Episode 21 Murdoch

Translated By: Niladri

One fine day, after Domingo returned from a quest, he narrated me a strange story.

It seemed to be about a drunkard named Murdoch.

According to what I heard, the drunkard was a former S-rank adventurer and seemed to be highly skilled.

Domingo wanted me to heal Murdoch's leg.

Hearing that, I thought-

Why do I have to treat such a complete stranger...!

On top of that, why should I have to listen to the slâves...!

I won't make any money from it, and I'm not a doctor either.

Initially, I was going to refuse.

(But, wait...)

At that moment, an idea popped into my head.

That man named Murdoch, being an S-rank adventurer, should have considerable skill, knowledge and know-how. Certainly, it would be a waste to leave such a man to rot away in a tavern.

If I were to heal that man, he would likely be very grateful. And if happens, perhaps he could fulfil one of my own requests in return...?

(Alright, let's make that man Domingo's mentor!)

If we do that, Domingo and the others should be able to reach even greater heights than they are currently at. Being an S rank adventurer would no longer be a pipe dream.

It's good that Domingo and the others are working hard these days, but lately they've been taking too many risks. I've been telling them to stop because it's dangerous, but they seem to want to fight stronger enemies. They think it's for my sake or something.

If things continue like this, it wouldn't be surprising if someone ends up losing their life. For now, it's good enough as long as it's A-rank, but if when they aim for S-rank in the future, they would inevitably end up exchanging their lives for it.

Anyway, Domingo and the others needed more safety measures.

(It’s possible that this Murdoch person should know of techniques on how to hunt safely. With Murdoch as a mentor, the Domingo and the others will be able to hunt much more cautiously, and they can be expected to grow further...! )

In an instant, I solidified my decision.

“I see, I understand the situation now. Indeed, it would be a shame to let such a man go to waste. Bring that man here.”

“Erd-sama...! Thank you very much!”

I decided to meet with Murdoch. It's not like I sympathize with that old man or followed Domingo's suggestion. I simply made a decision based on long-term benefits.

“Are you Murdoch?”

“Erd-sama right, I truly appreciate the kind offer this time. Please take care of me.”

“Yeah, leave it to me”

I used healing magic to regenerate Murdoch’s leg. I've performed leg regeneration several times before, so it was a piece of cake. Now, it can be done in just a few minutes.

“Oh...! My leg, it's really...! I can't believe it! Thank you so much, Erd-sama. You're my saviour...!”

As soon as Murdoch stood up, he firmly stomped his foot on the ground and revelled in the joy of having his leg back.

“So, are you going back to being an adventurer?”

“No, I'm too old for that. It would be impossible for me to return to being an active adventurer.”

“But isn’t the adventurer's spirit still tingling within you? That's why you've been sharing tales of valour with adventurers at the tavern... So, I have a suggestion, although in this occasion it might sound like a quid pro quo... Would you consider becoming a mentor for Domingo and the others?”

I made this proposal to Murdoch.

“Ah, Me...These guys’ mentor...? Haha, that's an amusing idea. Indeed, they've gone this far to help me. I should show my gratitude in some way. But someone like me becoming their mentor? There's nothing I can teach them. You are overestimating my abilities way too much.

“No, if it's you, you should be able to lead Domingo and the others in the right direction and turn them into the finest adventurers, even better than they are now.”

“...Why do you think so?”

“You took a poisoned arrow to the knee, on top of that you were alone.. Normally, it wouldn't be strange if you had died. The reason there aren't many former adventurers is that adventurers either continue on as they are or die along the way. That’s how it is. However, you returned alive. In other words, you have the ability to survive. As a resilient adventurer, I believe you would make an excellent mentor and guide.”

“Haha... that's what you meant. Well, you're not wrong. Alright, fine. You've gone this far for me. I suppose I can take on the role of mentoring the juniors. Consider it a modest repayment!”

“I see, that’s good...!”

Thus, Murdoch was hired as a mentor for Domingo and the others.

“Well then, Murdoch. Is this amount of compensation satisfactory?”

I present Murdoch with a suitable amount.

Then Murdock was startled like a pigeon that had swallowed a peashooter.

“Huh...!? W-Wait a minute. I'm supposed to be their mentor as a token of gratitude for you healing my leg, right? And now you're offering to pay me...!?”

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? You’re taking on the role of mentor as a repayment for gratitude. The actual mentoring will be properly rewarded. Mentorship isn’t a one-time thing after all.”

“W-Wait a minute. That's not what I had in mind... I was planning to do it for free, you know?”

“No, that won't work. I am making a proper request for this job. I need you to accept the reward in a proper manner. Doing it for free implies not taking responsibility.”

“Huh, you're quite rigid. If you insist, then I'll let you contribute it towards covering my drinking expenses...”

Murdoch reluctantly agreed to accept the money.

From my viewpoint by receiving guidance from Murdoch, the party's operational efficiency should dramatically improve. This amount of money can be recovered quickly. It's an upfront investment.

Besides, money can't buy safety. Domingo and the others’ lives come first, even if it means losing a little. If this increases their survivability, there's no problem. I’m willing to pay as much as it takes.

“All right, starting next week I’ll be counting on you.”

By the way, since they started receiving guidance from Murdoch, Domingo and the others have been making significant progress. As a slâve party, they have often been at a disadvantage when it comes to information exchange with other adventurers. However, learning from Murdoch has provided them with valuable knowledge on better hunting techniques and hidden locations.

In line with that, my profits increased as well.

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