Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up

Chapter 53 Gu Ye (ETL) Part 2

Chapter 53 Gu Ye: Come on, bully me instead! Part 2

While Hou Shiqi was hesitating, Gu Ye spoke again: [@Hou Shiqi Not only did I snatch Du Jianuo from your company, Zhou Luochun, Jing Xingchun, Fei Zhitong, Shao Mengqin, Mei Mei, and Jian Wenwen too, I asked people to snatch them all from your company. Don't pick on honest children to bully. Come, bully me instead!]

Hou Shiqi almost passed out from anger and scolded, "How can you bully others like this!?"

Not only Hou Shiqi was angry, but several agents in Dingnan were almost angry to death by these words. Now, all of the artists have become famous quickly after being poached by Yuming Media, and they are all cash cows! How much money would they make if these artists were still in their hands? Turned out that they were all picked out by Gu Ye!

People on the Internet were excited: [Damn it! Gu Ye is such a master! It’s all figured out in advance!]

[These people were inconspicuous when they were at Dingnan Entertainment, and there were no announcements. But when they went to Yuming Media, they became popular after just one drama. They really have acting skills!]

[They have acting skills (yǎnjì/演技), but the top brass of Dingnan Entertainment have eye problems(yǎnjí/眼疾)! Zhou Luochun was suppressed so miserably. When walking on the red carpet, he was forced to wear off-season clothes and not allowed to cut off the trademark, which made him the laughingstock of the audience. Zhou Luochun is such a strong kid. When he broke his leg during filming, he didn’t even make a peep. However, after walking out of the venue, he broke down, put his head against the wall, and cried. The scene was heartbreaking. I am here to kneel down and thank Master Gu Ye on behalf of my Brother Zhou for giving him a chance to be reborn!]

[Thank you Master Gu for choosing my goddess! Back then when the previous stupid dog-blood TV series couldn't find anyone to act, they forced my Wenwen to go up. Later, the ratings plummeted. I don’t know which retarded person said that the reason why Wenwen was not popular was because there was a small mole on the corner of Wenwen’s mouth, which ruined the good luck of the film. It made the company freeze her for a year! That’s just a freaking beauty mole, okay?!]

[Dingnan Entertainment is really in trouble. There are so many people with acting skills, but their managers don't support/raise them, but instead raise those flamboyant ‘vases’.]

[So, Du Jianuo was poached by Gu Ye because of his potential?]

[Little Gege has a bright future, waiting for good news!]

[Good luck, Du Jianuo. Master Gu is very optimistic about you, I hope you can be as popular as the ones mentioned above. I believe in Master Gu! You can be popular!]


Sitting on a chair in the park and enjoying the cool breeze, Du Jianuo kept reading the comments, looking at other people's words of encouragement to him one by one, and he couldn't stop crying. He wanted to call and send messages to Gu Ye several times, but he didn't know what to say. The kindness was too great, and any words were pale in comparison.

It wasn't until the middle of the night that Du Jianuo summoned up the courage to send a message to Gu Ye. Just one sentence: [From now on, I have nothing to fear.]


As the news became more widespread online, the named artists also heard the news and asked their managers, "Did 3rd Young Master Gu really calculate this for us?"

Several agents didn’t know if to laugh or cry at this and replied, "In the list of artists from Dingnan, he drew a circle on your picture and said to snatch you away. And so, our brother-con boss sent someone to poach you to our company here."

Although the process sounded like a joke, several artists were still shocked and filled with gratitude to Gu Ye. If they hadn't been hired by Yuming Media, they might still be passers-by in their old company. It is much better to support them when they are in the most difficult time than to ‘add icing on the cake’ when they are popular.

Several people knew each other, and after discussing together, they all forwarded Gu Ye’s Weibo post with their reply: [Thank you to my little Wangye @Gu Ye for your appreciation. No matter how Yuming Media develops in the future, I will stand with it through thick and thin. As long as Yu Ming doesn’t leave me, I won’t give up on it.]

This is tantamount to a disguised confession to the company that promotes them. Gu Ye didn't see the company repost it, so he went to bed after finishing his remarks to Hou Shiqi. Early the next morning, he picked up my phone and found countless WeChat messages. Seeing Du Jianuo's message, Gu Ye replied with a smile: [Good luck! God loves children who work hard.]

Facts have proved that Gu Ye’s vision was right!

Du Jianuo is indeed giving his all and works hard enough. In the first month after signing the contract, he received professional training within the company. In the second month, I got an audition opportunity. Relying on his own strength, he snagged the second male role in a fantasy martial arts masterpiece produced by a big director. This character is a charming character who has confidantes all over the world, but in the end, he sacrifices his life for the sake of the common people in the world. There are many fans of the original work. At that time, many people cried when the novel was finished, and many angry readers threw rotten eggs at the author.

When Du Jianuo's audition photos were circulated on the Internet, his handsome appearance and romantic eyes made many original fans cry. His Weibo followers increased by hundreds of thousands that day.

At that time, there wasn’t any young star at all who had such magic power to attract fans just by posting a few photos before the filming officially started. Thinking of what Gu Ye said before, many artists became excited and wanted to find Gu Ye to calculate their future.

Suddenly, Gu Ye’s inbox was bursting with private messages again. Due to the attention of several popular idols, his fan following has grown to more than two million.

However, Gu Ye only comes online like every 3 days, and even if someone wanted to ask for a calculation, they can’t even get a place in the queue, and they don’t have any connections to help ask.

