Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 57 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 57 He will have to rely on me to support him from now on Part 2

After arriving at Yu Ze's house, Gu Ye couldn't help but feel happy. The house was still deserted and clean, and it didn't feel like anyone had lived there. He really doesn't know how Yu Ze managed to keep it that way. After carrying all the ingredients to the kitchen, Gu Ye checked the stove, pots, and pans. Fortunately, they were all usable.

Yu Ze stood behind Gu Ye with a sullen face and asked awkwardly, "Do you need my help?"

Gu Ye waved his hand, smiled, and pushed the other person out, "No need, you go out and wait, I will finish cooking soon."

Yu Ze smiled bitterly. This was the first time since he was a child that he felt so powerless and frustrated.

Gu Ye quickly cooked out 4 dishes and a bowl of soup; 2 meat dishes and 2 vegetable dishes. When putting the rice in the bowls, Gu Ye stared at the bowls, and a hint of tenderness flashed in his eyes. This scene disappeared after Master passed away. He stopped cooking for a long time because no one would eat it after he cooked the food and no one praised him for making it delicious. Suddenly, Gu Ye felt like he was in another world. Shaking his head to get rid of the thought, Gu Ye shouted, "It's time to eat, President Yu, bring the soup."

After Yu Ze sat down, he looked at the dishes which were the vegetables he bought, and now cooked and placed on the plate. He has a look of shock on his face.

Gu Ye asked curiously, "What did you eat when you were abroad?"

Yu Ze said seriously, "Well, I brought a housekeeper, a nanny, a chef, a gardener..."

"Stop!" Gu Ye passed the chopsticks dumbfounded, "Eat."

Yu Ze could only stop talking about the topic. He took a sip of the soup and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Gu Ye smiled until his eyes were curved, "Is it delicious?"

Yu Ze nodded and gave a high compliment, "Very good."

Gu Ye raised his lips with satisfaction, "That's right, even a picky old man thinks my cooking is delicious."

After eating, Yu Ze actively helped to clean up. The mysophobic patient wore long gloves and wrapped himself tightly as if he were doing a biochemical experiment. Then Gu Ye watched as Yu Ze continuously dropped 4 plates. Gu Ye helplessly grabbed his white shirt from behind him and pulled him away from the sink like a tail. He had completely despaired of the CEO’s inability to do chores, "Yu Ze, please spare yourself and the plates too."

Yu Ze: "..."

After cleaning up, Gu Ye began to walk around Yu Ze's house, especially the study room, checking carefully! Sure enough, Gu Ye saw some funny books on the bottom shelf of the other party's bookshelf:
"Laws of Love",
"Escape Singlehood in One Hundred Days",
"The Magic of Love Turns in Circles",
"Complete Collection of Earthly Love Words",
"It's Not That You're Not Good Enough, It's Just That You Don't Know How to Flirt"

Every time Gu Ye pulled out a book, his expression became uglier. What is all this nonsense?

Yu Ze stood at the door with an innocent look on his face, "What's wrong?"

Gu Ye looked up tiredly, "You have no experience in love?"

Yu Ze nodded and admitted honestly, "Yes, I'm still learning now."

Gu Ye stood up tiredly and threw these books into the trash can one by one. "You are so handsome now that you don't need these at all. Don't buy such unreliable things in the future."

Yu Ze looked into Gu Ye's eyes and promised seriously, "Okay, I won't buy it again."

Gu Ye threw away the last one, "Don't read it again, forget what you have read!"

Yu Ze frowned, "It's a bit difficult to forget."

Gu Ye glared at Yu Ze fiercely, "Then restrain yourself and stop sending me nonsense words, or I'll beat you!"

Yu Ze nodded quickly, "Okay."

After receiving the assurance, Gu Ye's expression softened and he walked to Yu Ze. He slightly raised his face to look at the other person and had the urge to pinch this handsome face. Yu Ze looked at the face in front of him and couldn't help but lower his head slightly. Gu Ye swiftly turned his head away, avoiding Yu Ze’s movements, and pointed to the box containing the broken sword on the table, "That! I still want to look at that!”

Yu Ze looked at the blushing tips of Gu Ye’s ears and smiled. Then he walked into the study, opened the lid, and showed Gu Ye, "It's still the same, nothing changed."

The ancient long sword was still broken into two pieces, but the killing aura remained unabated. Gu Ye touched the sword's body, and the killing aura made him feel a chill. Feeling the resistance of the soul living inside, Gu Ye smiled, quickly stopped, and said apologetically, "Sorry."

Yu Ze asked in confusion, "What?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Can this broken sword be repaired?"

Yu Ze looked at the fracture and asked, "Can glue work?"

Amused by the response, Gu Ye joked, "I can even do it with glutinous rice then. But will it be reliable? Find a professional to fix it."

Yu Ze disliked how dirty it was, "Is it necessary?"

Gu Ye coaxed with a smile, "Find someone to fix it, and I will tell you something."

Yu Ze agreed to the request and said dotingly, "Okay, you are the head of the family, I will listen to you."

Gu Ye pursed his lips with a smile and walked out of the study. On the sofa, he lies down and says, "This head of the family wants to take a nap."

Yu Ze followed behind and leaned over to look at Gu Ye, "The guest room has been cleaned up. Go to sleep on the bed?"

Gu Ye hugged the pillow and said, "Not going, the sofa is just fine."

Yu Ze chuckled lightly and sat next to Gu Ye, holding his hand and watching him sleep quietly. Gu Ye reluctantly opened his eyes and saw Yu Ze's eyes. He couldn't help but want to laugh. Such a proud Son of Heaven can be so satisfied just by holding his hand. This thought is enough.

