After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending

Chapter 4 - Not Interested in Women

She still couldn't give up and crazily hinted, "Since the journey is long, are there any allowances or subsidies?"

He Fengzhang shrugged, looking troubled. "Are you talking about spirit stones? Spirit stones are not the main currency in the Demon Realm. They're useless even if you have them."


Wen Ruan gritted her teeth. "In that case, I will take my leave."

"Good disciple, the fate of the cultivation world rests in your hands."

He Fengzhang waved a handkerchief, wiping his tears and nose, "Make sure to kill the Demon Lord!"

Wen Ruan bowed to him with a mysterious smile on her face and departed on her sword.

Once she was outside the territory of the Shangyang Sect, her expression changed dramatically. She swiftly turned the tip of her sword and flew in the opposite direction of the Demon Realm.

Did they expect me to become cannon fodder like the original host? No way!

If you can't afford to provoke someone, just run away. Running was something she was good at. As long as she found a remote mountain to hide in until the end of the book, she would be safe and sound.

"Your current mindset is very dangerous," 996 shouted in her mind. "Don't forget, if you don't complete the mission, you won't be able to return home!"

"I won't go back then," Wen Ruan accelerated again and rushed into a cloud. "Anyway, I'm an orphan now. I have no home."

Compared to going back, she was more afraid of having her neck twisted. After all, dying here meant truly dying.

Life only comes once, so she should cherish it.

996 paused for a moment. "It's just a matter of conquering a villain. With your beauty, it's a piece of cake. Give it a try."

Wen Ruan remained unfazed. "Sorry, I've been single for 18 years and lack experience in that area. I'm afraid I can't help you."

It seemed they had nothing more to discuss.

996 gritted its teeth and its childish voice suddenly turned sinister. "If you don't do the mission, then there's no reason for you to live. I can erase you right now."


Wen Ruan abruptly stopped her flying sword and put on a serious expression. "After careful consideration, I find this mission very challenging, which suits a blooming young girl like me."

996 sneered sarcastically, "Didn't you say you didn't know how to fall in love?"

She responded naturally, revealing eight pearly white teeth, with a genuine and sincere smile.

"I can learn."

996: "...Just finish the mission first."

Wen Ruan reopened the system panel and the second mission was somewhat unexpected: "Change the ending of the original book's male and female protagonists and make them end up together."

In the original work, the female protagonist, Tao Yaoyao, is a member of the monster clan. Through a series of fortuitous events, she forms a bond with the male protagonist.

This bond, known as the "same life bond", is a new type of spiritual companion bond in the cultivation world. If one party dies, the other will also die.

In order to survive, she reluctantly stays by the male protagonist's side to protect him and gradually falls in love with him.

In the climax, she joins the male protagonist in confronting the Demon Lord, and they end up dying together.

That's the real bad ending.

Wen Ruan pondered for a moment. "These two missions are interconnected."

If she successfully conquers Mu Zhe and persuades him to abandon the war, then the male and female protagonists wouldn't have to die, resulting in a perfect ending.

"Yes, and Mu Zhe's favorability can be exchanged for points. Once you have enough points, the system store will activate."

Wen Ruan clicked on the store, but it was empty and still in an inactive state. The -50 in the points column was particularly noticeable.

Fine, whether I stick my neck out or not, it's still a risk.

She clenched her small fist and encouraged herself, "As long as I am strong enough, I will definitely survive!"

In this cultivation world where killing is not a crime, she had only one goal: to stay alive.

Only by being alive did she have the qualification to think about other things.

Like eating.

Following her memory, she descended on a flying sword and stopped in front of a two-storey restaurant.

This restaurant was called "Floating Clouds and Past Memories" and was considered a must-visit place for culinary delights in the cultivation world. The owner had good relations with various races.

He treated humans, demons, and monsters equally and maintained neutrality.

As a result, the atmosphere in the restaurant was unusually relaxed, and customers of all races could be found there.

As she walked along, she could occasionally hear their conversations. When things got heated, they would slam the table with a loud bang.

Wen Ruan climbed the wooden stairs and chose a seat near the window on the second floor.

Resting her chin on her hand, she watched the bustling street below and contemplated her next steps.

With only 10 days left, she had to think carefully about how to successfully approach Mu Zhe without getting herself killed.

996 earnestly strategized for her:

"Didn't your master say that he likes the type who is weak and unable to take care of themselves?"

"At that time, you just need to hold onto him tightly, say a few sweet words, and try to cry a bit with teary eyes. Won't his protective instincts kick in?"

Wen Ruan imagined that scene and shuddered. "No, he will be even more eager to get rid of me."

996 continued: "It's okay, I have another plan..."

"Wait," Wen Ruan raised her hand to interrupt it. "Does this system have a mute function?"

"As an advanced system, such a small function goes without saying. What's the matter?"

She flashed her eight teeth. "Please mute temporarily and let me enjoy my meal in peace."


The server attentively poured her a cup of tea, wearing a smile on his face. "What would you like, miss?"

Without hesitation, she replied, "Braised pork shoulder and a roast duck."


The server happily turned and left.

Wen Ruan took a sip of tea, and suddenly the conversation at the table behind her, where cultivators were discussing, became quieter. "Speaking of which, why has the Demon Lord from the Demon Realm been quiet recently?"

As they talked about Mu Zhe, she instinctively perked up her ears.

"I've been wondering too. He suddenly stopped causing trouble. Could he be planning something big?"

"I heard he's preparing to choose a consort and doesn't have time to engage with the cultivation world."


The others exclaimed, "Isn't he uninterested in women?"

Caught off guard, Wen Ruan became interested in the gossip and leaned back slightly, trying to listen more carefully.

"Who said he's not interested in women? According to my master, 300 years ago, he..."

Wen Ruan's eyes sparkled. What happened to him?


“Move aside!”

The wooden staircase creaked as a group of black-clad individuals walked slowly. The man at the front had the stature of a small mountain and wore a jet-black mask on his face.

That was no ordinary mask; it completely blocked out his aura, making it impenetrable even to divine senses.

He rudely pushed aside the person blocking his path and surveyed the people on the second floor. His voice boomed, "Summon your boss. My master... wishes to see him."

Is this a raid on the establishment?

Everyone present stopped what they were doing and instinctively tightened their grip on the swords at their waists, their gazes fixed on the group of black-clad individuals.

Even the cultivator at the table behind them ceased their conversation, their body tensed.

Wen Ruan thought, "...Could you all just tell me what happened 300 years ago?"

Causing trouble at such a critical moment, how unlucky.

She tilted her head back and took a gulp of tea. Suddenly, she felt a gaze fall upon her, causing her heart to skip a beat. She quickly looked over.

From the midst of the group of black-clad individuals emerged a young man. His pale face was also covered by a mask, but it was a half-fox mask that revealed his delicate jawline. His lips were nearly colorless.

He remained silent, emanating an icy aura. Without glancing at anyone, he walked past Wen Ruan's table, creating a gust of cold wind as his black robe billowed up and down.

A faint scent of rust drifted into her nostrils with the wind.

Wen Ruan subtly sniffed, detecting the scent of blood.

This person is injured.

Why did he look at me just now?

An instinctual sense of unease washed over Wen Ruan. She couldn't shake the feeling that this person's figure bore some resemblance to that lunatic from the Demon Realm.

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