautiful and sexy.

She no longer wore school uniforms at college. Instead, she would occasionally wear some tank tops to show off her slim figure.

She occasionally wore light makeup too, which made her already beautiful face even more delicate.

Her slender ankles, wrists, collarbone, and various details could easily arouse the madness in other boys.

The second reason was that everyone knew that Zhao Mingxi was the girlfriend of the rich guy Fu Yangxi, but this posed more as a challenge to be overcome by the others.

How could there be proper moral views in adult love? It’s not as if they were married, so why couldn’t everyone compete fairly?

How exciting it was to test Fu Yangxi’s patience.

On the other hand, Mingxi didn't know that, contrary to her, Fu Yangxi was at the bottom of the topic of "Which boy do you most want to chase after in all major departments of the school" due to his own actions. His ranking was very dismal.

The reason for this was because one night during the military training, Fu Yangxi sent Mingxi home first, and then went to the dormitory to pick up the computer she had forgotten.

It turned out that there was an extra girl in the dormitory.

She was neither the girlfriend of her roommate nor did he know her. She pestered him and asked him to send her back.

In short, the next day, this girl received a lawyer's letter from the Fu family for harassment charges.

As soon as the news got out, Fu Yangxi ruined any luck he had with other girls in the next three years. (The old man planned for the two of them to go abroad in their junior year)

Although he was tall and handsome, the school bully aura on his body had been restrained a lot in college, and he would buy breakfast for his girlfriend and take off his coat, which looked quite normal, but since then, the girls around him ran away when they saw him, wishing to stay away from him.

Mingxi told Ke Chengwen about this in the video call. Ke Chengwen, who was studying in another university in the same city, almost died of laughter. Coke sprayed across the computer screen.

"History is repeating itself," Ke Chengwen said. "Xi ge did this when he was in high school."

If it wasn't for Zhao Mingxi, Fu Yangxi really deserved to be single.

"Little Mask, you saved Xi ge," Ke Chengwen said with a smile.

Fu Yangxi walked over from behind holding the remote control and glared at Ke Chengwen.

Ke Chengwen immediately changed his words in a polite manner, "LM, you were the one who rescued Xi ge. When are you going to have summer vacation so we can all hang out?"

Mingxi: “...”

Why, is ‘Little Mask' a blocked word in Jinjiang?


There were many people who wanted to test Fu Yangxi’s patience.

Sometimes they were impossible for Fu Yangxi to guard against.

He was in the amphitheater with Little Mask. When he went out to make a phone call, he could see a boy practically sticking his tongue out like a dog and accosting Zhao Mingxi when he came back. Of course, Little Mask ignored him, but this couldn't restrain the anger in Fu Yangxi's heart.

Sometimes he even thought, if only he could turn the Little Mask into a ball and keep her in his arms, it would be great.

In response to this, Ke Chengwen registered a fake account, worked for his boss, and did the same thing as in high school.

On the campus BBS, under every ID who clamored to chase after Zhao Mingxi, he replied: "You? So, the toad wants to have a taste of swan meat. Are you as handsome or as rich as Fu Yangxi?"

Mingxi quite liked watching Fu Yangxi get jealous, but she also knew that if he got jealous too much, he would feel really wronged.

But Mingxi really couldn't bring herself to sue her pursuers.

So at the end of the first semester, when a boy from the Computer Department pursued her insistently, when Fu Yangxi was so jealous that he lowered his head and kept silent for three days, Mingxi couldn't help but register an ID on the forum for her love(?), and very recklessly pasted the marriage certificate that the two got in France.

Everyone in the school was stunned.

The forum began to line up, and finally there was only a string of:




Her pursuers finally dispersed in a swarm.

The two of them already obtained a marriage certificate abroad. If they continued their pursuit, it would not be for true love, but to be a third party in a relationship.

Everyone still had this moral bottom line.

At first, Fu Yangxi wondered if he did this while he was sleepwalking.

How could there be such a good thing?

He wanted to post his marriage certificate for a long time. If it wasn't for the Little Mask saying that she didn't want to make too much fanfare, for fear that the professor would think it was too frivolous, how could he have endured it until now? But now this is— who posted it for him?

Soon, Fu Yangxi knew that it was Zhao Mingxi who posted it.

When Mingxi came back from shopping, Fu Yangxi was sitting on the sofa looking towards the door.

As soon as she came in, Fu Yangxi strode towards her immediately, picked her up, and spun her around. "Honey, I love you!"

While Mingxi wanted to control the vegetables not to fly out, she put her arms around Fu Yangxi's neck to prevent herself from flying out. She couldn't help laughing. "My dear husband! I love you too!"

It was incredibly cheesy.

Yet it meant so much.

After spinning around several times, Mingxi was still a little dizzy before being put down by Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi suddenly raised his handsome eyebrows with a look full of grievance. "Honey, so, can I get hard tonight?"

Mingxi: “...”

Thinking of the fear of being sore and unable to get out of bed, Mingxi's smile slowly froze.


After a long time.

Fu Zaizai was in kindergarten.

He had fair skin, and his eyes were like jet-black beads. As a little boy, he was unbelievably beautiful, and Mingxi dressed him up very coolly. The teachers in the kindergarten liked him, and many little girls liked him too.

The little girl he liked the most was pretty and often brought him candy.

Fu Zaizai pondered in his heart— does Little Candy like him?

When Dad was putting on shoes for him, Fu Zaizai asked this question, "Dad, the teacher asked a question yesterday. I fell asleep and couldn't answer it. She quietly pushed the picture book in front of me and told me the answer in a low voice. She even gave me a piece of candy after class."

He opened his clenched palms and said childishly, "Look, it's my favorite lemon flavor."

Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows. "When we went to the supermarket yesterday, you said that your favorite was the peach flavor."

Fu Zaizai said, "A man's preferences can change. Dad, you are so old-fashioned."

Fu Yangxi looked up at the little cheeky brat, smiled angrily, and asked, "So, you've said a lot, but what exactly did you want to ask?"

Fu Zaizai's face turned red. His little fingers grabbed the hem of his clothes, and he lowered his head. "I want to ask, does she like me?"

On this day, Fu Zaizai would never forget the teaching from his father.

"Don't be narcissistic."

"Maybe she pushed the picture book in front of you because you’re the boss in the kindergarten class, and she wanted to get on your good side."

"Maybe she gave you candy because she didn't want to eat it. She was too lazy to go to the trash can and there was no other place to throw it."

"Don't be narcissistic, or you will cry when you learn the truth later."

Fu Zaizai: “...”

His son burst into tears immediately.

Mingxi, who was playing a game, rushed out in a hurry. "Fu Yangxi, why did you bully him and make him cry when I only asked you to put on his shoes for him???"

Fu Yangxi: “...”

On January 12, there was another post-it note on the wall at home: I promise, I will not be jealous of my son.

ray's note: this is it! i started translating this story during covid in november 2020, and now, two and a half years later, the story of mingxi and yangxi has come to an end. from the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank each and every one of you who have been here for this journey. both you and this story has accompanied me through many important stages of my life. from my studies, to graduation, to finding my first job, going through natural disasaters, facing toxic management, all the way until now, when i think i've just found myself.

as my final note, i wish all of you the best in everything you do. thank you, again, for always being there for me. i hope this story has been enjoyable for you as it has been for me.

until next time, bye!

[update on 5/23/2023: i've started work on a new book called 被迫攻略疯批魔尊后,全书HE了 (After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending). you can check it out HERE 👈]

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