I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Extra Chapter 4

Daily life after marriage.


After college started.

The two rented an apartment next to the botanical garden near the university. It was very convenient to enter and exit from the side entrance of the university, which was only about 800 or 900 meters away.

Due to Fu Yangxi's habit, it was impossible to live in a space that was less than 200 square meters in size. He did not intend to show off his wealth (of course, Mingxi still felt that he deserved a beating when he said this), but because of his tall stature, if the place they lived in was not big enough, it would feel cramped.

But because the famous school they were studying in was in the old campus, the air was fresh nearby, and there were not many high-rise buildings, so the best apartment was only about 100 square meters.

If they wanted to rent a better place, it would be too far away from the school, and it would be very troublesome.

Getting stuck in traffic every day was enough trouble for them.

In addition, Mingxi took a fancy to that small apartment.

It was a small duplex building with two bedrooms on the first floor and a large balcony. From the balcony, you could see the lights of a million houses in the distance, and a little further away was the sea.

There was still no TV in the living room. The homeowner was a designer and installed a projector on a white wall. At night, when the curtains are drawn and the lights are turned off, it was clear enough to watch movies.

There was no room on the second floor. It was a sunny tea room, with a long carved wooden coffee table, wooden chairs and pillows. On the other side was a storage room for some sundries.

Next to the tea room was a walkway with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. There was a glass door in the walkway, and when you push it open, you will find a terrace of more than ten square meters on the second floor.

It was summer when they went to see the house. There was a breeze blowing on the terrace, the summer night, the street lights, and the silence.

Here they could kiss, hug, and see each other's trembling eyelashes clearly under the dim light.

Mingxi immediately fell in love with this place.

It was rare that Mingxi liked it. Fu Yangxi had no objection at all. He paid the money, and signed the rental agreement.

The school forbids riding motorcycles or driving cars so as not to cause a competition among the students. So, Fu Yangxi bought a silver-gray mountain bike, and took Zhao Mingxi to class every day. He would also take Zhao Mingxi for a ride in the botanical garden next door on the weekends.

After two months of military training, Zhao Mingxi and Fu Yangxi were listed on the list of influential figures in the school because of their outstanding looks and temperament.

Mingxi didn't care much about it.

She was extremely busy every day. The pace of the course was fast, and her instructor was demanding and assigned her a lot of tasks. In this life, she studied the same chemistry major as in her previous life, and spent every day doing various calculations in the laboratory. Because she was careful and focused, she almost never made mistakes, and sometimes she would be asked to help the professor of the physics department.

Aside from that, she was in a relationship.

A boy of Fu Yangxi's age was full of vigor. There seemed to be a fire burning between the two of them every day. They have done all the things that should be done, and experienced the postures that should be experienced.

Sometimes Mingxi didn't know why she suddenly rolled onto the bed with him. She was still watching a movie just a second ago - sitting on the carpet in front of the sofa with a pillow in her arms. Fu Yangxi sat over while wiping his hair, and an icy drop of water fell on her face. She subconsciously raised her head to look at Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi looked at her slightly bewildered appearance. He thought she was asking for a kiss, and his hair was not yet dry, so he pinched her chin, lowered his head and kissed her aggressively.

He watched her, and his charming eyes were full of her.

Mingxi was getting sore raising her head and neck like this, so she stretched out her hand to try to push Fu Yangxi away.

But he was obviously not satisfied. He picked her up and put her on the sofa, put his hands on both sides of her head, and continued to kiss her.

Mingxi was short of breath. As their lips and teeth intertwined, her long hair was disheveled, her body was a little limp, and she fell to the side of the sofa like a little useless thing.

Fu Yangxi had no choice but to support her body while kissing her.

In the end, the bodies of the two were pressed together. Fu Yangxi gently stroked her long hair with one hand, and combed her hair with his fingers. Her lips and tongue seemed to capture his soul.

Mingxi's whole body began to burn like a steamed shrimp.

She wanted to curl up her body, but at the same time she wanted to be pressed up heavily by the person on her body to fill up a certain desire.

Mingxi was still hesitating whether to take off her bra, but Fu Yangxi had already stripped off her white T-shirt.


Fu Yangxi picked her up and took her back to the room.

"Anxious pervert," Mingxi hooked on to Fu Yangxi's neck with her cold arms and murmured in his ear.

Fu Yangxi's ears instinctively turned red.

But after all, he got more familiar with this kind of thing after a few times, and he was much calmer than before.

He lowered his head and kissed Mingxi's forehead. Then, he said confidently, "I'm only being a pervert to my wife, what’s wrong with that?"

The word "wife" was not a mere term of endearment, but an established fact.

After the college entrance examination, the two flew to France to register their marriage. After they got a marriage certificate, they then went to the Chinese embassy in France to get certified. Otherwise, they didn’t know how long it would take for them to reach the legal age of marriage.

Fu Yangxi already didn’t like how he would have to wait another four years, and during these four years, he didn't know how many Shen Liyao, Bai Liyao, and Gu Liyao would be staring at Zhao Mingxi, so he was not very happy. It wasn't until this paper certificate fell into his hands that he felt a little safe. And in addition to this, the change of the Fu family's assets was also part of the reason. Fu Yangxi hoped that half of the property could be put into Zhao Mingxi's hands as soon as possible. This would be equivalent to a huge amount of insurance for Zhao Mingxi. Even if there were 10 Zhao families in the future, they would not be worth as much as her.

Although Mingxi was not as anxious about getting married as Fu Yangxi, she actively cooperated with what Fu Yangxi wanted to do. So in this way, the trip after the college entrance examination was also a honeymoon trip for the two of them.

It wasn't until after they got married that the two had sex.

During their first time, Fu Yangxi was extremely shy, his face was blushing all the time. He was afraid that he would hurt her, and then he was afraid that she would think he was not good enough.

The two were confused and sweating profusely when they were unsatisfied and hot.

In the end, they got up together and watched a blue movie. Then, they imitated it step by step, and realized the great consummation of life.

Mingxi missed the first time with Fu Yangxi. She thought it was so cute—

Then, she looked at the current Fu Yangxi who placed her on the bed skillfully, unbuckled her straps, lifted her two ankles, put them on his shoulders, leaned forward, and pressed her over to kiss her.

Mingxi looked at the ceiling and sighed faintly.

Fu Yangxi: “...”

The consequence of sighing casually in bed was being handled so much that she couldn’t get out of bed the next morning.

Mingxi was like a stranded fish, limp on the bed with dull eyes. There was no place from her waist to her toe that was not sore and soft, and she couldn’t even lift her fingers.

After burning to the extreme, the body was completely hollowed out.

Fu Yangxi picked her up and coaxed her, "Yesterday you asked me to remind you that you have a lab session today, so you can't be late."

Mingxi flung a pillow over weakly. "You knew I was going to have a lab session and you still did it?"

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