Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 59 Black Cat (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 59 Coming out completely Part 2

After several days of torture, Liang Jianxin was almost out of shape. His body was stooped, his hair was messy, his face was pale, without a trace of blood, and he had lost a lot of weight. Many students did not recognize him, and he did not speak, staring blankly at the school road. When he saw Gu Ye coming from a distance, he staggered over and knelt down in front of Gu Ye. The surrounding students looked at this scene in surprise. Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang both reflexively pulled Gu Ye behind them.

Gu Ye held both friends with one hand on each of them and looked at Liang Jianxin who was kneeling in front of him. He said with a cold face, "I know why you came. You have too much death on your hands. I can't save you."

"Don't leave! It doesn't matter if you can't save me. Your family is rich! Your family has a lot of money, right?" Liang Jianxin crawled to Gu Ye's side in a few steps and grabbed Gu Ye's calf. His eyes were red, and he looked at Gu Ye crazily as he said, "Lend me 1 million yuan for me to see a doctor! 1 million yuan is not money (a big sum) to your family, right? Rich people like you don't even know the suffering of the people at the bottom. Just give me 1 million yuan, please! Aren't you Gu Decheng's son?!"

In the beginning, Liang Jianxin said ‘lend’ but it turned to ‘give’ at the end. As soon as these shameless words came out, Gu Ye's expression became even colder. Zhao Pengyu's bad temper was already lit up, so he grabbed Liang Jianxin’s arm and pulled him aside, "Can you be less shameless?!"

Even the student next to him couldn't stand it anymore, "Papa Gu's money didn't come from the strong wind (doesn’t come easy like money blown over by the wind)? How could you simply open your mouth and ask for it?!"

Liang Jianxin's eyes were red, and he didn't look at anyone else at all. He crawled over to beg Gu Ye again, "Your monthly living expenses must be several million yuan. It won't have any impact on you if you give me 1 million for medical treatment. For someone who came from a wealthy family like you, why can’t you help the poor? ‘The benevolent man cannot be rich’!”

*Idiom, simply saying that no rich people are kind

Xia Xiang said with a cold face, "Fart! Gu Ye's family doesn't give him any money at all, he earns all the money himself. Also, the Gu family didn't refrain from helping the poor either. Uncle Gu donates millions to mountainous areas every year. A few years ago, after the domestic earthquake, Uncle Gu led the domestic wealthy people to donate more than 1 billion yuan. The whole country knows about this, how can you have the nerve to say that he is rich and unkind?"

Gu Ye pulled Xia Xiang and said, "Don't pay attention to him. People with this kind of heart cannot be saved."

Liang Jianxin still wanted to chase after Gu Ye, but several security guards had already arrived and pulled him out. Gu Ye didn't save him and didn't give him any money. Liang Jianxin really felt that he couldn't survive this time. It was too difficult to live!

At this time, Liang Jianxin’s wife called him. He answered the call in a confused manner and a loud voice scolded him, "Where have you been? You still want me to limp around to find you? Trash like you, did you go out to wait for your death? You've been sick for several days but no one has come to visit you. What kind of character do you have? If you really can’t help it, go and ask people at your school to donate to you! Aren’t those students rich? Do you know how much it costs to treat you? You have no idea..."

As the chatter on the other side continued, Liang Jianxin's eyes became redder and redder, and he hung up the phone with a distorted face. When he saw a group of students in the school with sunny happy faces and no knowledge of the sufferings of the world, a ferocious sneer curled up at the corner of his mouth. He won't survive this! But even if he dies, he will drag a few people along! Let those who are lucky in life to join him!

Liang Jianxin returned home alone, found the knife he used that had killed countless animals from the basement, and started sharpening it. His back started to itch again, but he didn't care. As long as he got through today, he would drag other people to die with him tomorrow!

After Gu Ye finished his meal and was sitting there to rest, Zhao Pengyu asked Gu Ye, "What's going on with him?"

Gu Ye said in a nonchalant tone, "Retribution. Heaven dictated that the good reincarnates, while the bad won’t be tolerated. Let’s not talk about him. I just adopted a black cat, the kind with yin and yang eyes, so cute!"

