The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 45.2

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 45 part 2


Clarisse was surrounded by joy and happiness as spring approached, not forgetting to mention that the man she loved most was beside her every moment of the day.

A few more days went by, and then, with the king's blessing, the Barony of Roosevelt regained its title, and Sid and Mary were officially engaged to be married.

Soon after, it was the day Clarisse and Jean were having their wedding ceremony.

Having always wanted a small and intimate ceremony, Clarisse was thrilled when Jean suggested holding the ceremony outside, surrounded by the nature she loves.

Light pink flowers were in full bloom in the exquisite gardens of the Margrave's mansion, and a lovely aisle was trailing through the ground. It was surrounded by tons of beautiful flowers that the gardeners had carefully tended to.

When Lotte heard that Jean and Clarisse would finally have their wedding ceremony, she rushed to the mansion, accompanied by her husband, the Marquess of Ainsworth, and their son, Etienne.

As the bride's father could not be present, Jean asked the Marquess of Ainsworth to walk Clarisse down the aisle instead, of which the Marquees accepted graciously. Lotte was as cheerful as ever, and the Marquis of Ainsworth was very calm and gentle, and his facial expression indicated that he was still very fond of his wife. Etienne, who was almost the same age as Jean, had always known Jean well and treated him and Clarisse in a friendly manner, and Clarisse thought they were a lovely family.

And now, she is going to be a part of this warm family.

Attending Jean and Clarisse's wedding were Mary, Sid, Marius, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown, as well as other nobles and knights with whom Jean is acquainted and servants of the frontier mansion. Since the ceremony was held outdoors, no matter how many people attended, it was never too many.

Before the ceremony, Clarisse had her first personal conversation with the local priest, and he gave her his heartfelt blessing, as he is someone who has known Jean for many years.

Mary recently made a move to a new house in the neighborhood that Sid had found for the two of them, and although she had been unable to work as Clarisse's maid as much as she wanted to lately, she finally got the chance to do her job for this occasion.

Mary applied her makeup, carefully blending each shade until she was satisfied with the result, then skillfully styled her hair, creating an elegant updo that complemented Clarisse's features.

When she finished her part, she joined forces with the other maids to assist Clarisse in putting on her wedding dress. Together, they worked diligently to ensure that every detail was just right, from the fit of the dress to the way it flowed around Clarisse's slim figure. With the dress in place, they carefully placed the bridal veil over Clarisse's head, securing it in the right position. As Clarisse turned to thank Mary, she noticed that her friend was already crying.

Mary looked stunning in her beautifully tailored dress, and the skillful makeup application accentuated her already natural beauty., though it was already starting to come off in the face of her emotional response to the wedding preparations.

"Oh my, Clarisse-sama, you are so beautiful!!" Mary said with her voice breaking in the end from crying.

Clarisse fought back her tears as she was moved by the sight of her friend, who rarely showed her emotion sobbing like this. Ever since she and Sid got engaged, Mary has been making an effort to not call her "my lady," but she still couldn't just call her without honorific, so they agreed that she could keep calling her "Clarisse-sama" for the time being.

"Thank you, Mary..."

"I am so happy for you, my lady!!"

Across the hallway, Sid was chuckling, no doubt hearing the cries of Mary, whom she unconsciously called Clarisse in the way she used to call her.

As a considerate gesture towards Jean, Sid stood in the hallway waiting, purposefully avoiding seeing the bride before the groom. Meanwhile, Clarisse gave Mary a light hug before she gently pushed her toward the door and returned her to Sid.

"I figured you'd be crying by this point already." In his crisp suit, Sid handed Mary a handkerchief to wipe away the tears all over her face.

"I wonder what will happen when the ceremony starts if I'm already this messed up right now..."

Sid burst out laughing next to her.

"We don't want to interrupt the ceremony, so you can cry but try not to make a loud sound. If you made an ugly crying face, I can hold you in my arms so that no one can see you." he giggled.


It was so easy to picture that future, which made Mary chuckle to herself, and indeed, it did happen.

Holding the arm of the Marquess of Ainsworth, Clarisse slowly made her way down the beautiful aisle and stood before the simple altar where the priest and Jean awaited her. He wore a blank expression, but there was a smile on his face that Clarisse could clearly detect. Silver hair, golden eyes, a well-trained body, and a brave soul, this man is going to be hers from now on and long after.

Jean felt a wave of pride wash over him as his gaze settled on the individual he held most dear. He knew that marriage was not the culmination of their journey but rather, the beginning of a new chapter. With this remarkable lady with captivating violet eyes by his side, the one he loves above all others, he looks forward to embarking on this new adventure together.

The couple exchanged glances and smiled at each other before turning to listen to the priest's wedding blessing. The warmth of the spring sun surrounded them, and birds chirped in the sky, seemingly foreshadowing a happy future for the couple.

"I love you, Jean."

"I love you, Clarisse."

The end..

well that was a short project.. this is not enough drama for me.. so coming back next with with side stories!! look forward to it!

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