After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 5 - Floating Clouds and Past Memories

She quickly shook her head, firmly denying the thought.

No, the lipstick shade is wrong.

Mu Zhe's small mouth always appears like he just devoured a child. He wouldn't look so sickly.

The black-clad youth sat at an empty table nearby, accompanied by well-trained individuals standing by his side.

The man resembling a small mountain earlier casually grabbed a server, his voice still loud. "Bring your boss here."

The server was experienced and not flustered, wearing a smile as he approached. "Please wait, the owner will be here soon."

The guests in the restaurant included not only cultivators but also monsters and... members of the demonic race.

The relationship between the Demon Realm and the cultivation world was extremely tense. Most sects had been destroyed or were in the process of being destroyed by Mu Zhe.

Even the guests in this restaurant didn't have a favorable view of the demonic race.

Although this group of people had concealed their auras, their behavior had already blatantly revealed their identity.

Whether they were demons or demonic cultivators, they were both considered evil.

Wen Ruan heard a disciple from the table behind her, from an unknown sect, cursing under his breath.

In a cultivation world where everyone had a hearing ability that could reach a thousand miles, this single utterance undoubtedly struck everyone's heart.

She shrank her neck, suddenly losing her appetite for the braised pork shoulder and roast duck. Given the situation at hand, it was best to run away first.

But just as she was packing up her things to escape, a soft call came from beside her table.

"Miss, your dishes are here."

The server who had greeted her brought the dishes and noticed her nervousness. He smiled reassuringly, saying:

"Miss, don't worry. Fighting is not allowed in Floating Clouds and Past Memories. It's safe here."

The braised pork shoulder was incredibly tender, and the roast duck had an irresistibly crispy skin. The steam and aroma wafted up, tempting her appetite.

Wen Ruan swallowed her saliva and hesitantly picked up the chopsticks.

Perhaps I can finish my meal before running away?

The other people present, however, were not as at ease.

The muttered curse from earlier was clearly heard by the black-clad man. He immediately slammed the table, ready to retaliate. The silent young man, who hadn't spoken a word throughout, gave him a light glance.

"If you keep making noise, get out."

The man immediately cowered, feeling aggrieved. "Master, it was clearly them who made provoking remarks."

"Have the server serve the dishes." The young man, propping his chin with one hand, pointed his slender fingertip toward the girl by the window.

"I want the same dishes as her."

The man scratched his head, looking at the girl who seemed to want to bury her head in the rice bowl, feeling somewhat surprised. His master never paid much attention to women, so what happened today?

But he quickly replied, "Yes, master."

When the dishes were served, the owner of Floating Clouds and Past Memories also arrived.

The man beside her instinctively set up a barrier, isolating their voices and appearances from the outside world.

The owner was a well-dressed young man with a peach blossom-like face. His affectionate eyes seemed to carry electricity in them. He held a folding fan and casually brushed off the strands of hair falling on his forehead.

He raised an eyebrow and glanced at the young man, confidently taking a seat and directly revealing the other's identity.

"I didn't expect it would be you. Why aren't you staying in the Demon Realm? What are you doing in the cultivation world? Aren't you afraid those old fellows will send people to kill you?"

Mu Zhe frowned as he looked at the dishes that were exactly the same as Wen Ruan's, but he lost interest and put down his chopsticks carelessly, casually speaking up.

"I have something to ask you."

The atmosphere on the second floor was as suffocating as ever, with many people secretly watching the group of black-clad individuals. However, under the barrier, no one knew what they were saying.

Having finished all the dishes on the table, Wen Ruan drank a cup of hot tea that warmed her internal organs, feeling extremely comfortable to the core of her bones.

There was still plenty of time, and she could go out and take a stroll. Since she was finally in the cultivation world, it would be a waste if she didn't buy a few new clothes on this trip.

Having made up her mind, she took out a spirit stone from her purse, preparing to go downstairs to settle the bill.

As she passed by the table of the black-clad individuals, she lightened her footsteps and tried her best not to attract anyone's attention, wanting to leave quietly.

"You can only go to Penglai Continent. No one else can heal you. But I advise you to first have a meal and replenish yourself with a child. Look at your complexion, tsk."

Unexpectedly, the barrier suddenly disappeared, and the well-dressed young man dropped a remark before turning around and leaving. He coincidentally bumped into Wen Ruan, who was walking quietly.

She stumbled, about to fall, but he quickly pulled her back, her center of gravity regained.

"Sorry, are you okay?"

"I’m fine." Wen Ruan quickly stepped back, creating distance between them. She rubbed her waist and took a sharp breath, feeling the pain. She quickly changed her statement, saying:

"Just a little twinge in my waist."

As she spoke, she inadvertently glanced behind him. The black-clad youth was lazily leaning back in his chair, and the dishes on the table were unexpectedly identical to her own.

The owner patted his waist and realized he didn't bring his storage pouch. Apologetically, he said, "Wait a moment, let me find some medicinal pills for you."

He hurriedly went downstairs, walking fast and anxiously. She couldn't help but start to suspect that he wanted to use the excuse of finding medicine to escape.

Recalling the words she unintentionally overheard earlier, she pondered in her mind.

Penglai Continent?

Isn’t that the protagonist's destination?

Legend has it that there is a lady named Huan Hua on Penglai Continent who can cure all incurable diseases and even revive the dead.

But few people know exactly where Penglai Continent is located. Therefore, the protagonist only managed to find Lady Huan Hua shortly before the end of the story and cured his illness.

Then he was killed by Mu Zhe.

She glanced at the black-clad youth again, feeling somewhat regretful. He was so young and yet afflicted with a terminal illness. It was truly pitiful.

Realizing her hand was empty, she realized that the spirit stone she was holding had been accidentally dropped. She looked around and saw it lying right by the feet of the young man.

She wanted to pick it up, but there were a group of people beside him, eyeing her intently, creating immense pressure. After hesitating for a while, she decided to speak up.

"Excuse me, sir. My spirit stone fell near you."

Mu Zhe nonchalantly lowered his head, and indeed, there was a shining spirit stone lying by his feet.

He lazily lifted his lips, forming a wicked smile.

"What evidence do you have to prove that this belongs to you?"

Wen Ruan: ????

Seriously? Seriously? He wants to fight over a single spirit stone?

The black-clad people behind Mu Zhe: ????

No way, no way! Our master is actually robbing someone, and the other party is a girl?!

Wen Ruan took a deep breath, considering that he was a terminally ill patient who might not have much time left. She tried to soften her tone and said tactfully:

"I had been holding it in my hand just now, but it fell when the owner bumped into me. I'm sure others must have seen it too."

Mu Zhe bent down slowly, picked up the spirit stone in her expectant gaze, and suddenly approached her, dragging out his tone.

"But I just don't want to give it back to you. What can you do about it?"

Wen Ruan was speechless.

What can I do? I want to smash your idiotic head!

You stinking idiot!

Although she sympathized with him, it didn't mean she had no temper of her own. Seeing that he refused to speak properly, she also became angry.

"So, you're deliberately picking a fight, huh? You..."

Before she could finish her sentence, several flying swords suddenly shot out from the side with a whooshing sound, carrying a strong gust of wind toward the two of them.

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