Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 54 Kuman Thong (ETL) Part 1

Chapter 54 Give you a chance to pursue me Part 1

When Gu Ye bluntly pointed out that they had done something outrageous, their expressions changed.

"No, I didn’t!" Tang Jingyi blurted out, then put on her sunglasses to cover up the panic in her eyes, and said calmly, "Master Gu, we came to you to solve the problem."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Oh, then go away. You don't even have a word of truth. I don't want to solve it."

"No," Xie Ren quickly stood up to smooth things over, "Master Gu, don't be angry. There is a reason why she doesn't want to say it. She had a very difficult time in the entertainment industry in the past few years. In order to seek comfort in heart, she adopted a Kuman Thong.”

Tang Jingyi panicked and wanted to stop the other party from continuing, "Bro, brother Xie!"

"There's nothing about this that I can't say honestly," Xie Ren said nonchalantly, "Kuman Thong is the Golden Boy in Southeast Asia, or the Buddha Boy. He is a kind-hearted little ghost worshiped by Buddhism. He can protect people and is not an evil ghost. He then said to Gu Ye, "The past few years have been fine. However, in the past few days, he suddenly went out of control. Nothing we offer could remedy it."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, held his daughter's little hand, and said slowly, "I know, Kuman Thong is different from a ghost child. A ghost child is a baby that has died prematurely or a fetus that has formed but has not been born. The witch doctor then smears corpse oil on it and wraps it with flags and sutras. Next, the bundle is stuffed into a jar and brewed using a secret method for 49 days to refine it. These ghost children have strong resentment and follow the instructions of their masters. They are extremely evil and can easily backfire when adopted by others.

But Kuman Thong is different. Kuman Thong is made of children's ashes mixed with extremely yin material and has been blessed by the eminent monk. If Kuman Thong started to have killing intent, it is definitely because Miss Tang did something to make him angry. Mr. Xie, you don’t really know your artist very well."

Hearing that, Xie Ren was stunned for a moment and glanced at Tang Jingyi subconsciously. She was sitting there with a dignified expression, looking up at him. She was wearing sunglasses so Xie Ren could not see clearly the thoughts in her eyes.

"I think I understand her quite well," Xie Ren himself was not very confident after saying this. After Tang Jingyi could stand up for herself, he began to train new people. In the past year or so, he has not paid much attention to her.

Gu Ye shook his head, not knowing what to say about this silly mister. Tang Jingyi's face is definitely not the gentle one on the surface. She is petty, mean, arrogant, and indifferent, and her meekness is all fake. There are many good people in the entertainment industry. He has seen many who do charity work and lead by example. He has seen many people like Tang Jingyi who are good at pretending as well.

"Ms. Tang, you should have a habit of hitting or scolding your assistant, and the same goes for your Kuman Thong, right? Or were you still treating him like your own son as before? You have been too popular in the past 2 years, the fame has gone to your head."

"Master Gu, why did you say that? If you don't want to help me, then I’ll just leave."

After Gu Ye exposed her deepest secret, Tang Jingyi's body stiffened. Then she returned to normal and stood up, "Brother Xie, let's go."

"Goodbye, I hope you can survive a few more nights." Gu Ye let Ling Ling stand up in his arms and touched the back of the child's head, "Okay, Daughter, go play by yourself."

Hearing Gu Ye's words, Tang Jingyi stopped subconsciously. Looking back stiffly, she saw the puppet in Gu Ye's arms jumping out of Gu Ye's arms and pitter-pattered away in its leather shoes. Tang Jingyi and Xie Ren's faces turned pale on the spot and were frightened by the scene in front of them.

"This…?" Xie Ren quickly grabbed Tang Jingyi and gave her a stern gaze. "Master Gu is really capable and can definitely save you. Sit down and talk properly!"

After being told by her manager, Tang Jingyi had to sit down. Her voice was dry, "I don't know where I offended him. Just recently, I thought he wanted to kill me."

Gu Ye tilted his head and said slowly, “There are requirements for adopting Kuman Thong. You cannot eat wildlife, you must honor your parents, care for your children, and don’t compete for fame and wealth, or participate in scheming. If you do it all, he will bless you. Fail to do even one thing, Kuman Thong will be contaminated by filth and it will definitely come back to bite you. He has already reached the point of wanting to kill you. Shouldn’t you know what have you done? Go back and wait for your death."

