Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 58 Black Cat (ETL) Part 1

[Caution: Mention of abuse for small animals. Proceed with caution.]

Chapter 58 Dead and alive again Part 1

At 10.00 pm, the semi-old residential building community has become quiet. In the southeast corner of the community, there is a single low-rise building, only 6 stories high. There is no elevator and the corridor is relatively narrow. It is probably because the conditions are not good so no one wants to live here. Only the 1st and 5th floors have lights.

Standing by the window, one can hear a middle-aged woman scolding angrily, "You are worthless! If it weren’t for the house my parents bought me, I wouldn’t even have a place to live when I married you! Didn't you marry into my family because I had a house under my name back then? Right now, my brother is in urgent need of money, what's wrong if I give him 100,000 yuan? You still don't make enough, a cook! Someone worthless with no future! What a loser!"

The man suppressed his anger and said angrily, "How much money do I earn in a year? You can’t simply give out 100,000 yuan at once!"

"Didn't my parents give us this house when we got married? What's wrong with giving out 100,000 yuan? My brother is buying a house for his son. Shouldn't I, as a sister, help him? If you are capable, then don't live in my house. Get out of here. Aiya! Even your job as a cook was found by my brother, otherwise you wouldn’t even be a cook!”

After being scolded so much by his wife, the man's shoulders slumped. He has been suppressed by this reason for 16 years, he was almost going crazy. His face turned red from the anger and he said, "Then you have to discuss it with me first, I earned the money! If you just give them away without asking, who am I in this family?"

"Discuss?" the woman sneered, "Why do I need to discuss with you? I have the final say in this family. If you don't like it, you can divorce me, and you can sleep on the street!"

Driven away by his wife's unreasonable words, the man slammed the door furiously and went directly to the basement.

There is a wall separating the basement of this building from other buildings. There is a very thick fireproof and explosion-proof door in the middle, which is not opened at ordinary times. This results in a very good sound insulation effect underground, and it is even more eerily quiet at night.

Hong Dou followed Liang Jianxin quietly. She found no problems upstairs, so she followed him to the basement.

[Caution: The description of abuse starts from here]

Liang Jianxin walked to the door of his basement, took out a key, and opened the airtight iron door of the basement. As soon as he opened the door, the pungent smell of blood and putrid smell, mixed with the smell of moldy things filled the air. After Liang Jianxin entered, he closed the iron door and turned on the light. What he saw was a pure black cat hanging on the wall. Iron nails had been hammered into its limbs. The wounds on its body were crisscrossed, and bones were visible in some places. The blood stained the cat's fur and dripped onto the ground. Some of it had solidified and turned a disgusting brown color.

The kitten was only about half a year old and was thin. Only its slowly rising belly proved that the cat was still alive. Hearing the noise, it glanced at the door with dull eyes. Its blue eyes struggled slightly, but it had no strength and could not move at all. It opened its mouth and wanted to scream, but unfortunately, its vocal cords had been severed. Losing the ability to make any sound, the kitten could only watch the demon-like person come in and walk up to it.

Liang Jianxin took a knife from the iron shelf at the corner of the wall and made a gesture on the cat's belly. Seeing the kitten struggling feebly, he suddenly laughed out. His face was distorted and he bared his teeth. His eyes widened to their maximum size, and he scolded viciously, "Bitch! I'll cut open your belly right now! Take out your heart and liver! See how you gonna bully me! Who asks you to look down on me! Go to hell! Go to hell!!"

At this moment, a gust of wind blew over, and a ghostly cry sounded in the small basement. The dim lights suddenly went out, and the bloody and pungent basement became even more eerie and terrifying. It seemed as if someone walked past him and brought a gust of cool wind, which made the atmosphere eerie. The chill gave Liang Jianxin a layer of goosebumps, and his scalp turned numb.

"Who?!" Liang Jianxin raised the knife, his voice changed with fear, "Who is doing this? Is there anyone?"

Clang clang clang!

The rusty iron shelf placed next to the wall suddenly shook. A sack on the shelf was swung down from above and hit Liang Jianxin directly. In the darkness, Liang Jianxin couldn't dodge, and he was so frightened that he waved the knife in his hand as he ran away.

At this moment, the light suddenly came on again, and the sack had been untied. Inside were the bodies of kittens and puppies, all of whom had been tortured to death, with injuries everywhere on their bodies. The brown blood has long since solidified, and some of the bodies have stuck together. Moreover, the bodies of these small animals were incomplete. Some have no eyes, some have no ears, some have their stomachs cut open, and some have half of their skin cut off. Even the bones are exposed.

