The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave

Chapter 43.2

Translator: Leila


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Chapter 43 part 2

"Oh my, Sid-sama did that?"

Clarisse's cheeks flushed lightly that night when she heard Jean, who was sitting next to her in bed, say that Sid was taking care of Mary. She had been worried about Mary's condition for some time but was relieved to hear that it was just a cold.

In the Viscount Farenheit household, when a servant became ill, he or she was immediately removed from Clarisse's side, and in most cases, she was not even told how he or she was feeling. The servants would not even see a doctor unless they were very sick, so the medicines Clarisse made were very useful.

After she started making natural medicines, she would secretly ask the butler or headmaid how a servant was feeling and mix the remedy for them accordingly.

At the margrave's mansion, under Jean's instructions, it seemed to be the custom to have the servants see a proper physician, which Clarisse thought was very much like him.

"I think he has made up his mind. I'm going to give them my blessing, but are you going to be all right? Wouldn't you miss Mary if she had to quit being your maid?"

"Nonsense! Of course, I will give my blessing because I believe Mary is definitely attracted to Sid-sama."

Clarisse is the kind of person who can smile sincerely for someone's happiness.

Even now, as Jean looked at Clarisse, smiling beautifully like a flower for Mary, he couldn't help the overwhelming feeling of love for her that surged up from the depths of his being. He then gently pulled her close to him.

"Your smile shows me what happiness really means."


"I want to become a more decent man, so that I can continue to stand next to you without feeling ashamed."

"Oh no.. have been a very noble man from the very beginning."

Clarisse gently pressed her head against his chest.

"Even if Mary were to marry Sid-sama, I would not be lonely because I you with me."

His arms tightened around Clarisse as he held her close to him.

"Clarisse...forgive me for not being able to let you go tonight."

She turned bright red when she heard those words, but she couldn't have beamed a more intoxicating smile.

"Yes, please don't let me go all night."


This evening Jean carefully worked his way all over Clarisse's body, caressing her over and over, before he penetr@ted her. Although he is generally a restrained man and is not the kind of person who would hold a woman without her permission, Clarisse felt that he probably has a stronger s/*x drive than most people, though she has no one to compare it to, so she is not sure– however, what she's certain of it that she can't keep up with him do to her lack of physical strength.

As always, Jean handled the after care, dressing her in a light n3gligee, and he also replaced the bed sheets. later on, they laid down and Jean went and hugged Clarisse completely from behind, and few moments later, she felt Jean's er3ction rising again against her bottom.

"Hmm .... Jean-sama?"

"It's your fault for saying such cute things like don't let me go all night...I can't seem to keep it under control."

Jean whispered as he licked her earlobe from behind. His large hands traveled to Clarisse's bre@sts and pinched her ni*ples, which he had just fondled extensively.


"Can we stay like this for a while as long as it doesn't get too hard on you"

As he said this, his lips descended even further down her neck while he kept fondling her br3asts, Clarisse's sensitive body trembled with pleasure as she nodded in agreement. Jean slowly lifted up Clarisse's negligee and traced her cl*toris over her underw3ar.

"It's already wet, so let's take it off."

He pulled off her underwear and began to stroke her w3t spot lightly making her whimper sweet mo@n in anticipation. He dropped a kiss on her neck as he lifted one of her legs, and p3netr!ted her from behind all the way up.


Clarisse's breathing was disturbed for a moment due to the sudden impact that hit deep inside her, though there was no pain at all because she was already wet enough.

Then, with his c8*k was fully inside her– Jean slowly lowered her leg and pulled her into his arms from behind. Every time he shifted his position, he would hit Clarisse right where she felt him, causing her to let out a sweet sigh of pleasure.


"Let me stay like this tonight ...... Tell me if it gets painful, okay?"

"Uhh.. Jean-sama .. it feels so good... please stay inside me..."

Her whispers were irresistible, and his hot lips sweetly continued to nibble at her neck, and her insides squeezed tightly against him to keep him from pulling away.


Mary's room was minimally furnished for a servant. Apart from the bed, there was only a writing desk and a chair– so she told Sid to not mind her and go rest in one of the guest rooms, but he refused, and instead laid out on the floor one of the several blankets that one of the maids had brought earlier in the day.

Having followed Jean into the field as one of the strategists, Sid was used to sleeping basically anywhere, and the flat floor of the room was more than sufficient for him. And since the maid had brought along some pillows, probably at Jean's instruction, he had no complaints about his sleeping arrangements– and with a blanket draped over his body, he would be warm enough and won't catch a cold.

It was already dark in the room, when Mary, who he thought was asleep, spoke to Sid.

"You're more stubborn than I thought you'd be, aren't you, Sid-sama?"


"I told you to sleep in another room so you wouldn't catch a cold, but you just ended up doing whatever you wanted..."

"But I want to be close to you, so it can't be helped."


For a man and a woman who have just come to terms with their feelings for each other, they have a lot to say to each other, but this is Sid and Mary– And since Mary was rarely at a loss for words, it made him feel really happy for some reason. After a moment of awkward silence, she asked Sid, with a hint of hesitation.

"Do I have to stop attending to Lady Clarisse?"

This was something Sid had been thinking about as well. But knowing Mary's loyalty to Clarisse, it was hard for him to bring up the subject.

"How about you continue to work for a while? I'll be looking for a house around here."

Naturally, it would be difficult for her to continue working as a maid at some point, but for the meantime, it shouldn't be a problem.

"Are you sure?"

Her tone of voice quickly became pleased. In fact, it felt that as long as Mary was happy, he was willing to do whatever it took. Mary then remained silent for a while but eventually continued to speak.

"Sid-sama, if you don't mind, will you listen to what I have to say?"

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