In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 81 - Unexpected Obstacle

However, no matter how long he waited, there was no pain.

Rei cautiously opened his eyes and saw Sakura, stiffened, glaring in his direction.

The moment he wondered what had happened, Sakura’s head shook.

Blood dripped onto the rooftop.

Her raised hand slowly sunk, and Sakura fell to her knees.


It seemed like Sakura couldn’t grasp what had happened.

Rei lifted his face.

All members of the community were standing behind Sakura who kneeled.

Tooru, standing in the center, was holding a gun, and Rei grasped what had happened.

Tooru had shot Sakura.

The bullet had hit the back of Sakura’s head, and she had stopped.

“It seemed like we made it in time by a hair’s breadth.”

“Tooru… I’m saved.”

“Rei, tell that to Yui. If she hadn’t told me, you’d be dead by now.”

“Ehehe… I just spotted Brother by accident and followed him.”

“...So, this is checkmate, I guess?”

Everyone enclosed Sakura in a semicircle.

“Brother, hold on.”


Yui lent Rei a hand and pulled him to the rooftop.

“We found the traitor! Sakura Yamashita… She hid the fact that she was infected by the virus! She watched out friends die and laughed behind our backs! I can never forgive her!”

Everyone nodded to Tooru’s words.

“He, ahaha!”

Then, Sakura suddenly burst out in laughter.

“Ahahahaha. AhahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

The deafening and unpleasant high-pitched tone echoed in the surroundings.

“I am the queen! I can do just about everything! I can’t lose to inferior beings like you!”

Sakura’s eyes were no longer focused.

Perhaps her brain had become injured from being shot because her articulation had become slightly off.

Her body was like a marionette and wriggled strangely.

“She’s gone crazy…”

It was understandable that Takumi unconsciously muttered that.

No matter who saw it, Sakura had become broken.

From the impact and heat of the bomb, her previous beauty was nowhere to be seen.

Only her mouth repeatedly opened and closed in her festered face.

“You are fools! Each and every one of you is an idiot! Ahahahaha!! Ai1, ai whill noth thie!! Ahahahahahbabababaaaa!!”

No one in the community said a word.

They were simply dumb-struck by the crazed person in front of them.

“What we can do is to silence her. Let’s do it.”

Tooru held up the gun.

Daiki held up an iron pipe.

Seiji gripped his spiked gloves.

Yuuki held up her bow.

Sayo held up her metal bat.

Hazuki held the kitchen knife.

Miu held a bottle of sulfuric acid.

Seeing this, Sakura howled.

“Idiotsidiotsidiotsidiots! Mai servants are still here! Do it! Gill 'em!!!”

“Servants? …No way!!!”

“Eventh if you notished it, itsh too late!!”

“Everyone dodge!!”

At that moment, Daiki floated in the air.

Something red sprouted from the floor and pierced Daiki’s body.


Daiki’s limbs hung loosely.

The red creature immediately disappeared into the ground, and Daiki’s body lost its support and fell to the rooftop.


There was a sound as Tooru rushed over, and the floor behind him disappeared.

The red monster, the owner of the red creature, appeared from it.

“Its tongue healed, huh… How didn’t we notice it!? What is Senior Shouda…!”

Tooru realized it then.

“I see… Senior Shouda has already been made into a servant by Sakura… Holy cow!”

He stared at the red monster with a stunned expression.

Sakura’s crazed laughter still hadn’t stopped.

  1. She’s lisping.

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