Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 59 Black Cat (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 59 Coming out completely Part 1

It was just a cat but turned dead and then alive at the next second? Even Gu Ye, a person who has seen many ghosts and supernatural events, found it unbelievable. The doctors and nurses at the pet hospital had never seen anything like this. It wasn’t breathing, no heartbeat, and its pupils were dilated. Just when they were confused and didn't know how to explain it to the owner, the cat came back to life! Where is the scientific basis?

And this incredible thing happened more than once!

When Gu Ye arrived at the animal hospital, Dahei's head could already be raised. The little guy looked quite fierce actually, with a pair of blue and slightly green eyes. Its eyes were so round that anyone who looked at him would have an illusion that they were its prey.


Seeing that Dahei was much better, Gu Ye happily walked over and gently touched its head. Dahei raised its face and gently pressed its head against Gu Ye's palm, but it still couldn’t muster any strength.

"It really trusts you. If any of us gets close to it, it will struggle." The attending doctor held the prepared goat's milk and canned food. "It has been refusing to eat what we gave it. Please try feeding it."

When Dahei heard that there was food, it raised its head and opened its mouth, but no sound came out. The doctor said regretfully, "Its vocal cords were damaged and it couldn't make a sound. To be honest, it's a miracle that it survived."

Gu Ye smiled, touched Dahei's head, and said happily, "You have a bad fate. If you lower your head, you will lose. This is how you have to do to live."

Gu Ye brought the goat milk to Dahei's mouth. Dahei sniffed it and looked at Gu Ye again. Then, it drank the milk without hesitation and proceeded to eat from the can. After eating and drinking enough, Dahei looked obviously much better and more energetic.

The doctors and nurses all smiled and said, "It will be good if it can eat. Then it will be able to build its immune system."

Gu Ye coaxed softly, "You have to eat well even if I don't come. You'll get better quickly when you're full. Only when you recover can you go home with me."

Dahei licked Gu Ye's fingertips as if it understood Gu Ye's words. It saw Hong Dou following behind Gu Ye and remembered that it was Hong Dou who rescued it. Dahei wanted to crawl over, but its body still couldn't do it, so it lay down again after a moment of struggle.

Gu Ye could tell from its eyes that Dahei was indeed a mysterious cat, with a pair of yin and yang eyes, and was naturally psychic. In addition, it signed a contract with him, and its spiritual power was strengthened. From now on, no spirits or monsters can escape from these cat eyes.

After Dahei lay down, it fell asleep again. Gu Ye gently smoothed its hair. As he was still doing it, he discovered that a dark soul raised its head from the body and stood up! Gu Ye's eyes widened in shock. The cat’s soul had left its body by itself?

After Dahei's soul came out of its body, its body was more than 3 times larger than the normal size. It jumped off the table like a little leopard, apparently trying to get out of the room. Gu Ye stared at it in shock before calling out, "Dahei? "

The Dahei who was in the soul state, had just stepped out with its front paws but had not yet landed. Hearing this, it turned around with stiffened paws and a confused look on its face. Gu Ye laughed dryly, "Haha."

Dahei jumped up from the ground in an instant and returned to its body. Next, it opened its eyes and looked at Gu Ye blankly. It didn't seem to know what was going on about the fact that it was able to get out just now.

Gu Ye helplessly rubbed the little thing's head, "It's so bad for you that you can even leave your soul on your own. Your talent is too high."

After thinking about it, Gu Ye understood. This little thing was supposed to be dead but he had forced it to stay with a contract, and it was a ‘Xuan’ cat itself. This body is now sitting on the middle wall between the Yin and Yang realms. If it wants to go to the underworld, it can go to the underworld; if it wants to go to the Yang world (human realm), it can go to the Yang world. Moreover, his high spiritual power influenced this little guy's soul so it became so big that it almost turned into a black panther.

"Okay, it's good to be capable. I'll rely on you to protect me from now on." Gu Ye pinched Dahei's ear, not caring whether it could understand it or not. He spoke to it softly for a while before leaving.

When it was late at night, Dahei heard something moving outside the window and took a cautious look. It saw a big black furry ball waving its paws outside the window. Dahei found that the doctors and nurses were all drowsy, and no one paid attention to it. With one kick, its body slumped in the cage. Its soul jumped directly from the table to the window sill 2 meters away. Dahei wagged its tail and walked away. That jumping posture, as expected from a rural Chinese cat.

That night, Liang Jianxin had another dream. This time there was not only the fur ball of an unknown species but also a big black cat! It was exactly the same as the one that disappeared in the basement, only several times bigger. The two chased him together and tortured him all night long.

After Liang Jianxin woke up, he was trembling with fear. He felt that the skin on his back was tight, and he immediately had a bad premonition. He got up from the bed and looked in the mirror. Sure enough! There's fur growing on his back again! And it’s all over his back this time!

Liang Jianxin knelt on the ground in despair, grabbing his hair with both hands. His eyes were red and he felt like he was going crazy! How to survive this? Life is worse than death! He had a skin incision yesterday. According to the doctor, the hair grows in the flesh. In order to cut it off completely, a deep piece of skin was dug out on his back. Now he suddenly felt uncomfortable in the skinless area. Liang Jianxin tremblingly opened the gauze with his fingers, and saw that fur was growing on the bloody wound!

And, it started to itch again!

Liang Jianxin was rolling on the ground in pain. No matter how he scratched, the itch didn't ease. He accidentally scratched the wound, and the intense pain caused him to scream out. With the severe pain in the wound and huge itching on the back, Liang Jianxin was so tortured that he had the urge to slam his head to the wall to death, which would be more satisfying.

