After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 10 - Straight Guys Have No Taste

...I forgot that this person is like a hedgehog. I shouldn’t get too close.

She quickly let go and silently pinched herself.

I said not to get carried away, why can't I remember to do so?

Fortunately, this time the other party didn't dwell on it and went straight to the side of the lotus flower.

Mu Zhe lightly touched the tip of his finger, and the flower withered instantly. Only a single lotus seed, as red as rouge, emerged from the lotus pod, exuding an intoxicating fragrance.

Wen Ruan stood there like a quail, staring unblinkingly at the glass lamp above.

Each corner of the lamp was adorned with a pearl, and inside it burned a bright candle. The candlelight cast a reflection on the glass tiles, depicting two cicadas. The base was shaped like a lotus flower, adorned with crimson tassels.

It was really beautiful.

Mu Zhe flicked his wrist, and the lotus seed slowly drifted out of the light, falling into his palm.

Without the lotus seed, the lamp seemed to lose its support, swaying for a moment before falling from mid-air.

Wen Ruan: !!!

She lunged forward and caught the lamp in her embrace.

After rolling around on the ground for a couple of somersaults, she stood up again and noticed Mu Zhe's gaze. She smiled awkwardly and handed him the lamp with both hands.

"Here, it's for you."

He turned away with an air of nobility and coldness. "I don't want trash."

Trash? It's so pretty, shiny and sparkling.

Straight guys have no taste.

Wen Ruan happily held onto it, caressing and admiring it. The reason she was so delighted was also because of another reason.

According to 996's description, this lamp was a companion spiritual treasure of the Heart-Protecting Lotus, called the Star-Absorbing Lamp. It absorbed starlight into the candle and would never extinguish for tens of thousands of years.

The light of the lamp had a soothing effect on the soul and could dispel evil spirits.

Although its effect was indeed trash— it couldn't even expel the demon in front of her.

But with the healing light buff stacking with the defensive light buff and its beautiful appearance, who wouldn't love it?

"Big shot, where are we going now?"

The young man ahead ignored her.

She felt a bit awkward and whispered, "Then I'll go ahead, I still have things to do..."

Before she finished speaking, a small green snake suddenly popped out from the side.

The snake rushed straight towards Mu Zhe, who had his back turned and seemed unaware.

"You killed our king, I will avenge him!" the snake exclaimed.

Startled, Wen Ruan didn't hesitate and hurled an ice shard towards the snake, shouting, "Watch out!"

With a "swish," the ice shard pierced through the green snake and lodged it into the stone wall. The snake struggled for a moment and then went lifeless.

She patted her chest, still trembling from the fright.

The young man ahead didn't even glance back, scoffing coldly. "Mind your own business."

A faint glow of cold moonlight revealed itself ahead. Wen Ruan's eyes lit up, and she couldn't be bothered to argue with him. She quickened her pace and stood side by side with him.

"We're finally out."

The exit was on the mountainside, several hundred meters high, with turbulent river water below and a bright moon above.

Bathing in the pure moonlight, Wen Ruan stretched lazily, took out her spiritual sword, and smiled at him.

"Thank you for saving me. You don't need to return that spirit stone. Consider it my gratitude."

Mu Zhe sneered, "Your life is quite valuable."

"Farewell. If we have the chance, I'll treat you to a meal."

The girl in blue stood firmly on the sword's blade, exchanged a few insincere pleasantries, and turned into a streak of light, flying away.

Amidst the roaring waves, Mu Zhe stood with his hands behind his back, feeling a sharp pain in his chest.

He took out the lotus seed and casually tossed it into his mouth.

In an instant, his pale lips regained their color, and the flesh on his chest started to heal, though a lingering pain remained inside.

He furrowed his brow. "It seems the Heart-Protecting Lotus can only provide temporary relief."

What was the reason behind his own injuries?

He recalled the scene when he woke up, blood stains covering the ground, and the same name written in every stroke.

He absentmindedly touched his fingertips together and squinted.

"Ah... Ruan?"

"Ah... ah-choo!"