It's getting cold now. Master Gu, who has been missing from the outside world, is at his university, wearing a slim-fitting white sweater, dark blue jeans, and a gray windbreaker. He is sitting elegantly on a stone bench in the bamboo forest at school. There is a stand in front of him, and he is painting a golden bamboo forest at dusk.

Several senior sisters passed by and stopped curiously, looking for angles to take pictures of Gu Ye without hesitation. If to talk about the changes in the young ladies in the past four years of college, it would be like this*:
Freshmen, when faced with pursuits, they would definitely say, "Senior, I'm sorry."
Sophomore, they’ll say, "Senior, I don't want to date you."
Junior year, they said, "Aiyo, this junior brother is so handsome!"
Senior: "Junior brother, don't run away! Let's chat together!"

*Not very sure how this is related to Gu Ye, re-read the raw 3 times

After the senior sisters finished taking the photos, they walked up to Gu Ye and asked bluntly, "Junior brother, can you add me as friend?"

Gu Ye paused his drawing and replied with a smile, "I'm sorry, senior sisters. I didn't bring my mobile phone."

The senior sisters were not annoyed by the reply and teased him, "Ei, you've been using this excuse for almost half a year, why don't you change it?"

Gu Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was really time to change one, no one believed him now.

"Eh? The lady in red you painted is so beautiful! Is there a model? Or is it imaginary?" A senior pointed at the beauty dancing in a red costume in Gu Ye's painting and was amazed.

Gu Ye looked at the beauty in red dancing gracefully in the shadow of the bamboo forest and replied in a gentle tone, "There is a real person."

"Wow! So beautiful! Is she your girlfriend?"

Gu Ye smiled and shook his head, "No, she is like my sister."

"Oh, then I'm relieved, you're still single." Several seniors patted Gu Ye on the shoulders, "We’ll leave now. Junior brother, remember to find another reason for refusing to add friends!"

Gu Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry and waved goodbye to several senior students. After everyone had disappeared, Gu Ye sent a message to Zhao Pengyu (with his mobile phone).

Not long after, Zhao Pengyu sent a message scolding Gu Ye: [You lazy guy! Wait for a bit! Your Father will buy it for you! Barley tea or black tea?]

When Xia Xiang heard this, he frowned and said, "Pengyu, don't call yourself Gu Ye's father."

Zhao Pengyu said nonchalantly, "He calls himself my Father every day anyway. He was just drawing a picture and even dared to ask his Father to bring him water!"

The corner of Xia Xiang's mouth twitched, "I'm afraid that you will lose karma points in the future."

Zhao Pengyu was confused, "What?"

Xia Xiang hesitated for a moment, "Nothing, just saying."

"Atchoo!" A gust of cool wind blew over and Gu Ye sneezed. Then he picked up the phone and asked in dissatisfaction, "Zhao Pengyu, did you scold me?"

Zhao Pengyu: “Are you still human?”

Gu Ye curled his lips. Hehe, Zhao Pengyu really scolded him, this rascal!

At this time, Gu Lin's secretary sent a message: [3rd Young Master, a friend of mine is the agent of the actress Tang Jingyi. Something seems to have happened to Tang Jingyi recently. He wants to ask you to take a look. Are you free?]

Gu Ye replied: [I’m free when the money is ready.]

Secretary Yang: [Let’s see if you have time tomorrow night. They come to you.]

Gu Ye: [Sure, there is no self-study on Saturday night.]

On Saturday night, Gu Ye waited at home to see Secretary Yang’s friend Xie Ren, and actress Tang Jingyi wrapped like a rice dumpling. Black coat, black mask, and black sunglasses, she wore much thicker clothes than normal people. During the season to wear a coat, she put on even a down jacket. Walking in behind Xie Ren, she took off her mask, revealing half of her thin face, and said feebly, "Hello, 3rd Young Master, I am Tang Jingyi."

Gu Ye looked at the aura on her body and said blandly, "Call me Master Gu. When I do this kind of thing, I don't want to have anything to do with my brothers. You don't seem to be in good spirits."

"En, I haven't slept well for several days."

Compared with the enthusiasm of others when they saw her, the young man opposite was holding an exquisite doll with a lukewarm attitude. Such a contrast made Tang Jingyi couldn't help but look at Gu Ye. Just like the doll in his arms, he had an unusually delicate face and was also too young, completely different from the masters she had seen before.

Gu Ye closed the door and asked them to sit down in the living room, "Miss Tang, can you take off your sunglasses too?"

Tang Jingyi nodded and took off her glasses, "Sorry, I'm used to it."

Before coming here, Gu Ye specifically told her to be natural and try not to wear makeup. Even so, Tang Jingyi was still very beautiful. The haggard and pale face could not hide her stunning beauty, but instead gave her a bit of a pitiful look. Most men would feel pity for her when they saw her. Unfortunately, Gu Ye's face turned cold after seeing it.

Her skin was pale and lifeless, and the sinister aura between her eyebrows was so dark and intense. No wonder she was so afraid of the cold. The other person bit her lip and looked pitiful, but a sharp and mean aura was rumbling towards him.

Agent Xie Ren asked worriedly, "Master Gu, can you see anything?"

Gu Ye smiled lightly and asked directly, "What god-forbidden thing did you do? Tell me."

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of the two people changed instantly.

Raw word count: 6023 (whole chapter)


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