In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 80 - The Mummy Hunter Becoming the Mummy Himself

“Just as one would expect. You’re not just a coward, huh!”

Sakura’s hair swayed as it moved.

It was like wakame1 or something being toyed by the waves at sea.

“But it’s a shame. You can’t win without a gun after all.”

“You bastard!”

Rei threw an iron pipe sidearm.

The iron pipe rolled as it drew near Sakura, but was knocked away by her hair.

“Damn it!”

“Hehehe. What a shaaame.”

The instant Sakura smiled roguishly, her hair became like a serpent and attacked Rei.


Rei leaped to the side with all his strength and managed to dodge it somehow.

However, the serpent changed directions and approached him rapidly.

“Look, look, you’ll die if you don’t run, you know?”

“You don’t need to tell me!!”

Rei dodged with all his might, but the distance to the hair was shortening.

At this rate, he’ll be crushed sooner or later.


Running in a hurry, Rei stumbled on something and fell.

“S-something is…”

It was Sakura’s hair that was clinging to Rei’s foot.

“Are you surprised? When we were fighting that yakuza with the sword, I blocked his movements like this. …Anyhow, it’s checkmate!”

Sakura’s hair stretched out and headed for Rei.

Seeing it, Rei muttered,



“I waited for this the whole time, for this time.”

“What are you saying?”

“Did you think you had caught me? You’re wrong. ‘I have caught you’.”

Rei waved his right hand.

What came out was a cylindrical material.

The material was a bomb Ryou had created.

“Damn i…!”

Sakura stretched out her hair in a hurry but didn’t make it.

Dark smoke rushed out.

The bomb exploded at Sakura’s feet.


The smoke was already enshrouding them.

Material, most likely from the rooftop, made a pattering sound as it fell.

“Cough, cough!”

Rei stood up, stifled from the smoke.


Intense pain started in his left leg, and he involuntarily fell on one knee.

Looking at it, he saw a big splinter piercing it.

“Ugh… Serves you right…!”

Rei raised his fist high.

“Serves you right! I did it! Ryou’s enemy…!”



Something jumped out from within the smoke and appeared in front of Rei.



What appeared in front of Rei was a humanoid monster no longer able to retain its original shape.

The skin was hollowed out at several places on the body, and there was no shape of the clean-cut face.

The right foot closest to the bomb had been torn to pieces.

The muscle fiber was keeping it together.

“My face… How dare you injure me!”

“...Are you a monster?”


Rei felt a strong impact on his side and when he realized it, his body had collapsed against the fence.


The fence curved and became unstable.

In his blurry vision, Rei saw y certain something.

The smoke disappeared and an object was rolling to the place he could see.

It was a dismembered humanoid corpse.

There was a rattling sound and something fell in front of Rei.

The student council president’s badge had been slightly bent and rolled toward him.

“No way, don’t tell me…!”

“I’m glad I made Shouda into my pawn! He became my shield! …Rei! I will drop you as you are! I will beat you to death!!”

Sakura hit Rei time over time.

“Die! Die!”

“Ugh! Gugah!”

The fence shook each time he was hit, and Rei’s body gradually flew into the air.

“With this, die!!!”

Sakura put her utmost power and the skin on her hand tore up, exposing red muscles inside.

Before his eyes, it grew into an iron ball.

Sakura raised her hand.

“Damn it all…”

Rei closed his eyes.

  1. Brown seaweed.

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