With Gu Ye's words, Tang Jingyi's face became paler and paler. When he said the last sentence, Tang Jingyi froze and her fingers trembled slightly. It was obvious that her last psychological defense line had been defeated, "I... I'm sorry for her."

Xie Ren frowned, "Who are you sorry for? What did you do that you didn’t tell me?"

Tang Jingyi bit her lip and hesitated for half a minute before saying, "I was not originally chosen for the role of Yu Ji."

"I know, wasn't it because Qiu Junling had an accident and her calf was fractured that Director Li gave you the role?"

"Yes," Tang Jingyi gritted her teeth, "She had an accident. It was... I asked the Kuman Thong to push her, and she was hit by a car."

Xie Ren's expression changed, and he pointed angrily at Tang Jingyi, so angry that he couldn't speak. He pointed at her several times before spitting the words, "Are you crazy?! Are you lacking a good script or a good role? Do you need to use this kind of method to fight with Qiu Junling?!"

Tang Jingyi took off her sunglasses, her eye circles were red with tears in her eyes, "I just don't like her. When I wasn't famous, she bullied me a lot. I just don't want to see her famous!"

Such a childish little girl’s statement that Xie Ren didn't even know what to say about her.

Gu Ye tsk-ed and interrupted them, "This matter is not over yet. How did you get a human life counted on you?"

"Human life?!" Xie Ren was frightened, "Why is human life involved?"

At this point, she couldn't hide anything anymore. Tang Jingyi looked into Gu Ye's eyes. Gu Ye raised his eyebrows. Tang Jingyi instantly felt like he had seen through everything. She collapsed and confessed, “Who knew...who knew she was pregnant, and the child died on the spot.”

Tang Jingyi covered her face and cried bitterly, "I really didn't mean it. If I knew she was pregnant, I wouldn't let Kuman Thong take action."

"You… you are sure amazing huh, Tang Jingyi!" Xie Ren was so angry that he didn't know what to say. Tang Jingyi was made famous by him. He never thought that the gentle and quiet little girl before could do such a thing when she became ruthless.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "Now that you know you were wrong, do you really regret it?"

"Of course, I feel guilty," Tang Jingyi cried, "I regret it every day."

Gu Ye rolled his eyes and didn't like talking to this woman who wore a mask on her face, "Mr. Xie, please take her away."

"Master Gu, please help me. 8 million yuan, what do you think?" After so many years of raising her to stardom, Xie Ren couldn't bear to watch Tang Jingyi die.

Gu Ye took the water Ling Ling brought him and said indifferently, "Only she knows whether she is really feeling guilty or not. Also, she hasn’t done just this matter."

Xie Ren opened his eyes wide and looked at Tang Jingyi in shock, "There’s more?!"

Tang Jingyi turned pale, lowered her head, and whispered, "Just in the past, when I was trying to steal roles and limelight but no one died."

Xie Ren suppressed his anger and persuaded with good words, "Master Gu, she made a mistake and deserves to be punished. We'll do whatever you say, I just ask you to save her. She grew up in a single-parent family with only an old mother. If she dies, her mother will be a white-haired person sending away a black-haired person (meaning the elderly proceeding funeral for their young). Think about it, how can the elderly survive the shock?"

Gu Ye frowned and said nothing with a cold face.

Seeing that Gu Ye didn't refuse, Xie Ren quickly continued to persuade, "We all have parents, and we all know that it is not easy for people to live to old age. For the sake of the elderly, give Tang Jingyi a place to take care of her mother until the end of her life, please save her life. She has also saved some money in the past few years. Do you think it would be okay for her to donate more money to the children in the orphanage to accumulate more virtue?"

Gu Ye was silent for a while and said with disgust, "I can save her but you have to agree to 3 conditions:
First, apologize to all those people she schemed against before, ask for their forgiveness, and relieve the resentment. Then set a tablet and worship the unborn child for the rest of her life.
Second, quit the entertainment industry. She became famous because of Kuman Thong’s blessing. She instigated a kind-hearted ghost child who had protected her for 3 years to do many bad things, which made Kuman Thong slowly become infected with evil spirits. All the things accumulated before must be repaid.
Third, I can ask for no money, but she will have to donate her entire property to welfare institutions, and there will be no cent left."

