After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 9 - The World of Cultivating Immortals Is Indeed a Place to Witness Medical Miracles


Oh my God!

Wen Ruan was startled, and her mind was filled with confusion.

Bro, why did you have to faint at this particular moment when we were about to part ways?!

How am I supposed to leave now?!

She stomped her foot angrily, reluctantly approaching and giving a push to the unconscious young man, complaining in a low voice:

"You were acting so arrogant just now, as if you owned the world. How did you end up fainting?"

As she pushed him, she realized something was wrong.

Beneath the young man's thin black clothes, they were soaked.

She withdrew her hand, her palm glowing with a bright red color and a warm sensation.

...So, you were using your life to show off just now.

No wonder your lips have turned as pale as the wall. With such a serious injury, why didn't you stay home and rest? What made you come out and court death?

"There’s too much blood. I need to bandage your wounds and get you out of here as soon as possible."

Wen Ruan wiped her hands on his sleeve, then struggled to remove his clothes. After seeing the wound, she froze for a moment.

On the young man's fair chest were numerous old scars. The most prominent one was a ferocious, elongated gash on his chest, with an unknown depth and dark red flesh slightly protruding.

The fresh blood had soaked through his robe, flowing from this wound.

She compared the position of the injury to his heart and couldn't help but gasp in shock.

"The world of cultivating immortals is indeed a place to witness medical miracles."

Wen Ruan sighed again. She pried open his mouth and threw a hemostatic pill inside from her storage pouch. Suddenly remembering that she was injured too, she quickly consumed a bone-setting pill.

The young man's injury was severe, and she feared that the pills might not be sufficient. She emptied an entire bottle of hemostatic pills into his mouth, but the bleeding from the wound continued.

"Could it be that because he's from the Demon Clan, the medicine used by cultivators has no effect on him?"

Wen Ruan was at a loss and could only wrap his wound with bandages and use her spiritual power to protect it. She hoisted him onto her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

This pressure accidentally pressed against the wound on his chest, causing him to unconsciously grunt in pain.

...I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Feeling guilty, she adjusted her carrying position and said as she walked, "Don't you dare die on me. I won't be able to clear my name if I’m accused of killing you."

996 hesitated to speak in her spiritual consciousness, but seeing her unwavering and loyal appearance, it swallowed its words and silently switched the system to silent mode.

Ah, sometimes it's better not to know certain things too clearly.

After all, isn't this similar to dating someone with an alternate identity?

In the snow-covered frozen land, a figure in blue walked with one foot before the other, occasionally stumbling with the person on their back. Her tone was gentle.

"Ah Zhe, don't fall asleep. We're almost out of here."

Mu Zhe half-opened his eyes, his gaze hazy and filled with watery reflections. He looked at the soft profile of the girl before him and murmured unconsciously.

"Is it snowing?"


Wen Ruan glanced at the solid stone walls that blocked any trace of light from above and jostled the person on her back. "Are you dreaming? Where would there be snow underground?”

Mu Zhe was startled, and his eyes instantly cleared.

At the end of the stone passage, the road split into two. Wen Ruan stopped, looking pained as she stared at the fork in front of her.

It was time to make a choice again.

The entire journey had been filled with such divergent paths. She had been twisting and turning for two hours and still hadn't found a way out. If she didn't have some sort of foundation in her cultivation, she would have been unable to continue walking long ago.

"Put me down."

Just as she was pondering, the person on her back suddenly spoke, his voice surprisingly cold.

Wen Ruan felt relieved and leaned against the stone wall to put down the person. "You're awake?"

However, the person looked down on her from a high position, his tone devoid of any emotion and colder than the wind in the freezing cold.

"Who allowed you to touch me?"

"Huh, so it's my fault even though I saved you." Wen Ruan rolled her eyes, straightened her waist after a long time, and pounded her arms, saying,

"If I knew, I should have just left you to die back there."

Muzhe glanced at her frail back, the coldness in his eyes subsiding slightly, and then strode forward, flicking his sleeve.

"Consider this a one-time exception."

Do you think you're money? Why do you act like everyone wants to touch you?

Wen Ruan snorted and took down the luminescent fluorite floating in mid-air. She had just taken a few steps when she suddenly froze in place, cold sweat rolling down her forehead.

No, this wasn't right. How could she be so relaxed in front of this big shot? He was a murderous lunatic who could twist people's heads!!

No, no, they should separate and go their own ways. After all, he had already regained consciousness, and she had bid him farewell long ago.

"Aren't you coming?"

The young man walking ahead stopped, his face filled with impatience.

"...I'm coming."

Feeling apprehensive, she followed along, retracting her courage, and raised the fluorite to serve as a makeshift flashlight.

As they walked for a while, the surroundings grew eerily quiet. The only sounds were their footsteps, and the atmosphere became suffocating.

Wen Ruan started to panic and struggled to find something to say. "Big shot, how did you end up here?"

After a long while, just when she didn't expect any response, the young man stopped in his tracks and spoke in a calm voice.

"I came here to get something."

She didn't need him to specify; she already knew what he wanted.

The scenery suddenly opened up before her eyes, and a hundred-meter radius azure pool appeared a few steps away.

Above the center of the pool, there floated an exquisite glass lamp, emitting a warm and radiant light. Growing within the lamp's glow was a lotus flower.

The lotus flower was only the size of a rice bowl, with a pristine white color and a reddish-pink lotus bud that exuded a hint of ethereal aura.

Even from a distance, Wen Ruan could smell the intoxicating fragrance of the flower.

The man in black walked to the edge of the pool, his eyebrows furrowing. "Restricted airspace."

Wen Ruan understood. They couldn't fly over, so they would have to swim instead.

This flower was undoubtedly extraordinary. Judging from the man's injuries, it might even have the potential to save his life.

She glanced at the man's black attire, but unfortunately, the color was too dark to see if he was still bleeding.

Would swimming make the situation worse?

Here, as Mu Zhe was about to step onto the water, a voice suddenly called out from behind:

"Wait, I have a solution."

He raised an eyebrow and watched as she approached him, then clumsily performed a gesture towards the pool water.

A surge of cold flowed, and the entire pool instantly froze.

Her face turned slightly pale, but she clapped her hands with joy and her eyes sparkled.

"I didn't expect myself to be so amazing!"

Mu Zhe was speechless.

"Let's go quickly." Wen Ruan bounced onto the icy surface, then quickly corrected herself, "No, wait, let's go slowly."

Noticing the complicated expression on the young man on the shore, she blinked and understood once again, "Are you afraid of slipping?"

Mu Zhe scoffed.

He confidently stepped on the ice and walked towards the lotus flower in the center, his steps light and steady.

Wen Ruan shrugged, facing the ice rink she had created, feeling a bit eager. With a light tap of her toes, she slid a long way.

She cheered inwardly, enjoying the VIP ice rink. How amazing!

But then, she crashed into the young man's back.

In the moment of losing balance, she instinctively hugged his waist, fearing that she would fall.

The anticipated pain didn't come. The big shot truly lived up to his name, as steady as a rock.

Most importantly, he had a slim waist.

Just as she was marveling at it, a gnashing voice came from ahead, "Let go."

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