“My gawd, will I still be able to go to your house in the future? You pray to the King of Hell, keep a human skin doll and now adopt a Xuan cat!"

Gu Ye replied seriously, "In the future if you have time to visit my house, remember to bring canned meat and gifts."

At this moment, the phone vibrated. Gu Ye clicked it and saw, [Yu Ze transferred 1,314 yuan.]

Gu Ye is used to it, and the corner of his lips curved up as he tapped the Accept button.

Since throwing away the other party's books, Yu Ze really didn't say much to tease him with earthy love words. Though he would occasionally say one or two similar phrases and Gu Ye will just take it as a flirtation. However, the ritual of clocking in morning and evening, and transferring money at 520 yuan in the morning and 1,314 yuan in the afternoon was still unchanged. Gu Ye knew that Yu Ze didn't care about the money, so he accepted it and transferred it all to a card. He wanted to save it and buy a token of love when he had the opportunity in the future. This money should be enough.

Yu Ze: [I’ll go to look for you tomorrow.]

Gu Ye lowered his head and replied: [No need, I will go home soon.]

Yu Ze: [You won’t come to see me when you go home.]

Gu Ye couldn't help but laugh. Why does Yu Ze sound resentful after saying this? He's an adult, but he's still childish.

Yu Ze asked again: [Since you don't see me next week, will you miss me?]

Gu Ye lowered his head and chuckled: [If I say I won’t, will you hit me?]

Yu Ze: […]

Gu Ye: [I’ll miss you.]

After sending that reply, even Gu Ye himself noticed that these 3 words were perfunctory, and he added with a smile: [I'll wait for you tomorrow, don't be late.]

Yu Ze: [OK.]

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang stared at Gu Ye. See how he is smiling happily, this is completely an image of someone in love. Zhao Pengyu couldn't help but kick Gu Ye under the table, "Hey! Who is this other party? Are you still hiding her? Don't you want to bring her to see us?"

Gu Ye kicked back with a smile, "No, I don't think you want to."

Zhao Pengyu sneered and winked at Xia Xiang as if to say ‘It doesn't matter if he doesn't say who is she. Doesn't he go out every Sunday at noon? I'll follow him at noon tomorrow.’

Xia Xiang didn't know how to persuade Zhao Pengyu except to sigh.

At noon the next day, Gu Ye was waiting for Yu Ze at the school gate as usual. There were no classes in the afternoon and many students went out to play. It was a lively time.

Zhao Pengyu pulled Xia Xiang and hid sneakily on the other side of the flower pond, "Look, he waits for someone every week! I must catch that little ‘yaojin’ (spirit)!"

Xia Xiang looked at Zhao Pengyu sympathetically, "Yeah, little ‘spirit’."

Gu Ye felt something and glanced in the direction of the flower pond. From just now, he felt that someone was following him. Before he found out who it was, he heard a noise at the gate, followed by the screams of students. Gu Ye stopped caring about who was following him anymore and ran out quickly. He saw Liang Jianxin, who came to him yesterday to ask for money, holding a sharp knife and rushing towards the students, slashing everyone he saw!

A group of students were frightened and ran away. Liang Jianxin chased after them like crazy. The security guard had already rushed up, but Liang Jianxin had a knife in his hand and was in an almost crazy state. The security guard could not stop him for now.

Gu Ye looked at the man with a cold expression. Liang Jianxin's condition was worse than yesterday. There was still blood on the knife in his hand that had not been wiped dry. His hands were already stained with human life.

"You students from prestigious universities! You all have a good life! How can you have a good life?! How can you look down on me?!"

Liang Jianxin's facial features were ferocious, and his eyes fell on a petite girl. Seeing that she was the weakest among these people, Liang Jianxin turned to her and rushed forward! The girl was so frightened that she threw her bag and ran away.

Gu Ye swiftly stepped forward with a cold face. Liang Jianxin recognized Gu Ye and lost control of his emotions, "You, your life is the best among them! People like you deserve to die!" Liang Jianxin rushed towards Gu Ye like crazy and slashed at Gu Ye's face with the knife. The students nearby screamed in fright.

Gu Ye curled his lips and stepped to the side. After dodging this attack, he was about to take action when he saw a familiar car zoomed into the area and stopped in front of him. Liang Jianxin was frightened by the car’s speed and subconsciously stepped back. Unbalanced, he fell and sat on the ground.