At this moment, his wife who was sleeping next to the hospital bed was woken up. Seeing his terrible state, she also started crying and asked desperately, "What's wrong with you? Of all things, you just have to get this strange disease! How much does this cost? Did you get cursed?!"

"It must be a spirit! That black cat! It has become a spirit!" Liang Jianxin scratched his back crazily and cursed bitterly, "I should kill it! Finish it with a slash!"

Liang Jianxin’s wife was crying and scolding at the side, "What have you done?! Did you catch someone's child and now its mother came to find it? You have messed with something dirty!"

The couple both believed that they had offended a spirit. After all, black cats are known to be associated with evil, so they decided to find a master to check it out. She asked someone to find out if there was any master around here who knew how to calculate (handle supernatural cases). After asking around, her friends all laughed and said, "Isn't there someone in the university where Old Liang works who knows how to calculate? It's the little number one scholar, Gu Decheng's son."

Liang Jianxin's wife went to the university that day, and she inquired about him. She found out that Gu Ye didn’t stay in the dorm and would go home after class every night, so she waited at the school gate until Gu Ye came out at around 9:00 p.m. She ran over excitedly, and even before she started explaining her purpose, Gu Ye cut her off with, "The sinner deserves it, no one will save him."

"Sir, don't leave!" Liang Jianxin's wife grabbed Gu Ye anxiously, "Just take a look at him. He was harmed by a spirit! My man is an honest man and has never harmed anyone!"

Gu Ye sneered and pushed the other party's hand away indifferently, "Okay, I can save him. It costs 1.8 million yuan, can you give it?"

"1.8 million yuan? Why don't you go out and rob?" The woman immediately became anxious, "I don't even have that much money, even after selling everything!"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "You do. If you sell your house, and add another 300,000 yuan from your bankbook, you can save your man's life with 1.8 million yuan. Will you save him?"

The woman angrily cursed Gu Ye as a lunatic turned around and left. Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, knowing that the other party was reluctant to give the money.

Liang Jianxin's wife has a tall and thick figure, with thick eyebrows and a square face. If this kind of face shape appears on a man, it will be a sign of blessing. If it appears on a woman, she will typically have a bad temper, be aggressive, and like to overwhelm her husband. After so many years of suppressing her husband, how can she still have any feelings for him? She was just worried that if her husband died, she would have no source of income.

People's hearts ah, Gu Ye shook his head in disappointment and strolled home.

Liang Jianxin kept rolling around from the itching and his back was scratched to a bloody mess. He could stand the pain, but the itching was really unbearable. The doctor tried every method but could not stop the itching. Finally, he had no choice but to advise, "You should transfer him to another hospital, we can't cure him."

"Don't! This has already cost more than 20,000 yuan. Won’t we have to spend more money to transfer to a hospital?" Liang Jianxin's wife said firmly, "He must be entangled in dirty things! As long as the evil spirits are exorcised, he will be cured!"

The doctor frowned, "You still have to trust in medical skills to treat the disease. Don't delay the condition (with superstition)."

Liang Jianxin's wife no longer wanted to talk to the doctor and told Liang Jianxin swornly, "I went to Capital University today but Gu Ye won't save you! As a man, he looked feminine like a spirit, I don't think he's a good guy. Just wait till I ask someone else tomorrow."

The doctor shook his head helplessly and left. Liang Jianxin lay on the bed in despair, his eyes dim. He had been tortured and lost the courage to live.

The next day, Liang Jianxin’s wife actually found a master under the introduction of others and spent 2,000 yuan to buy a charm. In the end, it didn't work at all! Liang Jianxin still had nightmares. Fur began to grow not only on his back but also on his legs and chest.

How could Liang Jianxin's wife endure the fact that 2,000 yuan was wasted like this?

Ignoring the fact that Liang Jianxin was lying on the bed and was about to die, she took a taxi and went to the master’s home. She blocked the door and cursed him, "Liar! Refund the money! What kind of charm is this? Why do you have the nerve to sell it for 2,000 yuan? Why don’t you go out and rob instead?”

That master was actually quite capable. He got angry when a shrew blocked the door and scolded him. He refunded her money and did some tricks. Hence, before Liang Jianxin's wife arrived at the hospital, she had sprained her foot and had a big swelling. After she went back, she started crying, and habitually accused Liang Jianxin, "If it weren't for you, how could I become like this? You are an unlucky person! I haven't had a good day since I was married to you! I don’t even have a child yet! Is it because I don’t lay eggs, or you are a weakling who has no ability?! You weakling! Coward!"

Liang Jianxin listened to her scolding for 2 minutes, but still, she didn’t stop. Finally, he broke out, "Blame me! Blame me for everything! Besides blaming me, what else can you do?!"

"You still dare to scold me?" The woman was used to being aggressive, so she picked up a pillow and smashed it on Liang Jianxin's head, "You have no ability, you dare to scold me?!"

The nurse came and knocked on the door and said with a headache, "Don't disturb other patients while they are resting! Please be quiet!"

Liang Jianxin shut his mouth and clutched the sheets tightly with his hands. Bloodthirsty anger flashed in his eyes. He couldn't bear it any longer!

Regarding Liang Jianxin's disease, he feels better between 12.00 pm and 1.00 pm in the day. At this time, Yang energy is strong so the evil energy in his body is restrained. He took this opportunity to run out of the hospital and came to school by a familiar route. At this timing, it happened to be the time for the students to eat. He knew that Gu Ye liked to eat in the second cafeteria, so he was waiting for him at the door of the cafeteria.

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