The black cat on the wall has disappeared.

Liang Jianxin waited for a while and found that nothing happened. He held up the knife tremblingly and went back. After discovering that the cat was gone, he looked around in horror. He found that the surrounding area was so quiet that you could hear a needle drop, and there were only dead bodies of cats and dogs lying on the ground. Shivering, Liang Jianxin put the carcasses of these small animals back into the sacks with a pale face. He dragged them to the first floor with great effort, threw them on his electric tricycle used for grocery shopping, and dragged them to a small river in the northeast of the community side.

The river here has long dried up and is surrounded by weeds half as tall as a man. Among these weeds, there is a large pit more than 2 meters deep. Liang Jianxin threw all the corpses in with familiarity and ran away on a tricycle.

Hong Dou hugged the black cat and returned home anxiously. She stopped at the door and called out, "Young Master! Open the door!"

Gu Ye, who was lying on the sofa chatting with Yu Ze on the phone, was already sleepy. He sat up lazily when he heard Hong Dou’s call. But realizing the anxiety in her words, he ran over barefoot and opened the door to see a dying cat.

Gu Ye was shocked awake and asked, "What's wrong with this cat? Send him to the hospital quickly!"

Gu Ye put on his shoes anxiously and heard Hong Dou explain, "That chef abused cats and dogs. I saw nearly a hundred souls near the basement."

"Nearly a hundred?" Gu Ye's face turned cold, "Is he crazy? God has a compassionate heart for all things. Cats and dogs are also precious life!"

Gu Ye ignored the blood stains on the cat, hugged the cat, wrapped it in a coat, and ran outside.

Hong Dou floated behind, "Master, I think this cat can see me."

Gu Ye glanced at the cat in his arms and said in surprise, "It's actually a ‘Xuan’ cat*?"

*Black cat, but implied to be related to supernatural things

At this time, a taxi happened to pass by the gate. Gu Ye waved to call the taxi and hurried up, saying anxiously, "Uncle, go to the nearest pet hospital, hurry up!"

The driver smelled the smell of blood and was shocked. The moment he opened his mouth, a string of Northeastern accent came out, "Tis cat or dog, wat’s wrong wif it?"

Gu Ye looked at the cat with a cold expression, it had already reached the state of soul separation, "Met a scumbag."

The driver also knew that this matter was urgent. With a curse (at the perp), he stepped on the accelerator, and the car suddenly drove out, going as fast as possible within the speed limit. The nearest pet hospital from the school is more than 20 minutes away. The driver is really nice and the speed is already very fast so Gu Ye can't rush him anymore. He touches the cooling body of the cat in his arms, and his face becomes icier.

On the other hand, the kitten's dull eyes gradually gained brightness. It looked at Gu Ye's face with wide eyes and smelled his scent. It feebly licked the blood on his body and struggled to get up.

Gu Ye's expression became increasingly ugly. He touched the kitten's head and said softly, "Don't move, be strong."

The kitten raised its head and licked Gu Ye's fingers. But after that, it had no more strength to get up again and collapse into Gu Ye's arms. Its eyes gradually lost their luster. Slowly, it slowly closed its eyes, leaving just a gap, still staring closely at Gu Ye's gentle eyes. As if reluctant to let go of the warmth in Gu Ye's arms, it stretched out its claws and tried to hook Gu Ye's clothes. However, its nails had been pulled out with pliers. No matter how hard it tried, it was in vain.[1]

Gu Ye looked at the bloody cat paw print-like plum blossom left on his arm with a cold face. His eyes turned cold, and he bit his finger and touched the kitten's forehead. Then he drew a complicated curse seal in the air before pressing it on the kitten's body.

"Yang does not control the soul (hun), Yin does not control the soul (po), We are summoning you back, return to your body!"

As soon as Gu Ye finished speaking, the kitten suddenly opened its eyes, and a glimmer of light returned to them again.

Gu Ye placed his bloody finger on the kitten's forehead and asked gently, "Will you be my cat?"

The little kitten looked at Gu Ye, the blood between its eyebrows miraculously dried up, and its breathing became clearer.

Gu Ye smiled and finally breathed a sigh of relief, "From now on, your life will be mine. In our line of profession, each person can only keep one spiritual pet. I originally wanted to contract a lion, tiger, or something, but unexpectedly I signed a cat. You have to live up to the expectations of your type. Chinese rural cats have 9 lives, what more you are the legendary black cat."

