The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 45.1

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 45 part 1


As the snow melted away and the weather began to feel a little more spring-like, Clarisse's wedding dress finally arrived from the royal capital.

Clarisse was utterly astonished by the exquisite dress that the renowned dressmaker had created exclusively for her, despite barely having met only once before! The dress was a true masterpiece, crafted from the finest materials and adorned with intricate white lace and dainty frills, and it captured Clarisse's unique essence flawlessly while still maintaining its inherent grace and refinement.

In addition, Jean ordered his own suit from the same boutique, which was tailored to match Clarisse's dress, and as expected from such an experienced and sophisticated dressmaker - even though Jean only provided his approximate measurements, the suit turned out to be fine, although minor adjustments would probably need to be made. However, he isn't very selective about his clothing choices, so that didn't matter in the slightest.

Then came a letter from Clarisse'smother.

As spring approached, her mother's divorce from her father had been finalized. Apparently, her father is also paying a reasonable alimony, which Clarisse had been worried about, providing her with some much-needed peace of mind.

According to the letter, Matilda's depression has improved significantly, and she no longer requires round-the-clock supervision. Clarisse, who had decided to keep her distance from her sister, had sent her mother a lavender potpourri that she had dried out herself, with the simple note that it would help her relax and get a good night's sleep. Her mother was quick to realize her intention and gave it to Matilda. Her sister didn't say anything, but since then she has been sleeping soundly with the fragrant mixture of dried petals next to her pillow. Upon reading the message, Clarisse felt genuinely pleased and decided to make and send additional potpourri, this time for her mother too.

Clarisse's mother expressed her warmest blessings on her marriage. In her letter, she expressed disappointment that she couldn't attend the ceremony, but she couldn't come with her sister in such a state. This was something that Clarisse had already expected, so she was not disappointed. Instead, her mother had sent Clarisse a wedding gift: a gold necklace that she had treasured since she was young.

The highlight of this letter... was the appearance of Matilda's father before her mother, who had been her lover once upon a time.

He was forced into a foreign country after the whole elopement fiasco, but after a few years, when the heat died down, he cut ties with his biological family, returned from overseas, and has been living as a city merchant in the royal capital, somewhere near Viscount Farenheit's residence, ever since. He wanted to be as close to her mother as possible, even if he could never speak to her again - then he caught a glimpse of Matilda and realized that she was his daughter, and from then on, he wanted to be close to his daughter as well. He remained unmarried during that period because he never had a lover aside from her mother. Her mother seemed to want to tell Matilda, who was in a state of emotional instability, that her real father was watching over her at some point, and then she honestly admitted to Clarisse that she might start over with him again.

Neither of them must have thought that after decades of enduring separation, a day would come when these unfortunate lovers would be able to spend time together again. Clarisse, of course, congratulated her mother and gave her blessings to them. She sincerely hopes to meet her mother and her mother's lover someday and talk to them face-to-face. Hopefully, she would also be able to see her sister in better health. She still doesn't know when that will be, but someday. It's not a sin to hope that such a day will come.

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