At this moment, the car door opened and slammed on Liang Jianxin's face. Before Liang Jianxin could see clearly who got out of the car, someone grabbed his wrist. The severe pain made his hand tremble, and the knife in his hand fell to the ground with a clang.

Gu Ye went over and kicked at the underside of Liang Jianxin’s knee. Then with a strong hold, he twisted Liang Jianxin’s arm and pushed him to the ground. The security guards rushed over to assist but just when they were taking over, Liang Jianxin screamed. He opened his mouth and tried to bite Gu Ye's calf. Before he could bite down, a leather shoe kicked him hard in the face. Liang Jianxin, who weighed 180 kilograms, was kicked flat to the ground by the force, and then the same leather shoe stepped on his face.

Gu Ye stared blankly at the man protecting him. It was the first time he saw Yu Ze like this. The iciness hidden in his cold eyebrows at this moment made people shudder. Gu Ye suddenly thought of what his second brother said to him previously - ‘What kind of person Yu Ze is and how ruthless he is? You can find out just by asking our big brother.’

With today's accident, did he get to know another side of Yu Ze?

Before Gu Ye could figure it out, he was hugged tightly by a solid arm, and the voice in his ears became gentle again, "Don't be afraid, I’m here."

Gu Ye raised the corners of his mouth and smiled, "Just in time."

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye with a still cold expression, and asked worriedly, "Are you injured anywhere?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "Nothing happened to me at all."

Yu Ze heaved a sigh and looked visibly relieved. He wanted to continue holding Gu Ye in his arms for comfort but Gu Ye noticed that everyone around him was looking at them. He reminded Yu Ze in a low voice, "Stop hugging, they are all watching."

Yu Ze frowned, "So what?"

Gu Ye pointed at Zhao Pengyu, who was already dumbfounded in the crowd, "What about him?"

Yu Ze said indifferently, "Sooner or later, he will have to know."

Gu Ye glanced at Zhao Pengyu and smiled sheepishly. This status* between them will be embarrassing in the future.

*As in being friends with his uncle’s partner, they are now in different ranks in the family tree

Zhao Pengyu saw the intimate actions between Gu Ye and Yu Ze and asked dumbly, "What's going on with them two?"

Xia Xiang shrugged, "Can't you just go and ask them yourself?"

And so, Zhao Pengyu walked over mechanically and looked at the two with a complicated expression, "You guys ..."

Yu Ze raised his eyebrows, "What's wrong?"

Zhao Pengyu asked for confirmation, "Is it you that Gu Ye waits for every week?"

Yu Ze nodded without hesitation, "Yes."

Gu Ye tugged on Yu Ze's sleeve and told him to stop talking. Zhao Pengyu's mind was already going to disconnect.

By the time he said these few words, the police car had already arrived. Liang Jianxin was handcuffed by the police, but he still struggled and shouted at the onlookers, "I'm going to kill you lucky people! You all deserve to die!”

Gu Ye looked back at Liang Jianxin and said indifferently, "You have killed too many animals. You deserve it. What does it have to do with fate (luck)? In fact, you are a good cook and you cook well."

Liang Jianxin shouted back fiercely, "Farts! What good is a cook? You don't understand my suffering at all!"

Gu Ye sighed, "There is no cure for you."

The police forcefully dragged Liang Jianxin into the police car. He had already killed his wife, and with the farce he made in front of the school, he would not be able to escape the death penalty.

Yu Ze opened the door and let Gu Ye get in the car first. He bent down and pulled on the seat belt, watching Gu Ye fasten it before closing the door, then walked around to the other side and got in the car.

No one saw that a car stopped on the roadside just now, and the people sitting in the car happened to see Gu Ye being held in Yu Ze's arms. The driver felt that the air pressure in the car was as cold as rock bottom, and asked tentatively, "Eldest Young Master, Second Young Master, are we still chasing after them?"

"No need." Gu Sen said with a cold face, "Go back and we’ll talk about it during the holidays at home."

Gu Lin pinched his forehead tiredly. The rumors were indeed true. Old Third will be having a difficult holiday soon.

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