The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 44.1

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 44 part 1

Her tone of voice quickly became pleased. In fact, it felt that as long as Mary was happy, he was willing to do whatever it takes. Mary then remained silent for a while, but eventually continued to speak.

"Sid-sama, if you don't mind, will you listen to what I have to say?"

"What do you mean?"

Sid fixed his seat as he sensed Mary's tone has turned somewhat serious and had a hint of pain rasping in her voice. The moonlight streamed in through the window, making the room dimly lit with a pale glow, but Mary was still lying on the bed, seemingly staring at the ceiling.

"It's about my... birthplace."

'Will she open up to me about it?'

As Sid continued to watch over her, Mary slowly straightened up her posture.

"It's not a very pleasant story, but... will you listen to me regardless?"


Mary began to tell her story in chronological order, trying to make it as clear as possible.  The people close to her knew most of the story, and it was not particularly confidential either, but she wanted to tell it to Sid herself, the man who had asked her to be his wife despite her status as a servant.

She went ahead and told him about the time when she was born into a baron's family, the childhood she spent with her parents, how they were at the time of the family's downfall, and how happy she was when she was accepted by the Viscount Fahrenheit family and became Clarisse's maid.

She tries to avoid being sentimental as much as possible, leaving out the hard time she had away from her family and how she used to spend her nights cuddling her knees. It would probably be unpleasant to hear those details, she thought, so she left them out.

Sid listened to everything she had to say without interrupting her, and then he muttered, "It must have been hard for you to live away from your family when you were just 12 years old."

His chest tightened when he thought back to time he asked her what would she do if she could go back in time?

At that moment, he wanted to rewind and repent for his actions, but when Mary said she wanted to go back to before she was 12 years old– what she meant was that she wanted to go back to the days she spent with her family.

Sid bit his lip as he imagined a much younger Mary trying her best to do an unfamiliar job as a servant, even though she was still confused about everything around her.

Mary sincerely felt that Sid's words of which showed concern for her for the period after she first became a servant, made her realize that he truly understood the helplessness and loneliness she had felt. After all that had happened she was glad she had summoned up the courage to talk to him about those times.

"To be honest, there were days when I felt very lonely, however, I was able to get over it because Lady Clarisse was there for me."

Indeed, if she had not been by Clarisse's side. Mary wouldn't have been able to stay on the right path and live her life in such a bright and cheerful manner.

"I see."

"I can't think of a life without Lady Clarisse anymore, so... will you continue to be by my side even though that's who I'm?"

"Of course."

Mary was so precious to him and he had no intention of taking her away from Clarisse whom she deeply cherished.

He stood to his feet and, relying on the faint light of the moon, he walked over to Mary's bed and sat down softly. When he gazed at her, her gray eyes, always calm and sparkling, were looking back at him.

"Do you want to reclaim your family's title?" Sid asked in a gentle tone

The question seemed so unrealistic that Mary was at a loss for an answer.

"It's impossible so I can't really think of an answer."

"And if it wasn't impossible?"

'...What if it wasn't impossible...?'

Then, there is only one answer.

"I want to get it back! But... it's not really for my family... it's just my own selfish desires..." Her voice grew fainter as she continued

"If I want to reclaim my family's title as a baronet, it will only be because… it would bring me back to a status a little more appropriate to stand beside you, Sid-same... that's all."

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