Wen Ruan rubbed her nose. Did she catch a cold from falling into the water earlier?

She halted her flying sword and swiftly took out a Cold-Dispelling Pill from her storage pouch, swallowing it without hesitation.

One mustn't underestimate a cold. If it becomes severe, it can lead to myocarditis, resulting in respiratory distress and sudden death.

With the crisis averted, she could now calm down and think about some things.

Like who pushed her at the restaurant.

And who was playing the flute in the Ghost Maple Forest.

She always felt that someone was watching her from the shadows.

She shivered involuntarily, reflexively hugging her arms and accelerating her flight.

Shortly after Wen Ruan left, a young man flew out slowly from behind the dark clouds.

He stood with his hands behind his back on a sword, his handsome face pale with a sickly complexion. He tilted his head and chuckled.

"Have I been discovered?"

A raven flew past his side, and he took an interest in it, inadvertently looking down at the scenery beneath his feet. His smile froze.

"No... no, it's too high, too high."

His already pale face turned even paler, and he squatted down, tightly clutching the sword handle and closing his eyes.

"Indeed, the flying boat is safer."

After five days of relentless travel, Wen Ruan had covered almost the entire cultivation world and finally arrived near the Demon Realm.

She decided to settle in the farthest city, Chunling City.

It was late at night, and she randomly chose an inn that was still open. She walked towards the front desk.

The inn's attendant, a fox-eared boy, was dozing off, his fluffy fox ears twitching. He had delicate and beautiful features, appearing to be around 14 or 15 years old.

Wen Ruan restrained her urge to touch his ears and tapped the table. "Hello, please give me a room upstairs."

The fox-eared boy suddenly woke up, dazedly nodding. "Okay, okay."

She paid and received the key, preparing to leave. However, he called out to her, "Miss, Miss."

"What's the matter?"

"You... " The fox-eared young man, feeling embarrassed, averted his gaze and pointed at her skirt. "Maybe you should cover up a bit."

Wen Ruan lowered her head and took a look. These past few days, she had been busy traveling and hadn't had the chance to tidy herself up. She had simply used a Dust Cleansing Curse, and she was still wearing the clothes she had set off in.

The blue long dress had been torn by the black snake, turning into a knee-length skirt, revealing her slender and straight legs.

She had successfully placed herself at the forefront of fashion in the cultivation world.

Having been accustomed to wearing skirts in reality, she didn't mind much and thanked him, "Thank you."

After taking a few steps, she couldn't help but turn back and give him a thumbs-up, revealing all of her front row teeth.

"Your ears are really nice."

The fox-eared boy stood stunned in place. After a long while, he covered his flushed face and sat back behind the counter.

The sun was about to rise, and golden rays of light painted the clouds. A group of white egrets flew across the sky, leaving behind a few clear cries.

Wen Ruan pushed open the window, stretched lazily, and leaned against the windowsill to comb her long hair. "By my calculations, today is a perfect day for eating buns."

She braided her hair into a twist, changed her clothes, and opened the door of her room, heading downstairs.

The people coming and going in Chunling City were a mix of all sorts, with various forces intertwined. Besides Floating Clouds and Past Memories, it was a realm where humans, demons, and monsters coexisted.

The governance here was chaotic, and robberies frequently occurred.

She stored her sword in her storage pouch, but feeling uncertain, she stuffed the pouch into her spiritual abode.

Anyway, she didn't have a bound sword to keep inside it. Putting the storage pouch there was almost the same.

When she arrived in the lobby, it was breakfast time, and as expected, it was packed.

The people here were mostly straightforward and lacked formalities. They ate and chatted lively, making the roof almost flip over due to the noise and actions.

"Good morning, miss," a fox-eared attendant approached. He had a sweat towel draped over his shoulder and greeted her with a bright smile.

"What would you like to eat?”

"Buns." She spotted an empty table in the corner and walked over quickly, not forgetting to instruct, "Three meat buns and a bowl of porridge."


Just as she sat down, a few people came and sat together, all of them elegantly dressed in white.

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