A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic

Episode 20: I used to be—— [Side Story]

Translated By: Niladri

[Domingo’s POV]

“It happened one day.” The three members of our adventurer group returned from a quest and were having a victory party at a tavern——.

“Cheers! We did well today. Otto— your archery was the best.”

“Iya~a, Domingo-san’s movements were amazing too.”

“A direct hit to Leviathan's head! That was amazing.”

While we were talking about that, a man cut in.

“Haha the Leviathan, huh? That brings back memories. You guys, despite looking scrawny, managed to defeat the Leviathan?”

The man was a dashing gentleman with a well-groomed mustache, pushing a wheelchair.

He seemed quite drunk, and his face was flushed red up to his nose.

“Ah, that's right... What about you? Are you an adventurer too?”

“No, I used to be an adventurer like you guys, but as you can see, I took an arrow to the knee... Now I'm just a drunkard like this.”

“Is that so? If you'd like, shall we drink together? Let's have a good time.”

“Oh, that sounds good. Alright, let me share some old stories.”

After that, the man started to drink and began talking about his days as an adventurer.

The man's stories were all really fascinating, and it felt like I was listening tales of a legendary hero from a myth.

“His name was Murdoch.”

According to Murdoch’s story, he used to be an S-rank adventurer once.

He also shared some insights about the monsters we're currently having trouble with.

He provided us with information about the weaknesses of the Bloody Grizzlies and shared many insightful stories.

He also told us about the incident that led to Murdoch losing his leg.

It seems that he took a poisoned arrow fired by an Elite Goblin Archer straight to his knee.

Ordinary healing magic proved ineffective, and he had no choice but to undergo amputation.

It's regrettable that a seasoned adventurer like Murdoch had to endure the loss of his leg.

"If he were such a skilled adventurer, he could have aimed for higher ranks like S+ or even SS.

Moreover, from what I've heard, it seems like Murdoch's skills were quite formidable.

While the three of us became A-rank adventurers as a group, Murdoch was able to achieve S-rank on his own.

As I listened to his stories, I found myself sympathizing more and more with Murdoch, feeling truly sorry for him. Even now Murdoch still drank and continued to share tales from his days as an adventurer. It seemed like he still had some lingering attachment to the adventurer's life.

Therefore, I decided to make a proposal.

“Murdoch, if you don't mind, why don't you show your leg to our master? I'm sure Erd-sama will be able to help you.”

“Oi oi, you guys are slâves, aren't you? Is it even appropriate for you to treat your master like a subordinate in that way? Ordering your master like that is out of the question! You'll just end up getting reprimanded!”

“No, it'll be fine with Erd-sama. I'm sure if we explain the situation to him, he will surely agree to use healing magic on it. Erd-sama is like an angel.”

“Well, if you insist so much, I'd like to ask you for this favour.”

“Yeah, I'll give it a shot and ask when I get home today.”

I gave my word to Murdoch.

When I shared Murdoch's story with Erd-sama, he immediately agreed to help without hesitation.

“I see, now I understand the situation. It's truly a pity. Please bring that man here.”

“Erd-sama...! Thank you so much!”

Indeed, heaving considerate master is truly something to cherish.

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