"No! It took a lot of effort for me to get to where I am today," Tang Jingyi begged, "I can give you more money. Master Gu, please save me. I have changed. I have really changed. I will give you all my property, but please take that ghost child away!”

"Do you think I'm short of money?" Gu Ye looked at the other person’s face, "Miss Tang, you have too many desires. To be honest, I don't actually want to save you. Either live to atone for your sins, or be eaten by ghosts to pay for your life, it's your choice. "

Tang Jingyi still wanted to beg, so Gu Ye said, "Hong Dou, see the guests off. You two should go back and consider the conditions I mentioned."

A breeze blew by and the door opened by itself. Then Gu Ye stood up and left for his room.

Tang Jingyi wiped her tears, wrapped herself up again, and was sent out by an invisible person with a pale face.

Ever since she was kicked out by Gu Ye, she didn't speak a word all the way. She lowered her head and hugged herself tightly, feeling cold all over.

Xie Ren could tell from Gu Ye's words that Tang Jingyi had no guilt or repentance at all.

"Tang Jingyi, I really want to know, what did you do? As your agent, I don't know anything." Xie Ren was extremely angry, "If you want me to save you, at the very least, I need to know the truth!"

"I..." Tang Jingyi took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm sorry."

"You don’t have to be sorry to me! What you should feel sorry for was the people you had harmed! There’s really no more human life taken in those past things you’ve done?"

"No, I just want them to make a fool of themselves, or have a little accident, and miss the audition time."

It's still schemes and unfair competition. After Xie Ren sent Tang Jingyi to the hotel tiredly, he found two female assistants and asked, "How does Tang Jingyi usually treat you?"

As soon as this question was asked, the expressions on the faces of the two assistants became unnatural. One of the younger ones said, "Mr. Xie, my… my contract will expire next month and I want to leave."

Upon hearing this, Xie Ren understood that Tang Jingyi must have treated them badly. It is not easy for Xie Ren to raise Tang Jingyiup to this level of stardom. After feeling furious for some time, he still didn’t want to watch her withdraw from the circle just like this. In desperation, Xie Ren went to Gu Lin's secretary Yang Feng. After briefly explaining the matter, he asked, "How do you think we can get Master to take action?"

Yang Feng sighed, "If you could listen to my advice, just give up on Tang Jingyi."

"I have supported her for 5 years," Xie Ren said, feeling heartbroken. "I have invested all my resources and connections into her. If I give up, I will have to pay a lot."

"It's better to compensate than to get involved yourself," Yang Feng advised his old friend earnestly, "Third Young Master never makes a mistake with his view on people. Don't be confused for the sake of immediate interests."

"Okay, let me think about it again." Xie Ren hung up the phone and just took a breath when he heard the door being knocked furiously. Xie Ren was startled and ran to open the door. Tang Jingyi's assistant stood at the door anxiously. She said, "Mr. Xie, Sister Tang is going to commit suicide! Go and have a look, we can't stop her at all!"

Xie Ren's expression changed after hearing that. Anxiously, he ran to the next door to see and saw Tang Jingyi holding a piece of glass in her hand, gesticulating with bared teeth and hands. With a fierce look on her face, she shouted, "Don't come here! Don't come here! Kill her! Kill her!!"

Tang Jingyi's face turned blue, which was not a normal person's face at all. Her wrist was already dripping with blood, and there was blood dripping everywhere on the ground. Apparently, she had cut herself. The other assistant was hiding with fear on her face. When she saw Xie Ren coming, she felt relieved like someone reliable had arrived, and asked with a pale face, "What should I do, Mr. Xie? She was fine just now. After drinking a glass of water, she suddenly went crazy and smashed the glass. Next, she picked up a piece of glass and slit her wrist."

Xie Ren tried to get closer with a cold face, but Tang Jingyi bared her teeth at him with red eyes. With an evil smile on her face, she pounced towards Xie Ren. Xie Ren was so frightened that he pulled the assistants and ran outside, "What are you waiting for? Call the police!"

The assistant felt troubled, "But..."

Xie Ren asked angrily, "But what? If your life is gone, then there’s no need to be afraid of scandals anymore!”

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