The taxi driver saw Gu Yu muttering away and even using some ‘evil occult gestures’, so he accelerated again. 3 minutes later, the driver said, "Young man, get ready to get off. There are still 50 meters left! Alright, we are here!"

Gu Ye threw away 100 yuan to the driver. Saying no need for a change, he rushed into the pet hospital with the cat in his arms.

The doctors and nurses were also dumbfounded when they saw the cat, "How can it be abused like this? How pitiful!"

Gu Ye urged, "Save it quickly!"

The doctor said regretfully, "This cat can't be saved. The injuries are too serious. Look at the injuries on its body yourself. Its vocal cord has been cut."

Gu Ye replied with a cold face, "How do you know it can't be saved without trying? Rural cats have a good physique, it can survive. Listen to me, save it!"

Since Gu Ye said that, the doctor had no choice but to ask the nurse to prepare for the operation. But he added, "I want to tell you something in advance. It may cost a lot of money to save it, and it may not be possible to save it even with money."

Gu Ye nodded, "My financial ability allows it and I am willing to save it. If you can save it, I will send a gratitude pennant to your hospital."

With Gu Ye's words, the doctor said nothing and hurriedly performed the operation.

Sitting on the chair outside the operating room, Gu Ye looked at the blood all over his body and sighed helplessly.

A little nurse poured a glass of water for Gu Ye and advised, "Don't blame the doctors for talking too much. Because with such serious injuries, even the cat owners themselves often refused to save them. Also, with that amount of money needed to rescue the cat, it can be used to buy a new one instead. Sometimes after rescuing the pet, the owners saw the bill and left, simply don’t want the cat anymore. What's more, some even didn’t pay. Sometimes they will abandon cats and dogs at the slightest health problem. Did you see those?" The little nurse pointed to the cages placed in the corner, "They were all abandoned by their owners and have not been taken back until now."

Gu Ye looked at his fingertips. The place where the little guy licked seemed to still have warmth. It is just a little life and not some bastards, how could he be so cruel to not care for it? It's so heartbreaking to let it die in his arms.

The operation lasted for more than 2 hours before the doctor came out. He said with emotion, "It's a miracle. This little guy's desire to live was too strong and its life was saved. But the injury was too serious and it was malnourished, so it had to be hospitalized. "

The corners of Gu Ye's lips curled up, "Thank you for your hard work!"

The surgery fee is more than 5,000 yuan. Daily infusions, nursing care, and meals cost more than 1,000 yuan for a day’s hospitalization. Gu Ye paid a week's worth of money at once and gave his WeChat and mobile phone number to the doctor. After asking the other party to contact him anytime if he had any questions, Gu Ye left.

After leaving the hospital, Gu Ye asked Hong Dou to take him directly to Liang Jianxin's home. From a distance, Gu Ye could see a layer of killing aura circulating around the entire building. These killing aura are all emitted by the evil spirits of animals.

Cats and dogs are both spiritual animals. Their IQ is not as high as that of humans, and their soul power is not as strong as that of humans, but it is much higher than other animals. Moreover, Liang Jianxin made their deaths so painful, which made these cats and dogs hold grudges. With such a large number, the same grievances accumulated together and became stronger and stronger. Once they reach the level that can cause substantial harm to people, these evil spirits, whose IQs are only as high as those of children, will definitely attack humans (the same species as Liang Jianxin).

Hong Dou looked at these little animals with distress, "They are so pitiful."

Gu Ye sneered, "Let’s give them a hand."

Gu Ye took out his cinnabar pen and quickly drew the 7 talismans, then threw it into the air. The seven talismans formed a circle, surrounding all the resentful spirits. Gu Ye raised his hand and quickly made a few finger gestures. The 7 spiritual talismans quickly gathered in the middle.

Realizing that they had been captured again, the resentful spirits eagerly wanted to break out of the restraint circle. Gu Ye made several gestures with his fingers again and drew a complicated spell with the cinnabar pen in his hand. As soon as the pen tip was raised, the red talisman immediately appeared and swooped over quickly.

All the resentful spirits felt a warm power, making them feel at ease and warm. Gradually, they became quiet. As the talismans tightened, their grievances merged together, forming a billowing grievance that was like a substantial black hair ball. The talisman then hung around the spirit's neck, forming a circle.

Gu Ye looked at the merged spirits and said seriously, "Where’s there a grudge, there will be revenge. How you torture that scumbag is karma and I won't care. But if you dare to hurt innocent people, these 7 talismans will be your restraining curse."

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[1] Banana: I tear up 3 times at this part during translation, and I don't even own a pet T^T

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