After Gu Ye fell asleep, Yu Ze got up and returned to the bedroom. He took out a few more books from the bedside table, thought about it, and threw them into the trash can. In order to prevent Gu Ye from finding it, President Yu hid the trash can behind the curtain with a cold face, planning to throw it away secretly after Gu Ye left. After checking that Gu Ye would not notice even if he came into his bedroom, Yu Ze returned to the living room and sat next to Gu Ye. He gently grabbed Gu Ye's hand and held it in the palm of his hand. His soft eyes seemed to be looking at a hard-won treasure.

At around 9.00 pm, Gu Ye was sent back to his residence and he flopped on his bed. After thinking about what happened today, he couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth. Not long after, the phone rang. Gu Ye looked at it and saw that it was from Zhao Pengyu. He lay down to answer the call and asked lazily, "What's the matter?"

"The holiday arrangements have been made. New Year's Day falls on Saturday and Sunday so we have 3 days off. Will you go home?"

"Yes, how about you guys?"

"We're all going back, let's go together. I'll book a car in advance."

Gu Ye turned over and sat up, "Okay."

Zhao Pengyu asked tentatively, "What did you do today? I went to look for you in the evening, but you were not at home."

Gu Ye smiled, "I went to save the EQ of a successful person. Also, I went to check out the other side of his personality."

[Banana: Please take note that 他 is ‘He’, and 她 is ‘She’ in writing but both sounded the same [tā] in verbal communication so Zhao Pengyu can’t tell the gender.]

"The other side of her personality? Damn it! You're in love!"

"En, we just got together, the getting to know each other stage."

Zhao Pengyu couldn't believe it at all, "Oh my god, when did it happen? You hid it so well. So how was your observation today?"

A hint of helplessness and tenderness flashed through Gu Ye's eyes, "He will have to rely on me to support him from now on. Simply someone who can't distinguish between grains (don’t do physical labors)."

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Pengyu told Xia Xiang worriedly, "No, I feel like something is wrong. Next time he goes out, I want to follow him to see."

Xia Xiang was lying down playing games, "What do you want to see?"

"I’m worried about him being deceived."

Xia Xiang didn’t stop doing what he was doing and said without interest, "I don't want to go, and you shouldn’t go either."

Zhao Pengyu said worriedly, "That won't work. With his kind of temper, the only reliable friends around him are us. If we don't care about him, who will care about him?"

Xia Xiang sighed in despair, ignorance is so blissful.

Canteen No. 2.

"Have you heard? A new chef just arrived today, and the meat dish is particularly delicious!"

"Wow! Aren’t we lucky? We don't have to worry about eating grass anymore! Let's go and taste it together!"

"Come on, let's go. That uncle has a good temper. He laughs whenever he talks. It's so funny!"

During the discussion among the surrounding classmates, Gu Ye, Xia Xiang, and Zhao Pengyu also came to the canteen and lined up at the window (food counter) where they often go.

When the senior sisters queueing in front heard that Gu Ye was coming, they all turned around and said, "Gu Ye, come here!"

Gu Ye was afraid of the enthusiasm of the senior sisters and smiled awkwardly, "No, I'll just line up here."

The senior students expressed their regret deeply and teased him, "I know you didn't bring your mobile phone, so I won't ask you for WeChat today!"

Gu Ye smiled bitterly, scared of these sisters.

Zhao Pengyu was envious and jealous, "The seniors are all so beautiful."

Gu Ye sneered, "Your ghost wife is more beautiful."

Zhao Pengyu suddenly turned pale, "I called you Father, please don't mention it."

Gu Ye asked carefully, "Did you damage my bike? You were riding it down the steps and managed to jump off. But my bike got thrown away."

Zhao Pengyu pretended to be dead, expressionlessly.

Gu Ye looked at Zhao Pengyu’s meal card, and Zhao Pengyu immediately understood, "I'll treat you! I'm sorry I broke your bicycle! I'll treat you to lunch!"

Gu Ye sighed, what kind of harmful friend is this?

Finally, it was Gu Ye's turn, and the new uncle asked good-naturedly, "Young man, which one you want to eat? The beef stew was good today."

Gu Ye felt the pungent smell of blood on the other person's body, frowned, and said, "Let's have one."

The uncle laughed and took a big spoonful of it, "If you don't have enough, come again."

The beef smelled really good, and it was full of color, flavor, and taste. Zhao Pengyu took a big bite when he put it on the table and said, "En! It tastes pretty good!"

Gu Ye frowned, the smell of blood kept filling his nose, and he really couldn't swallow the meat. Taking a mouthful of rice, Gu Ye swallowed the food with difficulty. Seeing Zhao Pengyu eating the meat, he couldn't help but retched.

The expressions of Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang changed. Xia Xiang quickly handed over the water, "What's wrong? Are you sick?"

Zhao Pengyu also asked, "Have a bad appetite? Are you pregnant?"

Gu Ye glared at Zhao Pengyu angrily, "Yes, I will give you a younger brother."

Zhao Pengyu was completely defeated by the rebuke. He put down his chopsticks helplessly and became serious, "Do you want to go to the infirmary?"

"No," Gu Ye looked at the beef on the plate, "This meat is very good, but the person who cooked it has a strong stench of blood."

Gu Ye touched the Buddhist beads on his wrist, and the red light flashed on it. Gu Ye whispered, "Sister Hong Dou, follow him and go to his house to see what he is doing."

Little did Gu Ye know that he would find out about the loss of hundreds of innocent little lives soon.


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