The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 50

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 50 - Side Story 5

On the Heath Hill

One autumn day, Jean invited Clarisse to Heath Hill, a little distance away from the Margrave's estate.

"Oh, there's a Heath Hill?"

"Yeah. It's probably in full bloom with flowers this time of year, and  when I saw it for the first time, I felt like going there with you."

"I'm glad... Let's definitely go!"

And so, with the help of the head chef, they packed a basket with food and drinks and set off for Heath Hill in a carriage.

"It's magnificent. It's even more breathtaking than I imagined!"

The hill was covered with heather flowers in shades of deep purple, light pink, and white. Clarisse observed the flowers up close and noticed that they had a slightly different shape from the ones that bloomed near the royal capital. Both were beautiful, but it was not surprising since heather flowers naturally come in various shapes.

They spread a blanket under the shade of a tree and enjoyed the delicious lunch prepared by the chef. As the wind blew, the heather flowers rustled, providing not only a visual feast but also an auditory delight. After finishing their meal and tidying up most of the dishes, Jean, who had been watching Clarisse with gentle eyes, stretched his arms lightly.

"Come here."

Clarisse happily went into her husband's embrace. The scent of amber perfume that Jean wore enveloped her, and she closed her eyes in bliss. The gentle autumn breeze caressed her cheeks. Spending peaceful moments like this with the person she loved was more precious to her than anything else. Clarisse had felt a constant sense of loneliness and solitude in her life. But now, Jean's unwavering love filled the void in her heart with warmth.



He gently stroked Clarisse's hair. His hands were large, strong, and masculine, but whenever he touched Clarisse, they conveyed nothing but tenderness.

"Since I started living with you, Jean-sama, I've been able to feel the warmth of happiness for the first time."

In Jean's arms, Clarisse shifted her position and hugged him directly from the front. It was rare for her calm demeanor to show such cute side, so Jean happily held her tightly.

"I love you, Jean-sama."

"Clarisse, I love you."

Jean always whispered words of love sincerely and straight from the heart.


Clarisse looked up at Jean with her moist violet eyes, meeting his golden gaze.

"Please... embrace me tonight," she said, her voice filled with lust.

To Jean's surprise, he was rendered speechless.

"Clarisse, you...," He was about to say something, but was interrupted as she pressed her face tightly against his chest, her cheeks flushed red.

"But that's what I'm feeling. I want to feel that I belong to you, Jean-sama."

After a moment of stunned silence, Jean wrapped his arms around Clarisse, holding her close.

"I've always been yours," he declared in response to her heartfelt words, and they spent the night consumed by love. As Clarisse finally accepted all of him, her heart was flooded with relief, and tears welled up in her eyes. Jean invited Clarisse to straddle him as he lay down, and he smiled softly.

"Tonight, ride me, my princess."

"Ah... Yes," Clarisse gasped.

Though this position was not new to her, she occasionally felt a twinge of fear because his size penetrated deeper than usual, scraping against her depths. It seemed Jean was in the mood to watch Clarisse cumming out of her own mind tonight.

As he slowly began to move his hips, his member grazed her most sensitive spots, just as he always did.

"Ah... Jean-sama, it feels... incredible."

Moaning and murmuring, Clarisse received Jean's responses.

"It's alright. You can lose yourself in front of me, and only me," he assured her.

"Ugh... Ahh... Haahh..."

With each thrust of her hips, accompanied by lewd squelching sounds, Clarisse continued to move. Jean's hands slowly roamed her body, teasing her stiffened nipples with a gentle twist.

"Ah... That's... no, not there," she whimpered, her body jerking in response. Despite her pleas, Jean didn't stop torturing her nipples, continuing to touch her in the way she liked. It didn't take long for Clarisse to reach her peak.

"Uhh... haahh..."

With both hands placed on his well-trained abdomen, she stopped moving and tightened her walls around him as she reached her climax. Jean finally focused on toying her nipple with just one hand, and with the other hand, began to stimulate her sensitive bud, where this time Clarisse, felt the most pleasure in the place where they were connected.

"Nnn... Ahh... I'm... coming...!" she cried out, her body tensing as she climaxed, squeezing him tightly. Finally satisfied, Jean released her sensitive nipples and, while still admiring Clarisse's flushed body, shifted their positions. Savoring the trembling sensation of Clarisse's inner walls pulsating with aftershocks, he then passionately captured her lips with his own. As their tongues entwined in a kiss, Jean moved his hips and thrust deeply.


Clarisse's pussy, now molded to fit Jean perfectly, undulated and coiled around his throbbing length in an enticing manner.

"Clarisse... I'm sorry, but I can't hold back after you said such adorable things..."

"Mmm... Ahh... Jean-sama... Ahh...!"

He continued to move his hips with fervor, thrusting into her depths while declaring amidst his breaths,

"Tomorrow, I'll carry you in my arms wherever you want to go...!"

With that, Jean sucked on Clarisse's neck, causing a crimson mark to blossom, which he gazed upon with satisfaction. Clarisse wrapped her arms around Jean's back and held him tightly with the last of her strength; her body completely melted.

"Yes, Jean-sama... give it to me..! I love you...!"

"Clarisse...! I love you!"

The next day, the mansion servants of the Margrave residence once again watched their master carry his wife in his arms, moving throughout the estate all day with mixed feelings of warmth and tenderness.

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