The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 - Side Story 4

Monologue by Lotte Ainsworth, Marchioness of Ainsworth

Lotte Ainsworth had noticed her nephew Jean's extraordinary talent since he was a child and she looked after him as if he was her own. Her brother, Jean's father, also had high expectations for him. When she heard through her brother that Jean had started receiving knight training to make the most of his blessed physique and inherent perseverance and insight, she nodded in agreement that he was definitely suited for this.

However, her elder brother and his wife, who had been looking forward to Jean's growth more than anyone else, tragically passed away in an accident. When the message arrived at the Ainsworth estate with a swift horse, Lotte and her husband rushed to the scene. Jean had lost all expression.

He was never good at expressing emotions, and he had never been a young man who could express his feelings of joy, anger, sorrow or happiness well, nor was he very expressive, but after losing his beloved parents all at once, Jean closed his heart. Even so, thanks to the childhood friends who had always been by his side, he gradually began to recover. It was around that time that he was given the task of governing as a Margrave in the unstable borderlands by the king.

From then on, Lotte anxiously worried about her nephew's progress as he dedicated himself to his role as a Margrave in a distant land while watching over him from afar, sometimes visiting him in person. She had no doubt that he would make remarkable achievements, as he would spare no effort to make use of all his abilities. However, what worried her was whether Jean's heart would be crushed.

Several years passed as she silently watched over him, and finally, the war situation improved, and she thought they would be able to relax a little. But just as she was thinking that, Jean sent a letter informing her that he had been granted a fiancée by the king. Lotte was taken aback.

Considering that she had never seen any sign of Jean being interested in the opposite sex, and knowing his awkwardness and stubbornness, she couldn't help but worry about what would happen if there were any discord, without knowing the details. However, he was already a respectable adult, and in fact, he was much more emotionally mature than her son, Etienne. While she worried, she sent words of congratulations without mentioning her concerns in the letter.

Shortly after, she received a letter from Jean asking if he could stay at the Ainsworth residence in the royal capital with his fiancée for a while and requesting assistance in preparing suitable attire for his fiancée. Lotte agreed without hesitation.

―――I met Jean's fiancée, Clarisse, in the royal capital, and I was convinced.

When Jean and Clarisse appeared together, Lotte immediately sensed that jean's demeanor was different from before, so she knew at first glance that it was safe to say that he was in good hands. She could see in an instant that Jean was undoubtedly in love with her.

"Nice to meet you, Marquis Ainsworth. I am Clarisse Farenheit."

Jean immediately denied it without missing a beat.

"Soon to become Gutenberg."

'Oh my, how unusual. He seems completely flustered...'

Lotte was satisfied just to see him make such an expression in front of his fiancée. In fact, Clarisse was such a likable young lady that, to be honest, Lotte would have wanted her as Etienne's wife if she hadn't been Jean's fiancée.

Lotte had never joked about it because it was certain that she would be glared at by Jean as if she were his worst enemy. Clarisse's thoughtfulness, intelligence, and broad-mindedness were qualities more precious than her outward beauty.

'Brother... Jean has also found happiness.'

As Lotte spoke to her brother in her heart, she finally felt a weight lifted off her shoulders.

The day after the wedding, Lotte secretly thought to herself that Jean's love sickness had reached such an extreme level when she saw him proudly walking around the mansion holding up the absurdly shy Clarisse without letting her go for a single moment.

'At this rate, they might have children soon, right?'

"I also want a wife like Clarisse," Etienne said as he watched his cousin's back, walking while holding his beloved wife.

Instead of responding to her carefree son, Lotte let out a wry smile.

Looking at Jean's figure once again, he seemed to be whispering something to Clarisse, showing his profile to Lotte. His profile overflowed with love for Clarisse, making Lotte smile happily just at the sight.

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